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Barnabas Stiner
Lawrence Sigler

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm #A5164
Sumner County Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Loose Records vol. 12196 - 12412
Loose Record #12359

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2005

*Levy on 125 gal still, what happened to the contents?
State of Tennessee  }
Sumner County        } To the Sheriff of said County, Greeting
Whereas Barnabas Stiner lately in an Court of Pleas & Quarter Session at April Term 1801 recovered by attachment against Lawrence Sigler the sum of Twenty five Dollars together with the further sum of nine Dollars & fifty four & an half cents, costs of suit, whereof the said Lawrence Sigler is liable & convested as to us appears of record and whereas the said attachment was levied as appears by the sheriffs return on a still supposed to hold about a hundred & twenty five gallons which property attached is condemned for the use of the said Judgment, you are therefore commanded as you have been more than once commanded to expose to sale the aforsd. still levied on as aforesaid, and have you the money arising from such sale before the Justices of our ensuing County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions to be held for said County at the Town of Cairo n the first Monay in April next ready to render to the said Barnabas Stiner for his recovery aforesaid.  Herein fail not, and have you then & there this writ and how you have executed the same.  Witness D. Shelby Clerk of our said Court at office this first Monday in January & Twenty Sixth year of American Independence Anno Domino 1802.
                                                                            David Shelby CSC
8th Jany

Order of Sale                Stiner
Barnabas Stiner              vs.                     Bill of Costs
vs.                                 Stigler                  Leading process & law ___  $1.62
Lawrence Sigler                                        fine continuances                    2.~
                                                                   Trial & record                         1
                                                                   Special verdict                           40
The Still attached by                                 three executions                     1.20
James Cage and not to be                                                                         6.22
found.                                                        the levying attachment               70
E. Crutcher DS                                         empannelling jury                       12                                                     
                                                                  Attorney Donelson                   2.50
                                                                                                                    9.54 1/2
                                                                  verdict & judgment   $.75
                                                                  The inspector of the revenue (Majr. Bradford) can tell who has
                                                                  the still it being re'd previous to the attachment being served.

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