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George & Susan J. Branham
Deed to
C. A. Campbell, 1901

Source: Sumner County Deed Book 50, Pages 195 - 196

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

For and in consideration of Twenty dollars cash a receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, we Geo. Branham and wife Susan J. Branham of the County of Sumner and State of Tenn. have bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to C. A. Campbell his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the the State and county aforesaid, in Civil district No. 10 on the head waters of Dry Fork Creek and bounded as follows:  Beginning at a stone in Campbells line:  Thence 87 1/2 degrees W. 28 poles, 13 links to a black gum:  Thence N. 18 degrees E. 32 poles to a beech, Thence N. 32 1/2 degrees E. 24 poles to a stone, Sugar tree pointers, Thence S. 1 W. 55 poles to beginning containing by estimation four acres to be the same more or less.  We covenant with the said Campbell that we are lawfully seized of said land, it being a part of the J. W. Beard tract of land purchased of his heirs by L. S. Sanford under what is known as a quit claim deed, and purchased by ourselves of said Sanford under the same kind of a deed, and we hereby convey to the said Campbell and his heirs forever all the right, title, and interest we possess  by reason deed aforesaid.  We further covenant with the said Campbell that the land herein conveyed is unincumbered except as to a lien retained by L. S. Sanford for the purchase money who now joins in this deed of conveyance thereby releasing all claims or interest he has or may have by reason of lien aforesaid.

We hereby bind our heirs and representatives to his heirs forever in accordance with conditions above stipulated.
Sept. 20th 1901
George (his mark) Branham
Susan J. (her mark) Branham
L. S. Sanford
Witness J. W. Albright
Maggie Cooper

State of Tennessee
Sumner County                Personally appeared before me, J. W. Albright, a Notary Public in and for said County & State, the within named George Branham & wife Susan J. Branham, the bargainors with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the within written instrument for the purposes therein contained.  And Susan J. Branham wife of the said George Branham having personally appeared before me, privately and apart from her husband, the said Susan J. Branham acknowledged the Execution of said Deed to have been done by her freely, voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her said husband, and for the purposes therein expressed.  Witness my hand and official seal, J. W. Albright.  Tennessee, this 8th day of October 1901.
J. W. Albright
Notary Public

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