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County Court Records
Bill of Sales
23rd August 1854 - 28th December 1854

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm #A-14,567
Misc. Bill of Sales
Vol: C  1854 - 1860

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2003

The following records are abstracts taken from the original film.  Records in their entirety may be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville or the Sumner County Archives in Gallatin.  All dates listed are county recorded dates.

Page 1

Hardy Silvers to S. T. Harris
23rd August 1854 - Crop of tobacco for the sum of $26.00 which was due S. T. Harris and an amount due Harris & Lipscomb of Hartsville which was settled by S. T. Harris to the amount of $43.34.  Silvers binds himself to cut, house, cure, & strip in good order by May 1.  Witnessed by Harris P. Lipscomb and G. A. Payne

Page 2

Thomas Johnson and William F. Holder to William H. Davis, Bill of Sale
25th August 1854 - A town lot in Gallatin, west of the public square on the west side of Water Street bounded on the west by the lot of John Bell, south by the lot of James S. Johnson, east by the public square, north by the lot of William C. Moore, for $2,000.00.

Pages 3 and 4

J. S. Basham to Jno. W. Franklin, Deed of Trust
1st September 1854 - one-fourth interest (subject to mother's dower) in a tract of land lying in Davidson County, Tennessee containing about one hundred and forty acres, one negro woman named Matilda aged about thirty six years, one buggy & harness, two horses, one colt, two cows & one calf, one gold and one silver watch., being indebted by note to Thomas K. Basham in the amount of $800.00 with interest, bargained and conveyed to Thos. K. Basham the land and personal property for the consideration of five dollars, subject only to the trust as specified in the conveyance to the said Jno. W. Franklin.  If the note is paid off in twelve months from the date, then conveyance is void.

Page 4

A. J. Crenshaw to W. D. Austin 
4th September 1854 - crop of corn, tobacco, & oats for the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars for a note due W. D. Austin.  If paid before June, 1855 with interest, this obligation is void.  C. W. Brown and B. W. Ivie as witnesses.

Page 5

Zachariah Bowls to William Lovel
6th September 1854 - crop of corn (40 acres) for one hundred and ten dollars on condition that if Z. Bowls should pay this debt himself, William Lovel will give the crop back.  Witnesses:  George Blain and Thos. Buntin.

E. C. Steward to S. T. Harris
9th September 1854 - crop of tobacco, eighteen thousand plants for the sum of one hundred dollars.  Witnessed:  F. W. Payne and P. Lipscomb.

Page 6

Sion Hunt to D. P. Hart - Bill of Sale
11th September 1854 - one fine carpet, six fine parlor chairs, two beds & bedsteads and furniture, one dining table and cover for twenty-five dollars.  Witnessed by G. Love and S. K. Barnes.

William B. Love to Samuel McMurray - Mortgage
12th September 1854 - tract of land, 5 acres for the sum of Eighty one dollars owed by Love to McMurray to be paid with interest.  Land description given in the record. 

Page 7

John Bracken to Henry D. Snow - Mortgage
18th September 1854 - one two horse wagon and two horses in trust for $61.00 due 25th December 1854.

Page 8

John Shepard to Cordelia Knight, Deed of Gift
Written, 9th September 1854, recorded 21st September 1854 - loaned to daughter,  Cordelia Knight, a slave named Sindy, who now has two children, Edy and Eliza and for the love and affection for his daughter gives her the slaves and their future increase for her natural life and after her death said slaves are transferred to her children.  Witnessed by J. H. Head and Pascal Head.

Page 9

James Donald to S. T. Harris, Bill of Sale
19th September 1854 - crop of tobacco, two thousand plants for the sum of fifty five dollars delivered on May, 1855.  Witnessed by J. P. Andrews and A. J. Watson.

Page 10

John F. Martin to Hale Perdue, Deed of Trust
27th September 1854 - sold and conveyed to Young P. Brizendine for the sum of five dollars, a negro man named Ned, a negro woman named Martha.  Deed of Trusts made for security for debt owed Hale Perdue for $1104.35.

Page 11

R. N. Mires to Matthew Carr, Bill of Sale
28th September 1854 - female slave named Harriet, aged 27, and a girl child named Lucy, aged 16 months for the amount of $601.00.  Written July, 1854, recorded in September, 1854.

Thomas L. Meadow to Charles N. Tally, Bill of Sale
30th September 1854 - one girl negro named Vina, four years old for the sum of $325.00.

Page 12

Thomas L. Meadow to Charles N. Tally, Bill of Sale
30th September 1854 - one negro boy slave named Henry, eighteen months old.  Witnessed by Wm. Payne and R. N. Payne.

