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George Northam to James T. Northam
Deed of Gift


Source: Richmond County, NC Deed Book X, Page 192

Transcribed by Edith R. Northam

Dated: June 22, 1857
Filed: March 26, 1858

This Indenture made & entred into this 22 day of June in the year of  our Lord one thousand eight hundred & fifty seven, witneth that for in consideration of the Love and affection which I, Geo. Northam Bare towards my son James T. Northam do give and bequeth to said James T. Northam & his heighares? & assigns forever one sertain tract or parcel of Land lying and being in the County of Richmond & State of North Carolina containing three hundred acres more or less where he James T. Northam now lives Beginning at a stake in H. W. Covingtons line & runs Wesward across the Gilford ^rode^ to a cross fence & with sd fence to the head of a small branch then down sd branch to a litwood stump then leaving sd branch and runs ^a^ South westward corse by a corse of Stakes to Steelees branch thence nearly due west by a corse of stakes to Gardners line now Calvin A. Evritts line then with sd line a northwesward corse to the Goober Hill land or line then with sd line to Mornin P. Robesins line then with said line to a smal branch and to a stake in sd line thence a northeastward corse by a corse of markd trees to a stake thence a Southeastward corse to the beginning, containing three hundred acres but bee it the same more or less Which land, I do give and bequeth to my son James T. Northam his heighares? & assigns forever with all its appertainanceyes & I do forever warrant and defend the right and title of sd land to James T. Northam free from any claim or claims whatsoever. In Witness whereoff I set my hand and seal this 22 June 1857

Attest John T. Northam                                              Geo. Northam (Seal)

State of North Carolina }    County Court Clerks Office
County of Richmond      }    March 26th 1858

The due execution of the foregoing deed is proven before me by the oath of Jno T. Northam a subscribing witness thereto. Let it be registered

L. H. Webb C.C.C.

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