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Benjamin Johnson Estate Settlement
October, 1868

Source: Sumner County Inventories and Settlements Book, 1861 - 1868
page 581

Transcribed by: Marie D. Johnson

In acct of sales of the personal estate of Benjamin Johnson made by his administrator with the will annexed on the (left blank) day of October 1868

1 set of bench planes  T. J. Denson


In. Syrd?  Srys?  Mrs Jane Johnson


Adj. plains paid J. D. Moore


Steel Syr                                    paid J. W. Spradlin


Stillyards Jane Johnson


Br. Axes R.W. Bradley


1 set of old Iron   paid J.F. Spradlin


1 hoe & Mattox  J. S. Ramsy


1 Wheat Fan  J.C. Buntin


1 Clock S.R. Hobdy


Flax Rake? paid Jas. McGlothlin


Cart & Harness paid J. A. Moore


Lot  Sundries paid  A. Bradley


Buggy & Harness Mrs. J. Johnson 12.50
Ar? Plow No 8 R.W. Bradley


Wheat fan paid W. Wynn


The James Johnson place J.M. Johnson


The Frank Johnson place J.M. Johnson


Land West of Barn J. R. Johnson


____ west of Barn B.F. Johnson


ditto South of Barn S. J. Johnson


ditto North of Barn S. J. Johnson


The foregoing is a correct list of the sales of all the personal property of Benj Johnson dec'd which is subject to the disposition of his administrators.

Wm. Johnson
R.W. Bradley ( Admins)

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