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John A. Conyers & Wife To Wm. P. Haggart, 1873 

Source: Sumner County, Tennessee, Deed Book 29, Pages 394-395


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter


John A. Conyers & Wife To Wm. P. Haggart - for 105 acres of land

For the consideration for fifteen hundred dollars, five hundred cash and a mair valued at one hundred dollars received and the remainder nine hundred dollars to be paid in annual installments of two hundred dollars, I have bargained and sold and do hereby convey to Wm. P. Haggart a tract of land in District No. 15, County of Sumner and State of Tennessee on the waters of Little Trammel and bounded as follows: Beginning in the middle of the spring corner to W. G. Morris; thence S 40 degrees E 9 1/2 poles to a stake; thence S 46 degrees E 12 poles to a dead White Oak; thence S 58 degrees E 22 poles to a Sugar Tree; thence S 7 degrees E 35 6/10 poles to two small Black Gums in the Bell line (Now Gammons); thence West 16 poles to a White Oak; thence S 44degrees W 23 poles to a White Oak; thence West 6 poles to a Sassafras; thence North 89 1/4 W 94 poles to a stake near a brush fence West of a draine; thence South 11 84/100 poles three small Dogwoods with White Oak pointers; thence West 40 1/2 poles to a stake with pointers in East boundary line of Tom Ellis twenty acres tract; thence N 1 degree E 129 poles passing Ellis' NE corner to a stake in J. A. Rippy East boundary; thence East 93 poles to a stake in W. G. Morris' line; thence S 31 1/2 degrees E 50 poles to a small Post Oak; thence N 58 degrees E 12 poles down a little hollow; thence S 45 degrees E 4 poles to the beginning containing one hundred and five (105) acres be the same more or less, I bind myself, my heirs and representatives to warrant and defend the title to said land to the said Wm. P. Haggart his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever reclaiming however a lien on the land until the purchase money is paid this the twenty second day of November 1873.
John A. Conyers (Seal)
Martha (her mark) Conyers (Seal)

J. A. ?
Archibald (his mark) Phillips

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - Personally appeared before me Jesse Cage clerk of the County Court of said county. Personally acquainted and who acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witnessed my hand at office this 15th Dec. 1873. Jesse Cage, Clerk

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - To W. E. Newton, Esq. - You are hereby authorized and empowered to take the examination of Martha Conyers privately and apart from her husband, relative to her free execution of the within instrument and the same so taken to certify under your hand and seal, witnessed my hand at office the 24th day of November 1873. Jesse Cage, Clerk

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - Martha Conyers wife of said John A. Conyers having personally appeared before me, and having by virtue of the authority in me vested, been examined privately and apart from her said husband and she having acknowledged the due execution of the within deed, by her freely, voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or constraint by her said husband and for the purposes therein expressed, the same is therefore certified. Witness my hand & seal this December 1st 1873. H. E. Newton (JP)

Received for registration 15th Dec 1873 at 10 o'clock A.M. Robt. Hallum, Regr. Sumner County

Registered and examined the 16th Dec 1873. Robt. Hallum, Registrar Sumner County

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