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Charlotte (Northam) Boles - Dower, 1867

Transcribed by Jan Barnes



TSL&A Microfilm #52
Sumner County Clerk Minutes
April 1866 - June 1876

October Term, 1867

page 284

Ordered by the court that Alfred Groves be appointed administrator of all and singular goods and chattels rights and credits of the estate of Zachariah Boles, deceased.  Thereupon the said Alfred Groves and M. Cummings and James N. Bell his sureties appeared in open court and entered into and acknowledged their bond to the state of Tennessee in the penal sum of twelve hundred dollars conditioned according to law and said Alfred Groves was duly qualified.  

page 289

Ordered by the Court that John Roney, Robert Harrison and Richard Bradley be appointed commissioners to set apart one years support to Mrs. Charlotte Boles widow

page 290

of Z. Boles dec'd.  They will report under oath to the next or some subsequent term of this court.

November Term, 1867

page 314

Charlotte Boles - Dower

Ordered by the Court that Bennett Groves, G. McGlothlin, Alfred Hammond and James Groves surveyor be appointed Commissioners to lay off to Mrs. Charlotte Boles dower in the real estate of Z. Boles deceased.

Page 315

They will report under oath to the next or some subsequent term of this court.

Charlotte Boles  Leary Suhhart  Comrs report

We the undersigned met on the premises of Z. Boles for the purpose of setting aside the following property to wit  2 Beds and Steads, and necessary clothing  1 cow and calf 1 Doz knives and forks, 1 Doz. Plates 1/2 Doz dishes, 1 set of Table Spoons, 1 Bread Tray, 2 Pitchers, 1 Waiter, 1 Coffee Pot, 1 Tea Pot, 1 Canister, 1 Cream Jug, 1 Doz. cups & saucers, 1 Dining Table, 2 Table Cloths, 1 Doz. Chairs, 1 Bureau, 1 Press, 1 Wash Pan, 1 Bowl & pitcher, 1 Washing Kettle, 2 Washing tubs, 1 Churn, 1 Looking Glass, ___? & 1 spinning wheel, 1 loom & gear, 1 pr. of Cotton Cards, 1 pr. of Wool Cards, 1 Cooking Stove 1 Sieve, 1 Bible & Hymn Book, 2 Horses & 2 Horse Wagon Harness, 1 Man's Saddle, 1 Woman's Saddle, 2 Riding Bridles, 25 Barrels of Corn, 2 Barrels of Flour, 1 Sack of Oats, 1000 lbs. of Pork, all Poultry on hand, 1 Carpet, 2 Plows, 4 Hoes, 1 Grubbing Hoe, 1 Cutting Knife, 1 Harvest Cradle, 1 Set of Plow Gear, 1 Pitchfork, 1 Rake, 1 Iron Wedge, 5 Head of Sheep, 10 Head of Stock hogs, a Barrel of Salt, 5 Gallons of Lamp Oil, 6 Lbs. of Soda, 6 Lbs. of Pepper, 2 Lbs. of Spice, 50 Lbs. of Coffee, 100 Lbs. Tar, All of the Garden and Garden vegetables, All the hand Soap on hand.  We are sworn and subscribe to the foregoing articles as set forth in this article.

R. H. Harrison

A. W. Bradley

John Roney

(Note:  Richard (R. W. Bradley) was appointed commissioner in an earlier entry, but the Clerk clearly has written A. W. Bradley in above record)

December Term 1867

page 327

Charlotte Boles Dower Order

Ordered by the Court that the matter of laying off to Mrs. C. Boles one years support out of the estate of her deceased husband's estate be recommitted to the same commissioners heretofore appointed with instructions that in laying off said years support they are not to include articles exempt from execution, but are to lay off to her one years support outside of said exempt articles.  Said commissioners will report to the next term of this Court or some subsequent term and as Robert Harrison has removed from this County, Alfred Hammond will be substituted for him.

page 328

Mrs. C. Boles Dower Apptm't Comrs.

On motion and it appearing to the Court that the administrator and parties interested have had five days notice of the intention of the widow to apply to have commissioners appointed to set apart dower to her it is ordered by the Court that Granville McGlothlin, Alfred Hammond, Thomas Osborne and Andrew Taylor, Surveyor be appointed Commissioners to set apart to Mrs. C. Boles dower in the real estate of her deceased husband Z. Boles.  Any two of the Comrs. with Andrew Taylor surveyor can act.  They will report under oath to the next or subsequent term of this Court.

January Term, 1868 - Mrs. C. Boles Dower Report

page 348

The Commissioners appointed at a previous term of this

page 349

Court to set apart dower to Mrs. Boles widow of Z. Boles deceased, returned into Court the following report to wit;  Beginning on a Maple Stump on Goatiers line corner to Berry South 160 poles to Bell's corner thence West with Bell's line to a Stake in said line thence North 65 poles to a stake in a field thence East 42 poles to a stake in said field thence North 95 poles to Goatiers line, thence East Goatiers line 23 poles to the beginning containing 40 acres more or less.

Granville McGlothlin

Alfred Hammond

Thomas Osburne  Commissioners

Andrew Taylor Surveyor

James Bell    Isaac Bell  Chain Bearers

which report being seen and understood by the Court and excepted to is in all things confirmed; and it is ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that all right, title and interest in and to the above described tract of land of forty acres be divested and vested in Mrs Boles the widow, for life, as her dower in the real estate of her deceased husband Z. Boles.  It is ordered and adjudged that petitioner pay the costs of this proceeding for which let execution issue.

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