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George Northam, Sr.
Inventory - 1877
Estate Settlement  - 1887

Source: Richmond County, NC Inventories and Settlements
Original Document s - NC State Archives

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

Inventory of Personal Property:

Inventory of the property belonging to the estate of George Northam Sr dec'd which came into the hands of James H. Covington his Executor on the 28th day of January 1876.

About 150 acres of land North West of Rockingham adjoining the lands of Wm. H. Covington the estate lands of Matthew Thrower, J. F. Hamer, & Geo. W. Northam (the word Jr. is written but scratched through); 50 acres was bargained to Jno T. Northam purchase money payable in seven annual instalments of $25.00 each, the first in 1874.

Personal Property
1 Horse 1 wagon 1 buggy 5 head of cattle 5 head of hogs 50 bushels corn 500 lbs fodder 1 corn sheller 1 cutting knife 1 sett  blacksmith tools 2 harrows 4 bushels wheat 1 saddle 1 lot cooking utensils 1 dog chain 2 tables 1 bed & bedding 2 bedsteads 1 candle stand 1 bureau 1 side board

North Carolina      }     Personally appeared before me D. Stewart Clerk of the Superior
                                     Court for the County aforesaid James H. Covington Excr. of Geo.
Richmond County }
    Northam Sr. dec'd who being duly sworn says the foregoing Inventory
                                     is correct to the best of his knowledge & belief.
                                     J. H. Covington  

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th Oct. 1877.  CSC

Estate Settlement:

State of North Carolina
County of Richmond
Superior Court

To Hon Z F. Long Clerk Superior Court,

James H. Covington Jr Excr. of Geo. Northam dec'd shows to the court that he has fully administered the estate of his Testator and herewith files his Final Account from which it appears that his Receipts amount to the sum of $345.00 that his disbursements amount to the sum of $92.98 and his commissions to the sum of $21.89.  That he has paid the legacy of $165.00 due Martha Foard the legacy of $10.00 due Mary Covington and the legacy of $10.00 due Sarah Bostick under the Will of his testator and the sum of three dollars due the Clerk of this Court for auditing and recording this account and Reports leaving in his hands the sum of forty-two and 13/100 dollars to be equally distributed among his widow and surviving children and grandchildren representing children who were dead at his death and the respresentatives of such as have died since his death to wit his widow Lucinda Northam his children Mary Covington wife of Jno. B. Covington Martha Foard Geo. Northam and T. J. Bostick W. W. Bostick Nannie Laughan Sallie Ursher and the children of Rachel Manship children and 8 grandchildren of testators deceased daughter Rachel Bostick and the representatives of his sons John T. Northam James T. Northam and Danl T. Northam who have died since the death of testator.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this May 5th 1887.     }  J. H. Covington
Z. F. Long CSC                                                                     }    Excr. of Geo Northam

Final Account of James H. Covington Excr of George Northam dec'd


1876 Jan 5th To cash rec'd on J. T. Notham's note $ 25.00
1879 Nov 29th To cash rec'd on  J. T. Northam's note $100.00
1880 April 15th To cash rec'd on  J. T. Notham's note $ 25.00
1882 Aug 8th To cash rec'd on  J. T. Northam's note $ 25.00
1885 Jan 9th To cash rec'd on  J. T. Northam's note $ 25.00
1887 March 3rd To cash rec'd on  J. T. Northam's note $145.00


1875 Nov 12th By Paid J. W. Covington acct. $ 12.65
1876 Jan 29th By Paid J. C. Ussery for coffin    12.50
1876 March 4th By Paid John Duckett      3.00
1876 Jan 25th By Paid D. Stewart C. S. C. fees      4.45
1876 Aug 3rd By Paid Jas. Taylor Judgt & costs      5.27
1876 Nov 14th By Paid Harvey Terry acct.       .75
1876 Dec. 5th By Paid Z. F. Long Shff. tax     4.32
1877 Dec. 3rd By Paid Z. F. Long Shff tax     5.08
1877 Dec 14th By Paid J. W. Cole Atty   15.00
1875 Dec 10th By Paid Z. F. Long Shff tax     6.46
1876 Dec. 10th By Paid J. H. Covington acct      2.50
1887 March 3rd By Paid W. W. Graham Surveying      3.00
1887 March 3rd By Paid J. W. Cole Atty    15.00
1887 March 3rd Coms on $437.98 Recpts & Disbursnets    21.89
1887 March 3rd By and legacy paid Martha Foard  165.00
1887 March 3rd By and legacy paid Mary Covington    10.00
1887 March 3rd By and legacy paid Sarah Bostick    10.00
1887 May 5th and paid Z. F. Long C. S. C. fees      3.00
1887 May 5th Bal due $345.00

J. H. Covington Excr. of Geo Northam, dec'd
Final Account
Book of Settlements
Pages 266 - 267
Z. F. Long C. S. C.
W. H. Cooper S. C.

Inventories and Settlements

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