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G. W. Chipman, Surveyor
Procession for
George Branham, 1906

Source: Sumner County Deed Book 61, Pages 587 - 588

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

State of Tennessee }   I G. W. Chipman County Surveyor for Sumner
Sumner County       }   County Tennessee hereby certify that upon legal notice being as required by law by George Branham to all adjoining land owners to the land of George Branham lying in the state of Tennessee Sumner County Civil District that on March 23rd 1906 I proceeded to procession the land of George Branham and establish the lines and corners of the same and that the following are the true metes and bounds, Beginning at a rock a corner of Alvin Swallows on a branch this rock being 2 poles 16 lk. West of the Swallows line as it runs by his but is moved west of the line called for in the deed by agreement of William Branham, George Branham and Alvin Swallows running thence S. 1 E 92 Poles to a permanent rock hickory & Sugartree pointers, Thence East 21 poles to a small hickory on the road, Thence N 2 1/2 E 53 poles to a small Black _ Thence S 87 1/2 E 30 poles 12 lk. to a Black gum, Thence N 17 degrees E 31 poles 20 lk to a beech.  Thence N 34 1/2 degrees E 18 poles 16 lk. to a rock dogwood pointers Alvin Swallows corner; Thence N 69 1/2 W 41 poles to a rock on the South side of the branch; Thence S 43 W 32 poles 14 lk. to the beginning Containing 27 15/100 acres see map attached

survey map

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