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Josiah A. Rippy, 1893
Final Settlement

Source: Sumner County Inventories and Settlements,
September, 1887 - November, 1909
TSL&A Microfilm 331

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

Page 432, January Term, 1893

Final settlement had with
J. K. Gant, Administrator of Jo. A. Rippy, dec'd.

To Amt. of Inventory & Sales. $1044.45
By Csh.    Letters of Administration     3.00
By Csh.    Callie McGlothlin Note   91.10
By Csh.    Moore & Moore   12.14
By Csh.    Williams & Neeley   18.35
By Csh.    A. A. McKendree   26.00
By Csh.    J. E. Bradley   51.57
By Csh.    W. Goostree   26.62
By Csh.    J. M. Anderson   28.00
By Csh.    W. M. Burton, M. D.     5.00
By Csh.    J. W. Smart 175.00
By Csh.    J. W. Smart   83.85
By Csh.    W. P. Moore, M. D.   58.50
By Csh.    H. H. Croy    7.25
By Csh.    Allowance to Admin.   50.00
By Csh.    Expenses of Sale     3.55
By Csh.    Clerk on Settlement     2.00
By Csh.    T. M. Woodson, M. D.   15.00     656.93
   Net Balance Due Estate   $387.52

To be divided as follows:
Mrs. Mallie J. Rippy        $193.76
Lola Rippy                         $193.76

The Admr. files Mrs. Mallie J. Rippy's receipt for self & as Guardian of Lola Rippy for above amount.
Respectfully submitted
Jany. 25, 1893
Harris Brown, Clk.

*Note from transcriber:  Mallie Johnson, (11 June 1866 - 30 June 1934), daughter of William Johnson and Elizabeth Jane (Unknown) and Josiah Rippy were married after 1882.  They had two children, Jos. (12 Oct. 1891 - 23 Oct. 1891) and Lola Rippy (1885 - 1929).  Josiah A. Rippy (11 February 1860 - 12 October 1891) is buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery next to his son.  Lola Rippy married John Baskerville on 13 June 1904.

Mallie Johnson Rippy married William A. Escue on 12 October 1894.  They had three daughters:  Lizzie, Addie, and Carrie.

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