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Samuel R. Comer et all to Miles B. Welch, 1868

 Source: Monroe County, KY Deed Book B, pages 443 & 444

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Delivered to M. B. Welch Feby 10th, 1868

(Page 443)

Know all men by these presents that we Samuel R. Comer, Thomas Comer, Robert Hibbit, and his wife Elizabeth Hibbitt, For and in consideration of fifty dollars to each of us in hand paid by Miles B. Welch the receipt of which is her acknowledged we have this day given granted bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to said Miles B. Welch our respective interest being the one twelfith part, each in the land lying in Monroe County one hundred acres Patented to Maston Comer by the commonwealth of Kentucky on the 5th day of June 1830, and a tract of eighty four acres

(Page 444)

to John Comer administrator of the estate of Mastin Comer. The one twelfith hereby conveyed by Robert Hibbitt and his wife Elizabrth Hibbitt was therefor conveyed by said Hibbitt & wife to Samuel Comer but the deed has been destroyed said Samuel Comer hereby conveys all the interest he has in said one twelfith and all the one twelfith which deeded to him as heir of Maston Comer. The said Hibbitt and wife also join in this conveyance in one twelfith which descended to Elizabeth Hibbit as heir of Mastin Comer. To have and to hold unto said Miles B. Welch his heir & ect forever. And we bind ourselves to warrant the titles to our respective interest being one twelfith each to said Miles B. Welch. In witness whereof we here set our hands & seals this 12th day of March 1866.

T. P. Comer (Seal)
Jane A. Comer (Seal)
Robert Hibbit (seal)
Elizabeth Hibbit (Seal)
Samuel R. Comer (seal)

State of Kentucky, County of Monroe - Set

I J. C. Conkin Clerk of Monroe County Court certify this deed from Samuel R. Comer, Thomas P. Comer & Jane A. Comer his wife Robert Hibbitts & Elizabeth Hibbitts his wife to Miles B. Welch was on the 15th day of March 1866, acknowledged before J. E. Mulkey deputy clerk for L. A. Smithwick former clerk of Monroe County Court by Thomas P. Comer  & Jane A. Comer his wife to be their act and deed as appears by the signature of J. E. Mulky upon the back of this deed, and on the 19th day of February 1867, acknowledged before R. T. Hale deputy Clerk of Monroe County Court by Robert Hibbitts & Elizabeth Hibbitts, his wife to be their act and deed whereupon I have recorded the same together with this certificate in my office duly stamped. This 21st day of January 1868.

J. C. Conkin, Clk. M. C. C., By R. T. Hale, D. C.



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