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Heirs of Jonathan Clampett to Sanford Bernard, 1853

Source: Sumner County, Tennessee, Deed Book 23, Pages 454-455


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter


We the heirs of Jonathan Clampett dec'd have this day bargained and sold by our agent Isaac Groves has and doth hereby transfer and convey unto Sanford Bernard for the consideration of the sum of two hundred one dollar and twenty five cents to us in hand, the receipt is hereby acknowledged a certain piece of land in the state of Tennessee Sumner County District No. 16 and bounded as follows - Beginning at a rock Josiah Bush's boundary line, thence North 65 poles to a Spanish Oak, thence West 86 poles to a point oak, thence South 30 degrees West 72 poles to a rock, thence East 115 poles to the beginning containing by calculation forty and 3/10 acres. To have and to hold to the said land with all it's appurtenances to him the said Bernard, his heirs and assigns forever - The Heirs of J. Clampett doth covenant with said Bernard that we are lawfully seized of said land have good right to convey it and that the same is unencumbered. We the said heirs by our agent Isaac Groves Senr. do bind ourselves to warrant and defend the said land with a good title against the lawful claims or claim of all persons whatsoever. In testimony hereby we have set our hands and seals this 23rd day of December 1853.

pro. Isaac Groves (Seal)
pro. P. A. Mifflin (Seal)

Josiah Bush - the estate of J. E. Clampett dec'd
Frances E. Clampett (Seal)
Nancy R. Adams (Seal)
Jesse P. Adams (Seal)
E. Mifflin (Seal)
J. Ackerman (Seal)
Celia O. Ackerman (Seal)
Martha C. Clampett (Seal)
Margaret C. Groves (her mark) (Seal)

Josiah Bush - pro
Richard H. Coker - pro
B. F. Atchison - pro 
W. J. Atchinson - pro

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - Personally appeared before me John L. Bugg Clerk of the County Court of said county B. F. Atchinson and W. J. Bernard, subscribing witnesses to the foregoing deed who being first sworn depose and say that they are personally acquainted with Nancy R. Adams, Jesse P. Adams, Mary E. Mifflin, J. S. Ackerman, Celia O. Ackerman, Martha Clampett, Martha C. Groves, Isaac Groves, P. A. Mifflin Guard. of the Estate of Clampett and Frances Clampett adminr. the bargainers, and that they acknowledged that they made and executed the foregoing deed in their presence upon the day it bears date and for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office this 7th Novr. 1856. John L. Bugg, Clerk

Filed for registration 7th November 1856 at 9 o'clock A. M.
Registered and examined on the 11th day of Nov A. D. 1856 - R. D. Moore, Regr. S. Cty.

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