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Woodson Rippy

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm #A5164
Sumner County Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Loose Records vol. 12196 - 12412
Loose Record #12404

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2005

We Jacob Gains, J. W. Barbar acknowledge our selves to indebted to the State in the Sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be void if the said John W. Rippy appears at the next term of the Circuit Court of Sumner County to answer the complaint of the state of Tennessee for shooting T. F. Barber on the night of the 23rd of August 1880.
                                                                    Jacob Gant
                                                                    J. H. W. Rippy
                                                                    D. W. Barber

State Writ
D. W. Barber
Wootson Rippy

State of Tennessee
Sumner County
Personally appeared before me H. Ray an acting Justice of the Peace from said County W. A. Barber and made Oath in due form of law that on the 23rd night August 1880 that on said night D. W. Barber and Woodson Rippy did shoot T. F. Barber.
sworn to and subscribed                          W. A. (his mark) Barber
before me this the 24 of Aug 1880
H. Ray J.P.

State of Tennessee    to the sheriff or any constable
Sumner County
         of said county
Information on Oath having been made to me that the offence of shooting T. F. Barber has been committed and charging D. W. Barber and Wootson Rippy you are therefore command in the name of the state of Tennessee forthwith to arrest D. W. Barber and Wootson Rippy, and Bring them before me or some other Justice of the Peace to answer the charge this the 24th of August 1880.
                                                                H. Ray, JP

in this case I give Judgement that the Defendent Wootson Rippy be Bound in a Bond of $250.00 to appear at the next term of our Circuit Court at Gallatin Sumner County this the 26th of August 1880.
                                                               H. Ray JP

I appoint W. A. Barber as my special Deputy to Execute this writ this the 24th August 1880.
                                                              H. Ray JP

State of Tennessee
vs.                                 carrying pistol
Woodson Rippy

Affient makes oath that at the time he is charged with carrying a pistol, he had been on a journey to Robertson County, a long distance from his home into a strange neighborhood, among strangers & was returning home & heard of a meeting going on, & as he was going home a friend who had borrowed affients pistol gave it to him.  He further make oath that said pistol was a navy or army pistol, and is as generally used in the United States army, affient never had used pistol for the purpose of being armed, but for the purpose of carrying it home it having been given to him as aforesaid as he was returning from Robertson County -  Affient will pose these facts by John Barbour, who has not been subpoened because affient just learned this morning that he could pose his facts by said Barbour.  The Jent who handed affient his pistol as aforesaid is named (John written and crossed out and Boss? written across the top) Bracken, who has gone to Texas affient knew he could pose these facts by send? Bracken but he was in the state of Texas.  Affient could not reach him by subpoenas. Affient never knew he could pose the facts above by John Barbour until this morning which is the reason that affient never had him subpoened.  Affient asks for a continuance of this case for carrying a pistol until 26 next term in order that he may get the testimony of Bracken & J. Barbour.  Affient states that this application is not made for delay but that justice may be done.
                                                                      Woods (his mark) Rippy
Sworn to and subscribed
before me Mch 10th 1881
Tho. H. King Clk.

State of Tennessee  }  Circuit Court
Sumner County        }  October Term 1880

The Grand Jurors for the State upon their oath present:  That Woodson Rippey and L. W. (should be D. W.) Babor on the 23 of August 1880 did unlawfully feloniously wilfully deliberately premeditatelly and maliciously make an assault upon one T. F. Barbor, with a pistol with the unlawful and felonious intention this ____ Barbour to unlawfully felioniously wilfully delibberately premeditaedly and of his malicious thought to kill and upon him to commit the crime and felony of murder in the first degree against the peace and dignity of the state.
                                                                   B. D. Bell
                                                                   Atty. General 


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