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Dickerson, John B. vs. Goodall, William W. – Appeal

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes


TSL&A Microfilm #50
Sumner County Clerk Minutes
February 1843-June 1846

Page 12

John B. Dickerson vs William W. Goodall Appeal This day came the parties by attornies and also a Jury of good and lawful men to wit George T. Brown, John O Higgason, Reuben W. Hay, Samuel M. Cain, Samuel F. Schell, Henry Head, Stephen Wilson, Frances Yourie, Alexander Hogan, John Morreson, Richard J. Thompson & Edward Lewis who being held Tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the matters in dispute between the parties aforesaid upon their oath do say that they find the plaintiff debt against the defendant to be twenty six dollars & 29 cents the proceeds of the hog shead Of Tobacco and the Jurors aforesaid upon their oath aforesaid do further say that they find & set off in favor of defendant to the amount of Thirty three dollars & 15 cents the price of 250 lbs. of sugar & 100____ of coffee some further say that they find a balance in favor of defendant of $1.84 and say that defendant is not entitled to a credit on the judgment stayed by him.It is therefore considered by the court that defendant go hence and recover of plaintiff the sum of $1.84 the balance in favor of plaintiff so by the jury aforesaid found and recover of plaintiff & Jo. C. ? his security, his costs in this behalf incured and _____.

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