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Sarah Satterfield Vs. David Satterfield

Transcribed by Marie Johnson and  Jan J.  Barnes

TSLA Microfilm #A -5171
Sumner Probate Records ( County or Chancery Court)
Loose Records  Vo.l:  13461-13692,  1786-1930
Lawsuit #1089

Sarah Satterfield- Jujm.& Divorce David Satterfield
Filed April 15th 1855

To the Hon. Bromfield Ridley Chanceller etc sitting at Gallatin
The bill of Complaint of Sarah Satterfield filed in the Chancery Court of Sumner County as David Satterfield.

Humbly complaining your oratrix Sarah Satterfield , a citizen of Sumner County, would repersent unto to your Honor, that she intermarried with one David Satterfield on or about the 3 rd day of December 1854. in the county of Wilson and have since lived until she was forced to abandon the said Satterfield at her little house in Sumner County. Your oratrix would futher show your Honor that the said Satterfield is a man of about sixty five years of age and has five living children, four of whom he brought to live with your oratrix after their marriage.

Your oratrix would further show your Honor that after her marriage with the said Satterfield, she endeavored as far as it was in her power to discharge all the duties which devolved upon her as a wife and as a mother in which new relation she had been so hastly introduced; and that she treated the said Satterfield as kindly and as affectionally as he would allow and did all she could under the circumstances to make his children comfortable, and at home in her house. She washed their clothes, repaired them and frequently urged him to provide the material that she might clothe them and make them genteel and confortable.

Your oratix would further show your Honor that the said Sattlefield is a man of exceedingly bad temper and disposition and of very eccentric habits, and that does not believe any woman however available or forbearing could live harmonously or happily with such a husband, she would further show that he was rude, harsh and insulting in his manner, and was at various times offend her such in disputes and insults as to render her condition intolerable and to cut off all hope of peace or happiness in future if she should be compelled to live with him. Your oratrix would show that about one week after their marriage, they got along tolerably well, when he left for Wilson County, when he was gone some ten days or two weeks; upon his return, in some conversation about the land , your oratrix informed him that her brother Burris Loving was entitled to a share in the land which he had paid for though the deed was in her name he became very much enraged, sprung out of bed where we were then lying walked rapidly across the floor in a perfect frenzy of passion, said that your oratrix wanted to defraud him and that if your oratrix was to die, the land would go to her people, and indulged in a stream of other abuse which your oratrix does not now remember. After this your oratrix alleges during the three months that they remained together, hers was a life of mental anguish and sorrow, occasioned by his uncontrollable temper and his constant and unceasing taunts and reproaches. On one occasion your oratrix alleges when he had sent one Archibald Armstrong to her house to bargain with her concerning the sale of a portion of her small tract of land which has since been conveyed to said Armstrong; he tantalized your oratrix with being shut up in the kitchen all day with him said it was repeated all through the neighborhood that your oratrix had been shut up with him Armstrong in the kitchen. Your oratrix explained to him that he was at home himself and that he had sent Armstrong in to talk to your oratrix, he affected not to remember it, and by his manner and tone insinuated that your oratrix motives were impure and unbecoming a virtuous woman - At another time and without provocation, for the said Satterfield frequently revived annoyances of this kind, he said to his son Isaac "we must try and get out of the way, that she may have a chance to set by the fireside and have room to talk to the men or anybody she wants to" referring to your oratrix when your oratrix alleges that she never during short time of her marriage or ever before or since conducted herself otherwise then as become a chaste and virtuous woman - This is only one of numerous instances in the conduct of the said Satterfield to which he might refer to show his cautious suspicious unpredictable character.

Your oratrix would further show your Honor, that on similar occasions when a difference of opinion would exist upon any subject between your oratrix and the said Satterfield he would denounce her as a liar, and in the presence of his children and of your oratrix brother

Page ends and the page that follows is difficult to read. It appears to be written by a James? Saterfield and is a notation to the Clerk and Master saying that David Satterfield has not yet answered the complt. bill. It appears that he was telling the court that there were facts that did not appear in the bill. It was witnessed by W. H. Blackmore, Clk. The following pages were part of the complt. bill.

To the Hon. Nathaniel Baxter Judge etc. sitting at Gallatin
The Bill of Complainant of Sarah Satterfield vs. David Satterfield

Your complainant Sarah a citizen of Sumner County would show your Hon. that she was born in Sumner County and has there resided every since that last fall she was addressed by David Satterfield who lived out of the County. He was highly recommended to her - she knew nothing personally about him and consented to marry him, which occurred last fall, she had a little property a small tract of about 75 acres - some household property, cows horses, a few hogs etc. She discharged all of her various duties as a wife very shortly after her marriage, she discovered that he was not fit to be the husband of a decent woman that in a few days after their marriage he spoke in an unbecoming manner of her and has treated her with indignities in a cruel and inhuman manner. That he has entirely failed to provide for her in any manner. He is lazy, old, quarrelsome, and in every respect worthless and unfit to be the Head of a family. He straggles about, going to an adjoining county and did not remain at home over one or two nights of a week. He is said to be deranged, but that was not known to Compt. at the time of the marriage. He has done every thing he can to annoy and dispose of her little plunder. His conduct was such that she was forced to leave her home in her feeble health in March last and go to her brothers. She has not returned since. Her health continues feeble. The said Satterfield has been going about where he could get a place, doing nothing for the support of Compt. on the contrary to take what he could to take her little effects. The complainant sold her cow to Jerome Sudeth for $15.00 and took his note for the money. This she done in March last, and reports yesterday he applied to said Sudeth for the money, and served said Sudeth before. F. L. McDaniel, Esqr. For damages and obtained a Judgment for $20.00 and is still holding the note of said Sudeth for the $15.00 asset? she has fears that he will annoy her about her little effects, which is at her brother's Stephen Loving and what is due her. The Compt. further shows that lately the said Satterfield, about two months since charged her in effect with a warrt. of virtue, saying that if she was pregnant the child was David Dickerson's. The Compt, states that she has good cause and grounds for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony therefore she files this bill against said David Satterfield.

Let him anwer and by Decree of the Court the bonds of matrimony be dissolved and in the meantime so be enjoined from interfering with her lands, her household and kitchen furniture, or other effects or debts due her and enjoined from collecting said judgment against J. Sudeth and Suddeth from paying it to him, Satterfield. The said Satterfield may have some land in Wilson and likewise expects to receive in a few days a land warrant for 160 acres out of which a Decree is asked likewise a judgment David Dickerson for $18 and he is asked to be enjoined from collecting that judgment and said Dickerson enjoined from paying to him.  And give to Compt. such other relief as the nature of the case may be given and our Honor shall summit.

Jo. C. Guild

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