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Fanny (Arbortnot) Gibson
Roger Gibson
Divorce, 1810

Loose records:  #287
TSL&A Microfilm # A5032

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2010

Know all men by these presents that we Fanny Gibson, otherwise Arbothnot and Redmon D. Bary are held and firmly bound to Roger Gibson in the penal sum of one hundred dollars to be void on condition that Fanny Gibson otherwise Arbuthnot by her next friend James Winchester doth with effect? prosecute a petition for a divorce from the said Roger Gibson in the circuit court of Sumner County otherwise pay and satisfy all costs and damages which may be awarded for failure therein witness our names and seals this 17 October 1810.
Fanny Gibson by her (Seal)
next friend James Winchester (Seal)
Red D. Barry (Seal)

State of Tennessee  }  October 1810
Sumner County 3rd Circuit  }  To the Honorable Judge of Law & Equity
of 3rd Circuit - The Petition of Fanny Gibson formerly Arbortnot by her next friend James Winchester respectfully represents to your Honor 24 years ago she was intermarried to a certain citizen of the state of Tennessee, Roger Gibson with whom she lived for the span of 19 years during which time she had by sd. Gibson Seven children - that about 7 years without any reasonable cause or provocation on her part her said Husband willfully and maliciously deserted & abandoned her & her children & took up with a certain Suckey? Burkett whom & also with a certain Betsy Blackman he has ever since continued to live in open & public adultery & never since lived with your petitioner and has been (illegible).  Your petitioner therefore prays the premises considered that your Honor may order that the bonds of matrimony be dissolved between them & that the usual process of this Court to issue commanding on that you make such other decree or order as the ___  ____ & justice of her case may require of ___ to ____ of assembly? in such case made & provided & your petitioner as is duty bound will pray for.

Fanny Gibson

The above named Fanny Gibson alias Arbutnot maketh oath that the facts maketh oath that the facts contained in the above Petition are hers to the best of her knowledge & belief & that the said Complaint is not made out of levity or by collusion between Husband & wife & for the mere purpose of being free and separated from each other but in sincerity & hath for the causes mentioned in sd. petition.
Sworn to in open court this
12th Octr. 1810                                                                                                Fanny Gibson
B. H. Henderson Clk.
Subpoena to issue upon giving security.

State of Tennessee
To the Sheriff of Sumner County and to Roger Gibson Greeting
You the said Sheriff are hereby commanded to summon Roger Gibson and the said Roger Gibson is hereby commanded personally to appear before the Judge of our third circuit at the next circuit court to be held in for the county of Sumner at the second Monday in April next then and there to answer the petition of Fanny Gibson alias Arbertnot by her next friend James Winchester praying to be divorced from the bonds of matrimony between her and the said Roger Gibson by reason of the said Roger Gibson having about seven years ago without any reasonable & cause & provocation on the part of said Fanny willfully and maliciously deserted and abandoned her & her children & took up with a certain Soukey Burkett with whom & also with a certain Betsy Blackman he has ever since continued to live in open and public adultery and for other causes more fully appearing in the said petition Herein fail not and have then there this writ witness Bennett H. Henderson Clerk of our said court at office the second Monday in October in the year 1810 and of the independence of the United States the thrity fifth In testimony whereof I have put my private seal there being no seal of office.
B. H. Henderson, Clk.

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