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Jeremiah & Mary Gregory Belt
Petition for Adoption, 1889 


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter
Sumner County, Tennessee, Microfilm #5056, case #2760


To the Honorable O. H. Foster, Chairman of the County Court of Sumner County, Tennessee:

The petition of Jeremiah & Mary Ann Belt, citizens of Sumner County, Tennessee (Exparte proceedings for the adoption of a child).

Petitioners would show your Honor that they are citizens of Sumner County and that they want to adopt a little girl who will be three years of age next September or October and is the child of Landon & Sarah (*Gregory) Carter, and who are both dead. Landon Carter died two years ago last September and Sarah Carter a few days ago on June 25 & leaving ten children, all of whom are in destitute circumstances and want to provide for this little girl whose name is Lucy. At the death of Sarah Carter, her daughter, Cinthia Gregory a married woman, took her in charge and has her now, but is unable to take care of her as she has a family of her own. Your petitioner, Mary Ann Belt, is a sister of Sarah Carter and an Aunt of the child Lucy, and is willing to adopt her and to provide for her as she would do if she was her own child, and besides before Mrs. Carter died, she wanted Mrs. Belt to have the child and she is now willing to take her as her adopted child, and is able to take care of her, and if the Court will decree her the said child, she will take her as her own child, and will raise her and educate her as far as she will be able to do so, and in every way will give her all the privileges and rights of a natural child.

Premiers considered Petition, ask leave to file this petition in this Court for the purposes herein contained, and that said child be decreed to them by the necessary order for its adoption; with all the rights of a natural child, the right to inherit property, etc,. They also ask that this Court change the name of the said child from Lucy Carter to that of Lucy Belt as they have a right to ask for this under the law. Grant them all other relief general and special such as they may be entitle to and in duty bound will ever pray. Mary Ann (her mark) Belt, Jerry (his mark) Belt

Sworn to and subscribed before me July 2nd 1889. Harris Brown, Clerk

In the matter of the Exparte proceedings by Jeremiah & Mary Ann Belt for the adoption of a child.

This cause came on this day to be heard before the Honorable O. H. Foster, Chairman of the County Court, upon the petition of the parties named in said petition which is as follows: (Here inset petition.)

Which the Court having heard and understood is in all things confirmed and the Court is pleased to grant the prayer of said petitioners, and it is ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said child Lucy Carter, be and is hereby given, adopted to and decreed to the said Jeremiah and Mary Ann Belt, to have and to hold to them as their own child and to all the privileges and rights of a natural child, and it is further decreed that the name of said child be changed to Lucy Belt, and that they be given immediate possession of her by Cinthia Gregory.

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