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J. S. Brooks & wife Sallie
G. W. & J. M. Venters,

Source: Sumner County Deed Book , Book 100, pages 421 - 422

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

For and in consideration of the sum of ($10.00) Ten & no/100 Dollars.  Paid by G. W. and J. M. Venters in cash the receipt is hereby acknowledged.  We, J. S. Brooks and wife Sallie Brooks have this day bargained and sold, and by these presents do transfer and convey unto the said G. W. and J. M. Venters their heirs and assigns, a certain tract or parcel of land in Sumner County, State of Tennessee, and described as follows:
Bounded on the north by J. S. Brooks, on the east by the property of the L. & N. R. R. Co., on the south by Mrs. Adline House and on the west by J. S. Brooks, containing 3 acres be the same more or less.
To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land, with the appurtenances, estate title, interest thereto belonging to the said G. W. & J. M. Venters their heirs and assigns, forever.  And we do covenant with the said G. W. & J. M. Venters that we are lawfully seized and possessed of said land in fee simple, have a good right to convey it, and the same is unincumbered.  And we do further covenant and bind ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to said land to the said G. W. & J. M. Venters their heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever.
Witness our hand this 26 day of Mch 1928.
                                           J. S. Brooks . . . . . . Sallie Brooks . . . . . . .

State of Tennessee, Shelby County,
Personally appeared before me Sam A. King a Notary Public in and for said County and State, the within named J. S. Brooks and wife Sallie Brooks the bargainors, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the annexed instruments for the purposes therein contained.  And Sallie Brooks wife of the said J. S. Brooks having personally appeared before me, privately and apart from her husband, the said Sallie Brooks acknowledged the execution of the said instrument to have been done by her freely, voluntarily, and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her said husband, and for the purposes therein expressed.
Witness my hand and official seal, at Raleigh Tennessee, this 26 day of Mch. 1928.
                                                     (Seal)    Sam A. King . . . . . . . Notary Public
My commission expires Oct. 22, 1929.
Received for registration December 28th, 1929, at 8:05 A. M.
Registered and examined December 28th, 1929.     J. L. Freeland . . . . . . . .Register

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