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Clark, John C. vs John Mitchell, 1843 – Motion

Transcribed by Jan Johnson Barnes


TSL&A Microfilm #50
Sumner County Clerk Minutes
February 1843-June 1846

Page 34

John C. Clark vs. John Mitchell Motion

This day came the plaintiff by his attorney and filed in open court the following proceeding had before a Justice of the Peace to wit State of Tennessee Sumner County This day came John Mitchell before me and confessed that he owed John C. Clark Thirty three dollars and five cents and agrees that Judgment against said Mitchell for $33.05 cents with interest on the same from the 25th of April 1843 and all legal costs .

Given under my hand & Seal the 25th of April 1843.

Thomas Buntin (Seal)

Rec'd 24th April 1843 of John C. Clark thirty three Dollars & five cents in full of an Execution which James Hendricks recovered against said Clark and Peter Dance before Tho's S. Martin, Esq

N.R. Harris C.S.C.

April 25th 1843 I confess a Judgment on this amount.

John Mitchell

State of Tennessee

Sumner County To any lawful Officer to Execute


You are hereby commanded that of the Goods and Chattels lands & tenements of John Mitchell if to be found in your county of value sufficient you cause to be made the sum of thirty three dollars & five cents with interest from the 25th of April 1843 and all legal costs the amount of a Judgment that John C. Clark obtained before me against said Mitchell on the 25th of April 1843 and when made pay over as the law directs. Given under my hand and Seal this 29th of April 1843.

Tho's Buntin J.P. Seal

no goods and chattels to be found in my county May the 2nd 1843.

W. Lovell C.S.C.

levied then within on the property of John Mitchell one tract of land of 74 acres in District foremerly the 20th adjoining the lands of John Williams on the North, West by Rutledge tract on the South by Ellis on the East by R.C. Burton this 2nd day of May 1843.

Wm. Lovell C.S.C.

Whereupon on Motion of the plaintiff by his attorney It is ordered by the Court that said land be condemned and sold for the satisfaction of said Judgment and the costs of this motion and that Vendition? Exponas? issue.

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