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John N. Smart
Inventory & Estate Settlement

Sources: Sumner County Inventories and Settlements Book, 1861 - 1869
pages 275 - 276
Loose Records Estates #1844, TSL&A Microfilm A5048

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

Loose Record Estate - #1844

Inquisition Vs. The body of John N. Smart Esqr.
Justice fee $5.00

State of Tennessee
Sumner County
An inquisition holden at Peter Longs Steel? house in the county and state aforesaid on the second day of Feb 1866 before J. F. Lambert Esqr. of said county upon the body of John N. Smart there lying dead by the persons whose names are hereto subscribed who upon their oaths do say that the deceased John N. Smart came to his death by shooting one shot in the back of the head one other shot in the right side of the brest runing? to the heart previously done by hoom? unknown in testimony whereof Iquis.? Jurors? have hereunto set their hands the day and date above this the 2nd day of Feb. 1866.
J. F. Lambert JP
B. P. Dye
Matthew Perdue
John Perdue
M & G Perdue
T. L. S. Perdue 

1861 John Smart ___ to W. P. H. Peden
To one coffin for infant        $2.40
1865 to one coffin for infant  3.50
1866 for self                           9.00

Interest                                   1.95
State of Tennessee    }
Sumner County          }

This personal appeared before me J. F. Lambert an acting Justice of said county W. P. H. Peden and makes oath in due form of law that the above act. against John N. Smart for $14.90 is Just and true after giving all just  credence? to the Best of his knowledge an beleaf.
W. P. H. Peden
Sworn to and subscribed before me the 20 day of March 1866.
J. F. Lambert J. P.

Inventories and Settlements Book
May Term, 1866
Page 275

An Inventory & Account of Sales of the estate of John N. Smart, dec'd.
One field of wheat J. M. Smart $5.00
One rifle gun G. H. Perdue   2.50
One plow H. Wims   3.55
One Hoe & Rake R. Garrett   1.75
Gear H. Peden   1.60
One Saddle R. Garrett   1.05
One Lot of Iron Lee Perdue   1.05
One Hand Saw J. D. Perdue   1.30
One Tenant Saw R. Garrett     .35
One Drawing Knife & Hatchet Lee Perdue           1.50

Page 276
(1) One Clock                           George Anderson $6.95
(1) One Lot Sash Lee Perdue   1.80
(1) One Lot Sash Lee Perdue   1.00
(1/2) Doz Bottles Thos. Kirby     .10
(1/2) Doz Bottles M. Martin     .10
(1/2) Doz Bottles J. D. Perdue     .15
(4) Four Bottles F. Perdue     .10
(1) One Ladle Lee Perdue     .10
(1) One Lot Iron W. E. W. Perdue     .35
(1) One Cutting Box W. E. W. Perdue     .35
(1) One Box Lead Smith Webb   1.00
(2) Two Barrels Lee Perdue     .50
Boards & Timber R. Garrett   1.00
(1) One Wagon W. E. W. Perdue   4.00
(1) One Cow R. Garrett 21.00
(1) One Mare J. Roberson 55.50
(1) One Saddle & Bridle J. M. Smart   2.40
(1) One Mare J. M. Smart 64.00
(1) One Halter Chain Thos. Kerley     .80
(1) One Colt Thos. Shad 20.00

Cash on hand                                         8.00
Acct on William McAdams                   4.64
Acct on Peter Hammonds                     8.87
Acct on Sarah Simpson                         9.50
Acct on D. M. Atchison                        4.55
Acct on Granville Bush                         3.62
Acct on William Hobdy                         1.20
Acct on Eli Perdue                                 8.31
Acct on Joseph Stevens                        2.00
One note on J. W. Colbert & W. W. Hare due 20th Nov. 1858 10.00
One note on S. C. Clack & Henry Easly due 27th Oct 1852 12.30
One note on Walter McAdams due 1st Sept 1858  4.37 1/2
One note on R. D. Bandy due 31st Dec 1858  1.85
One note on Henry Bush & Henry Easley due 27th Oct 1852  2.50
One note on James H. Lucus due 16th Oct 1850 50.00
One note on G. D. Fonville due 24th Sept 1851  9.00
One note on D. W. Atchison due 14th June 1852  2.00
One note on Eli Perdue due 25th Dec 1861 50.00
One note on  A. Furgerson due 8th Oct 1851 with a credit of
$25.00 9th Dec 1853 leaving due with interest

All of the above notes are considered insolvent with the exception of one or two that may be collected.

I certify that the above is a full, true and perfect Inventory of the personal estate of John N. Smart which has come to my hands on possession or to the hands of any other persons for me.
L. B. Smart
May 7th 1866

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