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Sumner County Clerk Minutes
January Term, 1893

Abstracted from TSL&A Microfilm Roll  #55
Sumner County Clerk Minutes, Vol:  18 - 19
Jan., 1892 - Feb. 1903

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

January 2, 1893

Page 156

James Anderson, Chairman residing.  Justices present:
G. W. O. Griffin, C. H. Brown, T. P. Yourie, J. A. Mentlo, J. B. Donelson, O. H. Foster, Jas. Soper, J. H. McLaren, E. T. Bush, Jas. Anderson, H. C. Gowen, P. B. Willis, J. H. Joyner, J. A. Bruce, W. F. Clendening, J. M. Guthrie, M. J. Hassell, R. Smith, Wm. Edwards, Leroy Hoffman, M. H. Dobbins, M. B. Perdue, R. C. Harris, J. W. Gilmore, J. F.?
(middle initial faded) Coley, E. W. Black, W. M. Benson, Hampton Ray, H. A. Honeycutt, T. W. Wright, A. J. Warren, A. M. Hester, and R. E. McGlothlin.

Report of Citizens Finance Committee recorded in Settlements with County Officers.

Report by R. K. Gillespie, Back Tax Attorney, read and ordered recorded in Settlements with County Officers.

Report of Chairman Anderson for 1892 read and ordered recorded in Settlements with County Officers.

Report of Miss Pattie Malone Superintendent of Public Schools for the year 1892 was read and ordered filed.  Mrs. Pattie Malone was recently elected County Superintendent of Public Schools for Sumner County for the ensuing two years.

W. A. McGlothlin, Sheriff, presented his written acceptance

Page 157

of the position of Work House Keeper under Acts of 1891 together with his bond of One Thousand Dollars with J. R. Bruce and J. C. Terry as sureties.

Ed T. Seay as County Attorney for 1892 made his report as to the conditions of the County's litigation.

Upon motion of Justice T. W. Wright, the salary of the Chairman for 1893 was fixed at $700.00.  Motion passed.

James Anderson, having received the vote of all the Justices present, was elected Chairman of the Court for 1893.

G. W. O. Griffin was elected Chairman Pro Tem for 1893.

B. D. Bell, George Harsh, and W. T. McGlothlin were elected as Citizen Finance Committee for 1893.

Ordered by the Court that the salary for the County Attorney for 1893 be fixed at $200.00.

Ed T. Seay having received a majority of the votes of the Justices present was duly elected County Attorney for the year 1893.  He received 18 votes and J. W. Wickware received 15 votes.

P. B. Willis and M. H. Dobbins having received a majority of votes of the Justices present were duly elected Work House Commissioners for ensuing term.

R. C. Harris, R. M. Hester, and M. J. Hassell having received a majority of votes of the Justices present were duly elected as the Court Finance Committee for 1893.

Page 158

W. K. Walton, C.S.C. and W. M. Brooks C. S. C. having received a majority of votes of the Justices present were elected Officers to wait upon the February Term 1893 of the Circuit Court of Sumner County.

The following named persons received a majority vote of Justices and were elected "veniree":
District 1  N. R. Bettis
District 2  C. R. Robb
District 3  James Soper, D. B. Evertson, J. B. Donelson
District 4  W. T. Reid
District 5  W. D. Williams
District 6  James Cantrell, Sr.
District 7  J. T. Dorris
District 8  Black Stratton and W. G. Lanier
District 9  Tom Brown and Simon McGee
District 10  Tom Dugger and Fed Tyree
District 11  Jno. W. Byrn and C. H. Ray
District 12  R. C. Troutt and Ben Carter, Sr.
District 13  J. C. Clendening and L. T. McCartney
District 14  G. W. Keen and J. W. Hornbuckle
District 15  R. J. Riggsbee
District 16  G. W. Pearson

Elected Road Commissioners:
District 1  C. H. Brown
District 2  C. R. Robby
District 3  C. W. Gray
District 4  Wm Cantrell
District 5  J. H. Stark
District 6  H. A. Utley
District 7  J. E. Watkins
District 8  W. B. Douglass
District 9  Simon McGee
District 10  Jno. W. Albright
District 11  Robert Durham
District 12  A. A. Black
District 13  Henry Peden
District 14  J. W. Hornbuckle
District 15  T. B. Armstrong
District 16  W. C. Gibson

