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Sumner County Clerk Minutes
March Term, 1883

Abstracted from TSL&A Microfilm Roll  #54
Sumner County Clerk Minutes, Vol:  Oct. 1882- Jan 1892

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

Page 66

March 5, 1883

Lee Head, Chairman of the Sumner County Court

John H. Roney appointed administrator of London Turner, dec'd.  Sureties - J B. Groves and Y. P. Austin; fifty dollar bond.

Page 67

Final settlement with Jas. I. Guthrie, Guardian of Z. K. Griffin, who had reached the age of majority.  Receipt from Z. K. Griffin for $933. 08/100; Guardian relieved of any further liability.

Commissioners, W. N. Warren, William Hester, and S. L. Wilkerson, presented report of one years provisions set out to Mrs. Dorotha A. Groves, widow of W. T. Groves.  She was allowed all the provisions on hand on the premises and considering this to be insufficient, eighty dollars to purchase bacon, fifteen dollars to buy flour, thirty dollars to buy sugar & coffee, ten dollars for spices, salt, soda, pepper etc., twenty dollars for shoes for the family, fifteen dollars for molasses, thirteen dollars and 50 cents for Lard, five dollars for incidentals.

Page 68

March 12, 1883

Thomas Barnard appointed Administrator of Mrs. Barshaby Osborne, dec'd.  Sureties:  W. J. White and A. Baskerville; bond four hundred dollars.

Berry Briley appointed Guardian of Mary Osborne, minor heir of Thomas Osborn, deceased.  Sureties:  I. W. Barry and J. C. Byram; bond one hundred dollars.

Homestead and Dower laid off by Commissioners W. H. Hall, David Chenault, Jr., and J. J. Hibbett for Elizabeth Gibson, widow of William Gibson.  Drawing of platt

Page 69

Description of dower land for Elizabeth Gibson.

Final settlement with John B. Barnard, guardian of James T. Barnard minor but now deceased.

Inventory by Riley Chaney Admr. of the personal estate of James Barnard decd. ordered to be recorded.

Final settlement of H. Ray, Admr. of Thos. C. Hobdy decd. ordered recorded.

Page 70

March 17, 1883

Ordered by the Court that W. W. Perdue be appointed administrator of D. G. Perdue, deceased.  Sureties:  R. E. Perdue, M. B. Perdue, & J. W. Brackin; bond - five thousand dollars.

Hampton Ray, Henry Peden, & Elvis Denning appointed commissioners to set apart one years allowance out of the personal estate of D. G. Perdue to his widow, Mrs. Matilda J. Perdue.

Inventory of James Austin, deceased, presented by J. T. Austin, the Executor.

Page 71

M. Fikes, Adr. of Rebecca Fenix decd vs. Mary S. Garrett, et al - 24th March 1883; land in old District No. 19, now District 16,  125 acres, purchased by T. P. Garrett.  All rights and title held by Rebecca Fenix, dec'd. transferred to Garrett; Description of land - bounded North by Orr, South by Baskerville, East by Barnard, and West by W. H. Brainard.  Clerk paid costs, fees, guardian ad litem fee, allowance to Admr. out of fund and paid the balance to the creditors of Rebecca Fenix who had filed claims.

W. N. Warren appointed administrator for Samuel Briley deceased.

Page 72

W. N. Warren's sureties:  J. F. Appling and S. F. Wilson.  Bond - four hundred dollars.

Inventory and account of sale of the personal property of Sallie Kirk, decd by W. B. Swaney, Administrator, ordered recorded.

Inventory of the estate of Mary B. Haynes minor by W. B. Swaney guardian ordered recorded.

Settlement with Mrs. E. F. Thompson, guardian of Jno. A. Soper, minor heir of Z. Soper dec'd ordered recorded.

March 31, 1883

I. N. Guthrie appointed Administrator of Lucius D. Taylor deceased.  Sureties:  G. N. Guthrie and I. N. Guthrie, Jr.; bond of one thousand dollars.

Mrs. E. F. Thompson, guardian of Jno. A. Soper, minor heir of Z. Soper, reserved her bond as guardian with John W. Harris and Thos. H. Boone as sureties in the amount of three thousand dollars.

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