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J. R. Barry, C & M
Deed to
H. C. Wimes, 1873

Source: Sumner County Deed Book 29, Page 181

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

In Chancery at Gallatin
Whereas on the 27th day of October 1866
R. L. Garrett became the purchaser to the following described property at the price of Three Hundred and Eighty Eight 12/100 dollars and interest to wit a tract or parcel of land situated and lying in the 16th Civil District of Sumner County Tennessee and bounded as follows  Beginning at a Chestnut Spanish Oak pointers North West corner of a 20 acre survey sold by E. D. Fonville to J. F. Lamberth running West 104 2/4 poles to a stake two Red oaks post oak and sassfras pointers thence S 1 1/2 degrees W 83 poles with a marked line to a stake Lavina Denning North West corner thence with her line East 117 1/4 poles to a stake in an old fence row thence with the same North 7 1/2 degrees E 14 poles to the middle of the Franklin Road thence with the same 75 1/2 degrees W 14 poles to a stake in the middle of said Road thence N 2 1/2 degrees E 65 poles to the Beginning containing Fifty five and one fourth acres (55 1/4) sold under a decree of the Chancery Court at Gallatin Tenn. pronounced in the case of H. W. Smart vs. R. L. Garrett et als and whereas the sd. R. L. Garrett has fully complied with the terms of a said sale and has transferred his bid to H. C. Wimes and by written authority this day filed has directed me to make deed to the above described tract of land to the said H. C. Wimes.  Now therefore I John R. Barry Clerk & Master of the said Chancery Court by Virtue of the authority in me vested by those? in the above cause do hereby transfer and convey unto the said H. C. Wimes his heirs and assigns forever all the Right, title interest and claime the party complaintants and defendants in the aforesaid cause in and to the above described tract of land so far as I can or ought by Virtue of the authority in me vested witness my hand at office this 13th day of March 1873.

ack. J. R. Barry C & M

State of Tennessee
Sumner County    Personally appeared before me Jesse Cage Clerk of the County Court of said county by Jno. R. Barry C & M the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged the Execution of the foregoing deed as Clerk & Master aforesaid for the purposes therein contained.  Witness my hand at office this 13th March 1873.
Jesse Cage Clerk
by John L. Bugg D. S. C.

Rc'd for registration 14th March 1873 at 9 o'clock A.M.
Registered and Examined the same day Rc'd
R. Hallum Regr. S. Cnty

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