G. W. Chipman, elected County Surveyor

J. B. Donelson elected Ranger of Sumner County.

Accounts approved by the Finance Committee and ordered paid:

Page 159

Brandon Printing Co.  Court House Supplies  $107.80
D. K. Spillers & Co  Jail  $1.25
D. K. Spillers & Co.  Poor House $ 6.30
D. K. Spillers & Co.  Court House  $15.40
S. R. Simpson & Sons  Poor House  $3.00
M. A. Ewing & Co.  Poor House  .70
Franklin & Oldham  Poor House  13.25
P. P. Dismukes  Poor House  4.62
J. K. White  Court House  1.00
W. H. Worsham  Poor House  5.45
A. M. Blue  Jail  23.00
A. M. Blue  Poor House  4.00
B. Oshinsky  Jail  5.30
Pearson & Co.  Jail Repairs  3.00
W. J. & T. J. Henley  Coal for Court House  27.36
R. M. Foster, M. D.  Pauper practice  8.00
H. A. Holmes  Medicine for Poor House  12.75
Blue & Jackson  Pauper Coffin  3.00
(Four more listings for Blue & Jackson, Pauper coffins @ 3.00 each)
John Harris  Pauper Coffin  3.00
Martin Link  Pauper Coffin  3.00
J. W. Gilmore  Conveying Pauper to Poor house  3.00
Albert Clendening  Pauper Coffin  3.00
John Harris  Pauper Coffin  3.00
John Harris Pauper Coffin  3.00
John Hodges  Judge Election  Aug. 1890  1.00
Tom Thompson  Judge Election Aug. 1890  1.00
W. R. White  Judge election  Aug. 1890  1.00
J. W. Taylor  Receiver  Election  Aug. 1890  1.00
J. Endors  Clerk Election Aug. 1890  1.00
Jesse Clemens  Clerk Election Aug. 1890  1.00
R. M. Briggance  Poor House Supplies  112.90
Red River Turn Pike Co.  Poor House  Fall Gate fees  13.70
W. T. Wells  Pauper Grave  1.00

State of Tennessee vs. Bill Slaughts (Inquest)
M. J. Hassell Coroner  $5.00
W.T. Kirk  Juror  .75
C. L. Hassell Juror  .75
B. J. Hassell  Juror  .75
Cole Fitzgeral  Juror  .75
E. Harker  Juror  .75

Page 160

State of Tennessee vs. Major Beasley  (Inquest)
G. N. Guthrie  Coroner  $5.00
H. B. Lucas  CSC  2.25
L. M. Woodson, M. D.  5.00
R. T. Bush  Juror  .75
E.B. House  Juror  .75
W. F. Green  Juror  .75
P. P. Dismukes  Juror  .75
W. T. Blue  Juror  .75
J. M. Wells  Juror  .75
C. C. Sadler  Juror  .75
Abe Wallace  Witness  .50
O. H. Foster  Registrar  6.00
D. Woodard  Registrar  6.00

Pauper Appropriations:
Mrs. Roney  Dist. 12  25.00
Mrs. McDole  Dist. 12  25.00
Lydia Graves  Dist.. 12  25.00
Rebecca Hodges  Dist. 12  25.00
Harry Lovell  District 15  1st Qtr. 5.00
Killbuck No. 1  Dist. 9  75.00
Killbuck No. 2  Dist. 9  75.00
Lizzie Hardin  District 9 20.00
Matilda Griffin Dist. 8  20.00
Judia Harris, Col.  Dist. 9  20.00
Toni Fry  Dist. 2  30.00
Jo Woodard for son  Dist. 14  20.00
Harry Taylor, Col.  District 5  20.00
Mack Lauderdale, Col.  Dist. 1  10.00
Julia Jackson  Dist. 15  20.00
Mrs. James Welker & children  Dist. 10  100.00
Halley Kirkpatrick  Dist. 7  15.00
Kate Clendening  Dist. 7  20.00
J. T. Ramsey for children  Dist. 13  30.00
Juda Cockran  Dist. 13  20.00
Fannie Hobdy  Dist. 9  15.00
Jas. A. Thompson  Dist. 16  20.00

Page 161

Error in assessment of real estate of Mrs. G. W. Chipman, Dist. 11 for $500.00.  She is credited with that amount.

