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R. E. Johnson & A. S. Simpson
Martha Simpson, E. Simpson, dec'd

Loose records:  #2089
TSL&A Microfilm # A5050

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2006

Be it remembered that the above came on to be heard at the present time of the court and was read on this 13th day of November 1860 before Judge Allen, upon the petition, answers no confessor, Report of the Clerk and the proof in this cause And it appearing to the Court that E. Simpson departed this life intestate in the County of Sumner, on the 4 h? day of August 1860, leaving as his only heirs and distributors at law the Petitioner A. S. Simpson and the defendants that the petitioners administrations upon the estate of the intestate, gave ____, was qualified at in conformity of law and that the intestate left at his death nineteen slaves and another was just born since his death and said slaves are not needed for the payment of debts, against the intestate or for the due administration of his estate; but they are now subjected to division between his heirs.  And it further appearing to the Court that it is not necessary to make sale of said slaves in order to make division thereof, but that the same be (rest of page cut off)

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parties in interest.  It is therefore decreed by the Court that said slaves be divided so as to give the Compt. A. S. Simpson one eleventh part in value thereof - one eleventh to Mary Ann Johnson, one eleventh to Wm. Simpson, one eleventh to Nancy E. West, one eleventh to the children of Cathrine West decd. to wit, Amanda F., Sarah Ann, Emily J. and John W. West, one eleventh to the children of E. A. Stewart to wit, Sarah and Amanda Stewart one eleventh part to Martha J. Simpson, widow, one eleventh part to Thomas Simpson, one eleventh part to Penelope Simpson, one eleventh part to M. F. Simpson, and one eleventh part to Joseph R. Simpson; that portion of the Slaves ___(side has large ink stain and cannot be read) the widow and the four last minor children to be held in common or apart by the Commissioners hereinafter mentioned, that is five elevenths of the whole of said slaves. William Parker David Chenault, James M. Whiteside, L. M. Woodson and G. B. Harris or any three of the appointed Commissioners to make said division.  They will make the report to the next term or some subsequent term of the Court, until which time all other matters are reserved.

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