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Henry D. Harper & Ruth Irwin

Marriage Contract, 1851

Source: Gibson County Deed Book N, pages 491 & 492

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Registered January 23rd 1851

This indenture made & entered into this 20th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & fifty one between Henry D. Harper of the County of Gibson & State of Tennessee of the one part & Ruth Irwin of the County & State aforesaid. We witnesseth that whereas a marriage is shortly to be had solemnized between the said Henry D. Harper & Ruth Irwin, and in consideration of said marriage it is mutually agreed that the said Ruth Irwin for the natural love & affection which she bears towards her children, to wit: William Lucilus Irwin, Lenora Irwin, & Colista Irwin hereby convey unto Willis Jones of the County of Obion & State aforesaid the following negro slaves & their increase to wit: negro woman Sarah & her three children Sally, Douglass & Henry to have & to hold in Trust for the separate use & benefit of the said William Lucilus, Lenora, & Colista Irwin for & during their natural lives and then be equally divided between the lawful heirs of their bodies that is to say the lawful heirs of each child of whole blood to have & to possess one third of the above named property & its increase. And as said children arrive at lawful age or marry their Trustee is hereby authorized & empowered to select three competent persons uncommitted with said children be affinity or consanguinity who shall set apart to the use of such child or children as may be of age or married their portion of said property which he she or they shall hold & enjoy subject to the foregoing restrictions. It is further agreed in consideration of said marriage that the said Ruth Irwin reserves to herself the right to control & dispose of (whether by will or otherwise) all of the property & affects of which she is possessed or has a right to

(Page 492)

possess as well as all other property to which she may hereafter become entitled as fully & as freely as though she may a Femi Sole. And it is further agreed that the said Ruth Irwin relinquishes her rights to Dower in the property of the said Henry D. Harper. In testimony we hereunto set our names & affixed our seals this day & year fore written.

H. D. Harper (Seal)

Ruth Irwin (Seal)


S. Williams

J. M. Lasseter

T. J. Cathel

Sate of Tennessee, Gibson County - Personally appeared before me James A. McDearmon, Clerk of the County Court of said county, J. T. Carthel & Samuel Williams subscribing witnesses to the within Deed who being duly sworn declare that they were personally acquainted with H. D. Harper the bargainor and that he acknowledged the same to be his act & deed on the day and date & James M. Lasseter and said T. J. Carthel having also personally appeared before me & having been duly sworn dispose and say they were personally acquainted with Ruth Irwin the other bargainor and that she acknowledged the said deed to be her act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Given under my hand at office in Trenton this 22nd day of January 1851. J. A. McDearmon, Clerk

Filed Jany 22nd 1851 at 4 o'clock P. M. - L. B. Gilchrist, Regr.


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