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Petition of Heirs - Thomas Stovall, dec'd 1851

Source: Loose Record Lawsuit# 4551 

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter
© 2005

Sar? Stovall, America Stovall, Richard Bennet and Mary his wife, Thomas Goldston and Lucy his wife, Samuel M. Bennet and Louisa C. his wife and Adair Shanks and Permelia his wife and George W. Stovall, Thomas Stovall, Martha Stovall, Zachariah Stovall, Kitura Stovall, Henry Stovall, Nancy Stovall and Gustavous Stovall who are minors and petition by their regular Guardian Peter W. Stone.

Expartee - Final Decree

Be it remembered that the above cause coming on for final hearing at the previous term of the Court, was heard on this the 6th day of December 1853 before the worshipful County Court of Sumner County upon the petition and the proof in the cause. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Thomas Stovall departed this life on the 24th day of October 1851 intestate in the County of Sumner, and that he died seized and possessed of Land Warrant No. 12.139 for eighty acres issued by the Department of the Interior on the 15th of August 1851. And that the petitioners are the widow and all the heirs which the said Thomas Stovall left at his death and that said land warrant divided to the petitioners in equal shares, and that eight of said heirs are minors and cannot make sale and transfer of said land warrant without the aid of this Court, and that for the advantage of said minors the said land warrant No. 12.139 be located but that it is manifestly for the interest of said minors as well as true of the adult petitioners that the same be sold and the proceeds equally divided between the parties in interest, they a..... regularly before the Court.........It is therefore rendered adjudged and decreed by the Court that said Land Warrant No. 12.139 be sold and assigned to such person as to give the best price for the claim. Peter W. Stone is appointed commissioner to make the sale for not less than the market price. He is hereby authorized to make a regular transfer to the purchaser receive the money for the same pay this court of this proceeding portion that portion of the fund coming to his widow and pay to each of the adult petitioners their portion shares of the fund. He will make report to the next term of this Court.

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