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V. E. Smart et al
C. A. Smart, 1900


Source: Sumner County, TN Deed Book 47, Page 458

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

For and in consideration of $200.00 to us cash in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged we this day bargain sell & by these presents do grant convey & release unto C. A. Smart all of our right, title, interest & Estate in & to a certain tract or parcel of land lying & situated in the 15th & 16th Civil District of Sumner County, Tennessee being Lot No. 3 of the Marion Smart Estate & Bounded as follows to wit:  Beginning on a hickory Fullers corner; Thence N 54 degrees W 189 poles to a rock Fullers corner; Thence S 75 poles to a black oak; Thence E 17 poles to Butts' corner Sourwood; Thence with Butts line N 41 1/2 E degrees 213 poles to his corner in the East Boundary of the original tract; thence N 28 poles to the beginning containing 64 1/2 acres more or less.  To have and to hold unto the said Smart heirs and assigns forever.  We covenant to & with the said Smart that we are lawfully seized of said land in fee Simple & have a good & lawful right to convey the same & that said land is free from incumbrances & we bind ourselves, heirs & legal representatives to forever defend the title of the same unto the said Smart heirs & assigns against the lawful claims of Each & Every person & persons whomsoever

.  In testimony whereof we hereto set our names.
Respectively, This 10th Jany 1900.
V. E. S. et al                                                         V. E. Smart (seal)
1-10-1900                                                              J. M. Smart (seal)
$0.50 IIR                                                               N. A. Smart (seal)
                                                                               J. W. Smart (seal)
                                                                               M. A. Butt (seal)

State of Tennessee  }
Sumner County        }  Personally appeared before me, J. W. Malone Notary Public in & for aforesaid County & State V. E. & J. M. Smart & J. W. Butt, bargainors with whom I am personally acquainted & acknowledged the Execution of the annexed deed for the purposes & considerations therein Expressed.  Also Mrs. N. A. wife of J. M. Smart & Mrs. M. A. wife of J. W. Butt, who being Examined privately & apart from their said husbands acknowledged the Execution of the same for the purposes & considerations therein Expressed freely, willing, understandingly & voluntarily & without compulsion or constraint by their said husbands.  In testimony whereof I hereto set my name and affix my official seal.  This 10 Jany 1900
(Seal)                                                                 J. W. Malone
                                                                           Notary Public
Received for Registration Feby 5th 1900, at 12:30 o'clock P. M.
Registered and Examined the same day Rec'd.
A. C. Dobbins Register

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