Sarah Douglass to John M. Cotton & James L. Cotton, Bill of Sale
2nd October 1854 - one negro man, Charley of light complexion, aged about 45 years for $800.00.

Page 13

Joyce Stratton, Edward Stratton, Trustee of Joyce Stratton to ____ (left blank) Davis, Bill of Sale
12th October 1854 - a negro man called Simon, aged about forty years.  Witnessed T. Barry.

Jesse G. Hollis (son of Jesse Hollis, dec'd) to James Dinning, Bill of Sale
19th October 1854 - Conveyed undivided interest  in and to all the negroes and other perishable property in the possession of Phebe Hollis from the estate of Jesse Hollis, dec'd, for the sum of one hundred and ten dollars. (continued on page 14)  Witnessed by W. C. Hamilton and Henderson King.

Pages 14 and 15

James Holt and N. B. Harrison to Wm. W. Hall, Deed of Trust
23rd October 1854
- A tract of land in District 2 containing about 60 acres, bounded East by Isaac Street, North by David D. Dickerson & Nancy Holt, West by Canoe Branch, and the Cumberland River on the South (purchased by James Holt and N. B. Harrison from H. H. Loving) for the sum of $304.50. as security for a debt owed Nimrod D. Smith for advancing money to J. W. Harrison ($150.00) and Nancy Holt as security for us.  Also James Sanders for $154.00.  If these debts are paid before the said date, this trust is void.  If not, Wm. Hall has the right to offer the land for public sale to the highest bidder.  Also conveyed one ferry boat, one pair of patent ballances, as appurtenances to said land.  Witnessed by Wm B. Bate and W. H. Solomon.

Page 15

Bridger Pitt to Daniel Dillon, Sr, Bill of Sale
26th October 1854 - girl slave named Mary for $500.00

Page 16

John Frazor to John W. Head, Bill of Sale
27th October 1854 - Negro girl named Charlot, three years old, $250.00

Page 17

David Read to Joseph Miller, Mortgage
1st November 1854 - tract of land in Districts 5 and 12 containing by survey 31 and 5/8 acres (land description included) and two slaves, Simon aged about 15 years, Anderson, aged about twelve years for security of debt to Eli Odom for 3 judgments each for $462.95 upon several promissory notes executed by the said David Read and Joseph Miller and made payable to Gilford Read and by him endorsed to Eli Odom.  If payment is made by 14th May 1855, then this conveyance is void.

Page 18

E. Blanton to Susan Carney, Bill of Sale
1st November 1854 - sale of slaves:  Sally, about 38 years old,  and her son George, 8 years old, $600.00.

Page 19

Josiah Bush to Dr. Jesse H. Johnson, Bill of Sale
7th November 1854 - negro man named Columbus, aged about 24 years old for $850.00

P. Yourie to Alexander C. Yourie, Deed of Gift
16th November 1854 - For the love and affection for son Alexander C. Yourie, and for the sum of one dollar, the following negroes:  Eliza, aged about 40 years or more, and her two children Sela (about 2 years old) & Minerva (about 2 weeks old) .  Witnessed by W. W. Young and Ashley Wilks.

Page 20

Henry Sarver to Elmore H. C. Sarver, Deed of Gift
Deed written in 1853, recorded 17th November 1854 - a negro girl by the name of Adlade, nine years old given to son Elmore H. C. Sarver. Witnessed by M. Hodges.

Thomas J. Day to Z. W. Martin, Bill of Sale
21st November 1854 - stock of groceries and liquors in the town of Hartsville for $450.00.  Witnessed by S. T. Harris.

Pages 21 - 22

H. D. Thurmon to S. T. Harris, Bill of Sale
28th November 1854 -  (Listed as H. D. Thurmon in the index and the top of record, listed as George C. Thurmon in the record itself) crop of tobacco about two thousand pounds for $60.00 to be delivered by March 1, 1855.

Page 22

A. W. Hodges to J. W. Spradlin, Bill of Sale
2nd December 1854 - a negro girl named Liza about 3 years old for $200.00.  Bill of sale has the date of 2nd January 1851.  Witnessed by M. Hodges.

Pages 23 - 26 are missing

Page 27 begins in the middle of a record and is as follows:
considered as part or if they amount to a full share on an equal division with the other heirs of the undersigned then such slaves to be her share on a division of slaves of the undersigned but in no case are the children or heirs of the undersigned to have any part of the slaves or increase of the slaves that belong to sd. Elizabeth, at the time of her marriage or that she may have whereas after marriage.  In witness whereof  I here unto set my hand and seal this fifth day of December, One thousand eight hundred and fifty four.
Peter Ketring (seal)
State of Tennessee    }  Personally appeared before me John L. Bugg Clerk
Sumner County          }   of the County Court of said County, Peter Ketring, the
Bargainer with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges that he executed the foregoing Marriage Contract on the day it bears date and for the purposes therein contained.  Witness my hand at office this 11 December 1854.
John L. Bugg Clerk

The Index lists this recording between Elizabeth Kirkpatrick & P. Ketring.

