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Eliza Ann Cooley
Stephen Cooley, 1870

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm #27
Sumner County Chancery Court Minutes
Mar 1867 - Mar 1875

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2002

March Term, 1870
Page 221

Be it remembered that on the 24th day of March 1870 this cause was heard before Chancellor Smith upon the petition of Complt. pro confesso & proof in the cause:  And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Complt. & deft. were married in the year 1830 that the treatment of Defendant toward Complainant has been cruel & inhumane & that he has been guilty of such acts of indignity & abuse as to render it unsafe & improper for her to remain under his dominion & control & that sufficient cause exists for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony existing between them & that this is a proper case for alimony.  It is therefore ordered adjudged & decreed by the Court that the bonds of matrimony heretofore existing between the Compts. & Defts. be dissolved & that the Complt. be restored to her maiden name:  And that all the rights which Deft. has in & to the property mentioned in the pleadings to wit; Two horses, Two cows, Two calves, be directed out of him & vested in Complt., she agreeing to take that in satisfaction of alimony.
The Complt. will pay the costs of this proceeding & has her decree over against Deft. for same.

*Note:  The Sumner County Marriage Index lists the marriage between Stephen Cooly and Eliza A. Cuffman - 22 Dec 1831.

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