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Charity Turpin
Estate Settlement, 1859

TSL&A Microfilm, A-5183
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Estates (Loose Records) #1724

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

State of Tennessee   }  To the Worshipful
Sumner County         }   County Court of said County-
whereas the late Charity Turpin dec'd died in possession of a man slave named George aged about 55 years which I think it necessary to sell in order that a division may be made I therefore pray your Worships to grant an order for the sale of said slave.
January the 29th 1859
Wm. H. Draper Admr.
of Charity Turpin dec'd
Sworn to before me
this 7th Febry 1859
John L. Bugg Clk.
We are well acquainted with several of the heirs to the Estate of C. Turpin Dec'd & believe it to be to their interest to sell the said slave.

State of Tennessee  }                                           Wm B. Smith
Sumner County        }                                            William Payne
Sworn to and subscribed
before me Richard Pond
an acting justice for sd.
County on this the 29th
January 1859.
Richard Pond J. P.

W. H. Draper, Admr.
Wm. Durrett et als
Be it remembered that this cause came on for final hearing before the Worshipful County Court of Sumner, upon the report of the sale which report has been received by the Court and ordered filed with the papers in  the cause.  It appearing that Jesse Polizer bid the sum of 113.00 for the boy George and that he was the highest & best bidder and that said and that said report & sale should be confirmed.

It is therefore ordered by the Court that all the right bills & interest that the heirs and distributors of Charaty Turpin has in & to said slave George be divested out of them and vested in Jesse Polizer his heirs & assigns forever.  It is ordered that W. H. Draper pay the cost out of the funds & to Wm. H. Solomon a fee of $5.00/100 dollars.  After the payments of debts he will distribute the balance.

Wm. H. Draper                         Report of Wm H. Draper
          vs                                     Adm. & Special Commissioner
Wm. Durrett et als   

Wm. H. Draper makes his report to the Worshipful County of Sumner County in the above cause as follows,
After giving due notice he sold the boy George to the highest bidder for cash at White Hill Sumner County and Jesse Polizer having bid the sum of $113.00 & that being the highest & best bid the ____ was struck off to him.  All of which is respectfully submitted.
Wm. H. Draper
Admr & Special Comm.

Account of Sales made of the personal property of the Estate of Charity Turpin Dec'd at her late residence in Sumner County after having a advertised according to law:

1 trundle bed & furniture Nancy Derit      1.00
1 large bedstead & furniture John B. Fulks    12.30
1 bedstead & clothing William Morris    10.30
1 Bureau J. W. Wells      7.25
1 Corner Cubbard Francis Ketring      4.00
1 sugar chest J. W. Brice      3.90
1 Clothes chest W. B. Smith        .40
1 Dining Table F. Ketring      1.10
1 Table & half bushel F. Ketring        .30
1 Spinning Wheel W. B. Smith        .25
1 Flax Wheel Austin Wells        .25
1 set of chairs Geo. Stone      3.00
4 chairs Wm. Morris        .80
1 large kettle Thos. Turpin      2.70
1 small kettle John M. Shivers        .80
1 Dinner pot Thos. Turpin        .25
1 oven led & skillet Wm B. Smith        .10
1 Frying pan J. G. Perry        .50
1 pot rack Wm. B. Smith      1.00
1 lot of cooking ware B. F. West        .95
1 Auger F. Ketring        .30
1 smoothing Iron tongs & hook Wm B. Smith        .55
1 tin & pewter pan & tea kettle Thos. Turpin        .25
1 drawing knife F. Ketring        .50
1 hamper basket F. Ketring        .20
1 reel F. Ketring        .20
1 strainer J. W. Wells        .10
1 coffee mill Wm. Powell        .25
1 water bucket & tray A. Wells        .40
1 meal barrel & desk B. F. West        .45
1 Meal Chest Wm. Powell        .50
1 pr Hames F. Ketring        .10
1 loom & geer Thos. Turpin        .10
1 pr. geer Thos. Turpin        .90
1 double & 2 single trees Thos. Turpin        .25
1 single tree & sleve's Thos. Turpin        .50
1 churn Thos. Turpin        .05
1 barrel with salt B. F. West        .60
1 trough A. Wells        .05
1 lard stand F. Ketring        .10
2 ploughs W. B. Smith        .10
1 lot of corn Wm. Powell    12.00
1 lot of Fodder B. F. West      1.28
1 lot of oats B. F. West      3.96
1 large cow J. M. Shivers    10.35
1 cow & calf A. J. Blakemore    10.65
Hire of boy George six months A. J. Blakemore    30.00
1 crock & steelyards W. B. Smith        .20
1 tub & sundries Sandy James        .25
1 Axe B. F. West        .25
2 pr. Andirons F. Ketring        .10
1 pot rack Wm. B. Smith        .50

  The foregoing is a full and perfect Account of the sales of all the property of the Estate of Charity Turpin dec'd directed by law to be sold.    Notes with good security due 12 months after date was taken from the purchasers this the 1st day of February 1858.  Also 2 railroad tax receipts for the year 56.7         $1.10

Wm. H. Draper  Admr.

Know all men by these presents that I Uriah Turpin of the County of Crittenden the State of Kentucky have this day constituted nominated and appointed Wm. S. Harris of the county and State aforesaid my true and lawful attorney and in my name and stead and as my act and deed and for my use & benefit to go to the state of Tennessee Sumner County & there ask demand sue for Recover and Procure any money or other property that may be due to me from the Estate of my Father Edmond Turpin or from the estate of my mother Charity Turpin Deceased that is in the hands of William Derritt Administrator of Edmond Turpin Dec'd or in the hands of George Randell the Administrator of the said Charity Turpin Deceased or in the hands of any other person and in my name and as my act and deed to Execute receipts acquittals and other discharges and sign my name to the same as may be necessary for the final and complete settlement of my interest in said Estate and to do any and all things that I could do were I personally present to do the same my self hereby ratifying and confirming all the acts of my said attorney down in and about the premises.
In Testimony whereof the said Uriah Turpin has hereto set his hand and seal this 23rd day of May 1860.

Uriah (his mark) Turpin  (Seal)

State of Kentucky
Crittenden County  I Berry S. Young Clerk of the County Court for said county hereby certify that on this day the foregoing Power of Attorney from Uriah Turpin unto William S. Harris was produced to me in my office and acknowledged by the said Turpin to be his acts and Deed and that said Turpin is known to me to be the identical person who executed said power of attorney.  All of which is hereby certified to all whom it may concern.
Given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office in Marion this 23rd day of May 1860.
Berry S. Young, Clk.

State of Kentucky
Crittenden County}  I D. W. Carter presiding Judge of the County Court for said county hereby certify that Berry S. Young whose Genuine signature appears to the foregoing certificate is now and was at the date thereof the duly elected and qualified Clerk of said Court all of whose official acts are entitled to full faith and credit that said certificate is in due form of law and that said County Court is a court of record.
Given under my hand having no seal this 23rd day of May 1860.
D. W. Carter   

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