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Nancy D. McKendree
Deed of Trust, 1840

Source: Sumner County Deed Book 17, Pages 272 - 273

Transcribed by Alice Jackson

I Nancy D. McKendree have this day sold and do hereby convey to Wm. M. Harris and Jacob Beason their heirs and assigns forever for the sum of five dollars to me in hand paid and for the other considerations herein after mentioned. The following property that is to say one black mare, one sorrel filly, two beds & furniture, four trunks, eight chairs, one Negro girl named Peggy aged about fifteen years and a bill of sale given by John A. McKendree to me for a Negro boy named Harvey about seventeen years of age, and four notes of hand on James McKendree to wit one for seventy dollars due 18th of July 1834, one for fifty four dollars and ninety cents due 18th July 1834, one for one hundred dollars due 12th of Novr. 1840 and one for thirty dollars due 8th of April 1840, one on Dudley E. McKendree for thirty seven dollars due 4th of March 1838, one note on A. A. Harvey, John A. McKendree and Dudley E. McKendree for forty two dollars due 23rd of Decr. 1840, two notes on John A. McKendree one for five hundred due 18th of Feby. 1840 the other for one hundred dollars due 6th of December 1839, one note on John Groves for two hundred dollars due 20th October 1840. The said Nancy D. McKendree has ____ said Negro Girl Peggy on the 30th Novr. 1840 to Dudley E. McKendree until the 1st January 1842 at which time she obligates herself to deliver sd girl to said trustees and on failure to release said trustees for ___ forth coming of said girl and also deliver over to them the sum of five hundred dollars _ cents. I do covenant with the said William M. Harris & Jacob Beason that I am lawfully possessed of the said property and have a right to convey it and warrant the title thereof against the lawful claims of all persons. But this deed is made for the following uses & trusts and for no other purposes what so ever that is to say that where as I the said Nancy D. McKendree am about to form the marriage relation between myself and John Miller and whereas it is my purpose the use and control of the above mentioned property and money for the same to be and remain at my own disposal and entirely for my own ____ use and free to do with the same as I may think fit separate and free from the control of him my said intended husband and not to be subject to his debts contracts or disposal in any way what ever but to be and remain to my own and separate use & benefit and free to dispose of the same in whole or in part or to use and enjoy it in any manner I may choose without being subject to the control or use in any way of him my said intended husband's. Now this conveyance is made to the said William M. Harris and Jacob Beason for the purpose aforesaid to have keep and manage the above named property and money for me and for my separate use and benefit free from all other control or management whatsoever. And my said trustee is to pay over to me or my order the proceeds thereof from time when desired by me or sell or dispose of the same either in whole or in part as I may desire. And the proceeds to apply according to my desire for which my order to them my said trustees or receipt shall be to them a sufficient voucher separate & apart from my said intended husband hereby satisfying and confirming what my said trustees may lawfully do in the premises. Given under my hand and seal this 30th day of November 1840 and in the 65th year of American Independence signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of the subscribing witnesses interlined before assigned

__ Nancy D. McKendree (seal)

Reuben Searcy
Allan Groves

State of Tennessee
Sumner County

Personally appeared before me Andw. McGlothlin, Clerk of the County Court of said Sumner County, Nancy D. McKendree the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that she made and executed the within deed of trust for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand at office this 30th day of Novr. 1840. Andw McGlothlin, C.R. of Sumner County Court.

Registered & Examined ____ Decr. 1st 1840 Jno L. Bugg R.D.

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