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  James Garrett - Emancipation of Easther, Sarah, & Paralee - 1821


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter  & Jan Barnes


Sumner County Microfilm AS174B - Miscellaneous Loose Records, Case #170

To the worshipful county court of Sumner now setting - Your Petitioner James Garrett a Citizen of the State of Tennessee and a Resident of the county of Sumner begs leave to represent to your worships that he is owner of the following negroes (to wit) Easther about twenty seven years old, Sarah about twenty five years of age and Paralee child of said Sarah; that for the great fidelity, industry and attention which said Easther and Sarah have uniformly observed in and about the domestic concerns of your Petitioner and for the care they took of him during several spells of sickness, watching over him both night and day and feeling desirous to see the above named negroes enjoy the privileges and immunity of free persons and believing that their freedom would not be inconsistent with the interest and policy of the state aforesaid he therefore prays your worships to emancipate said Easther, Sarah and Paralee for the reasons and purposes aforesaid - James Garrett

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - August sessions 1821 - I Edward Douglass Chairman of the county court of Sumner aforesaid do hereby certify that & in the opinion of the court that according to the prayers of the above Petitioner to emancipate Easther, Sarah and Paralee the negroes spoken of in the above petition would be consistent with the interest and policy of the state aforesaid - given under my hand and seal this 20th day of August 1821 - Edward Douglass (Seal)

The Prayer of the within petition granted there being nine justices of the peace present - August 20th 1821

John Garrett's Petition


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