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Randle Mabry
John Mitchell and George Mitchell

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes




TSL&A Microfilm #50
Sumner County Clerk's Minutes
Feb 1843 - June 1846

  Page 79

Randle Mabry Vs. John Mitchell and George Mitchell Motion

This day came the plaintiff by attorney and filed in open court the following proceding had before a Justice of the peace To wit State of Tennessee Sumner County To any lawful officer to execute and return You are hereby commanded to summons John :Mitchell and George Mitchell to appear before some Justice for said county to answer the complaint of Randle Mabry in a plea of Debt due by note under one hundred dollars. Given under my hand and Seal the 22nd of June 1842.

S.E. Douthet JP

Executed for the 2nd day of July 1842 at Esq Buntons on John Mitchell by Wm Lovell and George Mitchell not found in my county.

Judgment against the defendant John Mitchell for Fifty eight dollars twenty five cents debt and one dollar & seventy nine cents interest making Sixty dollars and 4 cents with interest from this date. Given under my hand and seal the 2nd July 1842 and all costs.

Thomas Bunton JP

Execution ___ this 7th July 1842

On or before the 25th of December next we or either of us promised to pay Randle Mabry sixty dollars for value received of him as witness our hands and seals this the 10th day of December 1840.

John Mitchell Seal
George Mitchell Seal

Rec'd of the within note one dollar and seventy five cents this the 4th day of March 1841

State of Tennessee
Sumner County

To any lawful officer to execute You are hereby commanded that of the goods and chattels lands and tenements of John Mitchell if to be found in your county of value sufficient you cause to be made the sum of sixty dollars and four & cents with interest from the date of the Judgment the amount of judgment that Randle Mabry obtained before me against said Mitchell on the 2nd day of July 1842 and all cost and where made pay over as the law directs Given under my hand and seal this 7th day of July 1842.

Thos Bunton JP

Levied the within execution on the property of John Mitchell one lot of Tobacco one brown mare and cart one cow & calf six head of cattle 7 head of hogs pastal? of sheep farming utentils with all of his household and kitchen furnature Given in by consent of me also some flax & wheat ___ July 7th 1842

John Mitchell

All of the chattels property levied on taken by older levies and no other to be found this 16th July 1842.

Wm Lovell CSC

Page 80

Also on the 7th July 1842 levied the within on one tract of land of John Mitchell containing 74 acres adjoining John Williams on the north and west Rutledge tract on the south by J. Ellis on the east Woolf? and Skeen heirs.

Wm Lovell CSC

Whereupon on motion of plaintiff by his attorney it is considered by the court that said land be condemned and sold for the satisfaction of said judgment and costs of this motion and that vendenti exponas issue.

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