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F. C. Dunnington To J. M. Walker, 1872 

Source: Sumner County, Tennessee, Deed Book 29, Page 492


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Whereas at the December Term 1871 of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, sitting at Nashville a decree was rendered in the case of James Alexander Executor of Joseph Miller deceased vs. E. G. Seawell et al, directing the clerk of said court to sell among other lands a tract of land known as the Grim Tract containing (41) forty one acres and whereas on the 10th day of February 1872 the same was offered for sale at the courthouse doors in the town of Gallatin, Tennessee when J. M. Walker became the purchaser at the price of $10.00 per acres making in all the sum of $410.00 and which sale was subsequently confirmed by said Supreme Court and it appearing that he has paid said sum of $410.00 in cash and a decree of said Supreme Court having been decreed on the 13th day of March 1872 directing the clerk of the court to execute to said J. M. Walker a deed with the usual covenants of warranty now therefore I , J. C. Dunnington, Clerk of said Supreme Court at Nashville in consideration of the proceeds and by virtue of the authority in me vested and for and consideration of the sum of four hundred and ten dollars in cash paid do by these presents transfer and convey together with all the guarantees and covenants set for in the decree and proceedings in said cause to J. M. Walker his heirs and assigns forever the following described tract of land containing forty one acres situated in the 11 Civil District of Sumner County, Tennessee and bounded as follows: Beginning at a white oak on the ridge marked s a in W. Douglass line running North 16 & 4/10 poles to a stake, thence East 100 poles to a stake in Armstrong line, thence South 36 poles to a red oak formally R. Willis North West corner, thence West from 2 to 4 poles to a dogwood at the corner of Armstrong's fence, thence South with said fence 77 poles to a stake, thence West 67 poles to a buck and dogwood. thence North 32 poles to a beech dogwood and hickory, thence East 25 poles to a hickory and dogwood, thence North 45 poles to a buck and hickory near the Knob Spring, thence West 54 poles to the beginning said tract of land in the same conveyed by deed dated September 11, 1858 by C. J. Grimm to Joseph Miller and is registered in the Register Office of Sumner County to have and to hold the same unto the said J. M. Walker his heirs and assigns forever in as full and ample manner as I as Clerk aforesaid law or Court to convey the same but no further or otherwise. Witness my hand at office in Nashville, Tennessee November 21st 1872. F. C. Dunnington, Clerk

State of Tennessee, Davidson County - Personally appeared before me C. H. Eastman, Deputy Clerk of the County Court of said County, above named F. C. Dunnington Clerk, the bargainer, with whom I am personally acquainted & who acknowledged that he executed the annexed instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office this 11th day March 1874. C. H. Eastman, Deputy Clerk

Received for Registration 12th March 1874 at 9 o'clock am.

Registered and Examined the same day received.


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