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McGlothlin, Andrew, 1843

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes



 TSL&A Microfilm #50

Sumner County Clerk Minutes

Feb. 1843-June 1846


Page 4

And the Grand Jury returned into asses. Court and presented an indictment against Andrew McGlothlin for Embezzlement of Public Monies in the following words and ? To wit: State of Tennessee Sumner County Circuit Court of said county February Term 1843 The Grand Jurors of the State of Tennessee duly dicted? Impanelled same and charged to inquire for the body of the County aforesaid upon their oath present that Andrew McGlothlin late of the county aforesaid clerk with force & arms in the county aforesaid on the first day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and forty one he the same Andrew McGlothlin being then and there Clerk of the county court of Sumner County a large sum of money to wit Bank notes and Silver coin amounting to the Sum of One Thousand dollars and of the value of one Thousand which said Bank notes and silver coin having been secretly taken by the said Andrew McGlothlin and having been by him used and having no particular marks cannot be accurately described of the goods & chattels Bank notes and Silver coin of the State of Tennessee being found did then and there unlawfully and feloniously embezzelled and without authority from the said State of Tennessee appropriated and convert to his own use with intent then and there to cheat and defraud the said State of Tennessee which said Bank notes and Silver coin aforesaid he the said Andrew McGlothlin had received and which came to his custody by virtue of his being as aforesaid Clerk of the County Court of Sumner County contrary to the form of the statue in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the state Geo. W. Allen

Attorney Gen of the 6th district

On which said bill of indictment were the following endorsement to wit, State of Tennessee vs. Andrew McGlothlin Oscar Staley Prosecutor

Oscar Staley swore in open court and sent to the Grand Jury the 28th Feby 1843 Geo F. Crocket Clk A True Bill Francis Yourie? Foreman of the grand Jury And the jurors aforesaid returned to ____of further presentments.


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