L. A. Green & James Anderson lost or misplaced two warrants, one for $15.00 and one for $3.00.  Duplicate warrants issued.

Trustee ordered to refund to Jake Gillespie and Dan Brigance the amt. of Poll Tax & interest paid by them under protest Nov. 8th 1892; it appearing they are paralyzed & not subjects of Poll Tax.

Parties released from Poll Tax & Road duty for 1892 & 1893:  Wm. Cronn of Dist. 14, Jas. McCullough of Dist. 4, J. W. Hunter of Dist. 4, & Wm. Lackey of Dist. 6.

The Funding Committee appointed to fund the Cumberland and Ohio Rail Road Bonds which fall due Jany 1st 1893, presented a new funding bond to be issued in lieu of the old bonds.  Ordered to proceed after entering into bond in such a penalty or sum as the Chairman directs to cause the "Funding Bonds" to be properly signed and attested as required by law and exchange the same with holders of the old bonds, delivering the new for the old but in no case will they issue the new bond until the old bond is presented for exchange.

Page 162

January 3, 1893

Hon. James Anderson, Chairman residing.

Lee Mayes, Col., age about 16 years old, and Loutitia Mayes, Col., age about 13 years old are minors without guardian but having no estate and it appearing that John Epperson is a half brother to the minors, and the proper person to care for them.  John Epperson agreed to care for the minors and was appointed Guardian. Sureties:  Jack B. Schell and H. A. Shell.  Bond Fifty dollars.

Court adjourned.

January 10, 1893

James Anderson presiding.

A. Baskerville, presented his certificate of election from the Sheriff for his election to the office of Tax Assessor.  His bondsmen:  W. C. Gibson, Jno. Baskerville, W. A. McGlothlin, & Jos. Gibson;  bond amount - Five thousand dollars.

G. W. Chipman, elected County Surveyor, appeared with his surety, J. W. Durham, and entered into a bond for Two thousand dollars.

J. H. Terry appointed Administrator of the Estate of F. H. Blaylock, deceased.  Sureties, H C. Haynes and Ed. S. Carr.  Bond amount - Eight hundred dollars.

Jas. W. Baker vs. Jo Baker et al
Lula Tuttle, one of the defendants in this case, is a minor and has no estate except what she gets in this cause; Her father is quite a poor man and the entire estate coming to her amounts to only about sixty dollars.  The amount is so small that it will not pay the expenses of appointing a guardian and making annual settlements. Ordered that the fund coming for Lula Tuttle will be paid to her father to be for the use and benefit of Lula Tuttle.

The Clerk presented his receipts for County Revenue for the months of June, July, August, and September, 1892 which are ordered recorded in Settlements with County Officers.

Page 164

January 23, 1893

James Anderson presiding.

Mrs. Rebecca A. Hibbett appointed Guardian of John Allen Hibbett and Charles Hibbett minor heirs of J. B. Hibbett deceased.  Sureties:  Lucy E. Allen and W. Y. Allen.  Bond amount - Two thousand & fifty dollars.

M. J. Rippy appointed Guardian of Lola Rippy, minor heir of J. A. Rippy, deceased.  Sureties:  E. J. Johnson and J. K. Gant.  Bond amount - Four Hundred dollars.

J. B. Howison, S. E. Lackey, and J. K. Miller appointed Commissioners to set apart to Mrs. Mollie Barr, widow of J. T. Barr, deceased as much of the crop, stock, provisions, and money on hand for the support of the widow and her family for one year.

The Clerk presented an annual settlement with A. Stratton, Guardian of Charles Barnes, minor heir of S. K. Barnes, deceased.  Recorded in Guardian Settlements for 1893.

Page 165

The Clerk presented a final settlement with G. E. Settlement, Guardian of S. H. Thornhill, minor heir of M. J. Thornhill dec'd, S. H. Thornhill being twenty one years of age.

Annual settlement presented with E. S. Dulin, Guardian of Frank Dulin, minor heir of Mattie Dulin, deceased. E. S. Dulin, with his sureties, E. N. Mitchener and G. W. Shannon, acknowledged their bond of Thirteen Hundred Dollars.

