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Emily Sherron
Alexander Sherron

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm A 5078
Loose Record #4962

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

© 2004

To the Hon. Horace H. Lurton, Chancellor, holding the Chancery Court at Gallatin.
Emily Sherron a citizen of Sumner County
Alexander Sherron - whose residence is unknown.

Complainant would respectfully show that she was married to the defendant Alexander Sherron in Sumner County about February 1874 - they lived together as husband and wife, some seven or eight months - during all that time, she conducted herself in all respects, as a dutiful and faithful wife.  She was true to him and treated him with the respect and affection due a husband.  But her husband neglected her, and failed to show her any affection or kindness.  After they were married, they kept house for a while; but defendant failed to provide a support and they were forced to break up; and complainant hired herself out to work for Dr. D. J. Roberts.  They lived at Dr. Robert's place for some three or four months, the defendant continuing to treat her with unkindness - until sometime in September or October 1874, the defendant abandoned her and since then has refused or neglected to provide from her.  The defendant wholly abandoned her and left the country about September or October 1874; and she does not now know where he is.  She has not seen him since he left.  She has heard of his being in Nashville some months ago; but she does not think he is there now.  She gave him no cause to leave her and since he left he has made no provision for her.  She charges that he left with the intention to abandon her permanently.  Complainant now lives and she has always lived in Sumner County, and she has always conducted herself in a proper manner.

These premises considered, she prays that the party named in the caption as defendant be made defendant - let a copy of the Bill and Subpoena to answer be issued to the Sheriff of Sumner County, to be served on defendant.  At the hearing, she prays for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony existing between her and defendant, and that she be divorced from him.  And give such other and general relief so the nature of her cause may demand.

G. W. and  B. F. Allen
A Copy - Attest
J. R. Barry
Clerk and Master

State of Tennessee
Sumner County
Personally came Emily Sherron, and made oath that the facts stated in the bill are true to the best of her knowledge and belief, and that the complaint is not made out of levity or by collusion with the defendant but in Sincerity and truth, for the causes mentioned in the bill.
Sworn to and                                                        Emily (her mark) Sherron
subscribed before me
December 9th 1875
J. R. Barry C & M
I Emily Sherron do solemnly swear that owing to my poverty I am not able to bear the expenses of the action which I am about to commence and that I am justly entitled to the relief sought to the best of my belief.
Emily (her mark) Sherron
Sworn and subscribed before me
Dec. 9th 1875

The Sumner County Marriage Index - Alex Sherron and Emily Saveley, 7 February 1874.

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