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George & Susan J. Branham
Deed to
J. W. Pryor, 1897

Source: Sumner County Deed Book 46, Page 402

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

We have this day and date bargained, sold and do hereby transfer & convey to J. W. Pryor for and in the one hundred & twenty Dollars to us hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the following described land lying in the State of Tennessee, Sumner County Dis. No. 10, and on the waters of Dry fork Creek and bounded as follows; Beginning at a white oak thence S 42 degrees W 30 poles 12 lk. to a planted Rock; Thence S 15 1/2 degrees E 30 poles to a Hickory, Thence S 16 degrees W 7 1/2 poles to a chestnut oak.  Thence S 69 1/2 degrees E 23 1/4  poles to a stake; Thence S 40 degrees  E 27 1/2 poles to an oak.  Thence S 73 degrees E 18 1/2 poles to a chesnut oak on Rogan line.  Thence with his line North 82 poles to a stake Rogan north west corner.  Thence East 28 poles to a stake persimmon and oak pointers; Thence North 20 poles to a Hickory W. A. Talley corner; Thence S 87 degrees W 73 1/2 poles to the beginning containing 36 acres To have and to hold to the said J. W. Pryor and his heirs the above described tract of land with all the appurtenances belonging thereto, We convenant with the said Pryor that we are lawful seized of said tract of land and that we have a good right to convey the same and that the same is unincumbered.  We bind ourselves heirs and legal representatives to forever warrant and defend the right and title of said tract of land against the lawful claims of all person whatever.  Witness our hand & seals this Nov. 15th 1897.
George (his mark) Branham
Susan J. (her mark) Branham

State of Tennessee   }
Sumner County         }  Personally appeared before me G. W. Chipman, a Notary Public in and for said county, Geo. Branham with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that he signed the foregoing Deed for the purposes therein expressed.  Also appeared before me Susan J. Branham wife of Geo. Branham separate and apart from her husband with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that she signed the foregoing Deed freely, voluntarily, & understandingly and without constraint or compulsion from said husband and for the purposes therein expressed.  Witness my hand & seal This Nov. 10th 1897.
G. W. Chipman Notary Public
Received for Registration April 17th 1899 at 2 o'clock P.M.
Registered and Examined April 18th 1899.
A. C. Dobbins Register

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