J. R. Latimer et al vs. J. F Latimer, et al - Decree for Title
Report of the Clerk:  Mrs. Jane McKain paid for the land sold her in the cause and is entitled to a decree of divesting and vesting.  Jany 21st 1893.  Harris Brown, Clerk
Ordered by the court that the land be vested to Mrs. Jane McKain; Land is situated in District 7 and bounded:  north by the lands of Mrs. Jane McKain, South by the lands of Robert H. Latimer, East by D. H. Smith, and West by Branch, containing 24 acres more or less.

Page 166

Final settlement with Martin and Christian Link, executors of Jacob Link, deceased.  Receipts from the heirs for their distributive shares in the estate.  Ordered recorded in Inventories and Settlements for 1893.

Jas. L. Cotton et al and Nancy Cotton et al - Decree of Title
J. A. Gosey has paid the purchase money on the land purchased by him (see report of O. H. Foster, Clerk, January Term, 1892 MB 474) and is entitled to a decree for title consisting of 64 A. 1 R. & 16 Poles. (Description of bounds included.)  Court orders all rights and titles divested out of Complainants and vested to John Gosey.

James L. Cotton Admr. et al vs. Nancy Cotton et al - Order
A. G. Strother purchased 56 acres of land in this cause;  The purchase was made in 3 notes; the first note was paid by Strother, $100.40 was paid toward the second note and a decree was rendered on the balance due by him Sept. 5th 1881 (See Minute Book page 419 - 420) and the decree was for $278.48 and was rendered against said Strother and Jas. L. Cotton his surety and now amounts to $468.75 and has a vendors lien on the 56 acres of land, the boundaries set out by J. F. Gray's survey.  Strother has been notified from time to time by the Administrator and the Clerk.  The Court orders and decrees that unless said Strother pays the amount with interest in 60 days, the Clerk will sell the land after giving legal notice & will sell it for cash.

Page 167

The Clerk will notify him of this decree.

Martha Wyllie appointed Administratrix of the estate of Holcomb Wyllie, dec'd.  Martha Wyllie appeared with her sureties, J. J. Turner and Emily F. Peyton and entered their bond of Ten Dollars.

Inventory of the personal estate of M. E. Gilliam dec'd, as returned by J. D. Haw Admr.  Ordered recorded in Inventories and Settlements for 1893.

S. E. Head appointed Guardian of John H. Head, a person of unsound mind.  She, with her sureties, David Chenault and G. W. Boddie entered into their bond of Four Thousand Dollars.

Final settlement with J. K. Gant, Admr. of J. A. Rippy dec'd. which is ordered recorded in Inventories and Settlements for 1893.

Inventory of the personal property of Harriet Savely dec'd as returned by J. S. Savely.  Ordered recorded in Inventories and Settlements.

Final Settlement with R. W. Dugger, Admr. of James Bruce.  Ordered recorded in Inventories and Settlements for 1893.

Page 168

January 28, 1893

James Anderson, Chairman presiding.

Susan Hodges et al vs. Kate Hodges et al. - Decree of Title
Report of Clerk:  S. J. Freeland purchased the land in this cause having paid the full price.  152 acres bounded East by C. J. Goodall, South by W. C. Ausbrooks & others, West by the lands of Thomas Kirkham, dec'd, and North by Thomas Freeland.  Ordered that land be divested out of complainants and defendants and vested to S. J. Freeland.

Petition by Mattie Chipman, widow of Jon T. Senter, deceased, to have Commissioners to set apart to her Homestead & Dower out of the real estate of her deceased husband.  G. T. Yates, J. B. Hanna are appointed as Commissioners and also G. M. Gillespie appointed special surveyor and Commissioner.  They are to set out first a Homestead equal in value to One Thousand Dollars out of the real estate of her deceased husband, J. T. Senter and then a dower equal to one third the remainder of said real estate.

Page 169

Anna Bryant, Col., appointed Guardian of Ada Jenkins, Col., aged 9 years old.  Sureties:  John B. Hall and Wesley Rogan; Bond Fifty Dollars.

W. W. Carr appointed Guardian of Luther and Rena Carmon, minor heirs of H. A. Carmon, deceased.  Sureties:  C. C. Carr and G. B. Moore.  Bond of One hundred dollars.

Margaret Fitts appointed Administratrix of Mrs. Rhoda Wilkerson, deceased.  Sureties - J. J. Turner and O. H. Foster.  Bond - Two hundred & fifty dollars.

Court adjourned until Feby 6th, 1893.
James Anderson, Chairman 

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