Pages 27-28

F. W. Thoop to J. C. Guild, Mortgage
12th December 1854 - For the sum of $5.00 paid by J. C. Guild, a lot in the town of Hartsville known as Lot No. 12, description of lot is included, to be held in trust for a debt of $150.00 owed Guild and a debt to James W. Lock for the balance of the purchase money.  The notes are for $106.00, $112.00, and $118.00 due Christmas, 1854 and Christmas, 1855.  This Deed of Trust is to secure the debt.  Witnessed by Robt. A. Bennett, R. M. Potts, W. F. Andrews.

Page 28

Sarah Kirby to L. V. Kirby, Bill of Sale
12th December 1854 - For $350.00 received of Sarah Kirby for her undivided interest in the estate of her father, Wm. Woodall.

Pages 28-29

H. B. Malone to Benj. H. Malone, Bill of Sale
15th December 1854 - For $300.00  all rights, titles, and interest to the estate of Hallery Malone, dec'd. both real and personal property.

Page 29

Smith, N. D., Clerk and Master to James J. Turner, Decree

15th December 1854 - From the October Term of the Chancery Court held at Gallatin, Tennessee, 1853, where Elizabeth Turner, James J. Turner, John H. Turner, and Mary E. Turner, by her Guardian, Daniel Malloy, presented their petition and Commissioners were appointed to meet upon the premises and partition land and Negroes.  In pursuance of an Interlocutory Decree at its October Term 1853, the Commissioners met and among other things they reported that James J. Turner has drawn the slaves Shelby, Levy, George, Anderson, Peter, William, and Martha, and they are set apart to him; at the valuation mentioned in the report.

Pages 29 - 30

John Fergerson to H. P. Enlow, Title Bond
15th December 1854 - Fergerson bound to Enlow for the sum of $800.00, Enlow has purchased of Ferguson for the sum of 400 dollars in cash to be paid when possession on the first day of January Eighteen hundred and fifty four, and a note for two hundred dollars payable the first day of January 1855 for which his notes have been executed, a house and lot in Gallatin, No. 35, on which Fergerson lives.  Upon making the last payment, this obligation to be void.  Written December 19, 1853.  Witnessed by G. Love and Lavinia Fisher

Pages 30 - 31

L. H. Bicknell to W. S. Munday and John H. Trigg, Deed of Trust
15th December 1854 - for the sum of five dollars, the following personal property to be held in trust:  One safe, one dining table, one bed, bedstead and clothing, one new carpet, one half dozen chairs, one cooking stove and vessels and one candle stand   This trust to be void if Bicknell or his representatives pay Zachariah W. Baker the sum of $25.00.

Page 31

Charles Morgan to J. A. Blackmore, Title Bond
20th December 1854 - 3 notes executed by J. A. Blackmore to Charles Morgan for the purchase of a tract of land in District 12.  Land description is given in record.

Page 32

Abram Bradley to Thomas Bradley, Bill of Sale
22nd December 1854 - one negro woman named Mariah, aged 22 and her child, Mary, aged one year for the sum of $800.00.  Witnessed by B. R. Bradley and David Bradley.

Pages 32 -33

Abram Bradley to Benjamin  R. Bradley, Bill of Sale
22nd December 1854 - a negro boy named Payton, aged 5 years, $420.00.  Witnessed by David Bradley and Thomas Bradley.

Page 33

Abram Bradley to David Bradley, Bill of Sale
22nd December 1854 - one negro boy named John, 4 years old, $305.00.  Witnessed by Thomas Bradley and B. R. Bradley.

Pages 34 - 35

Stevenson  (Stephenson) Archer and Jane C. Franklin, Marriage Contract
27th December 1854 - Marriage contract between Stevenson Archer of Maryland and Jane C. Franklin of Sumner County, TN., containing the following agreements:
1.  Jane C. Franklin shall retain half or twenty thousand dollars of her estate in cash, John Armfield of Sumner County to be trustee.
2.  John Armfield will act as trustee without security.
3.  Trustee John Armfield shall pay Stevenson Archer the interest of this money every 12 months during the lifetime of Jane C. Franklin.
4.  Jane C. Franklin may depose of this money either by power of appointment, will, or verbally to whosoever she may think fit to receive it              after her death.
5.  If Jane C. Franklin should die before exercising a power of appointment, sum of twenty thousand dollars shall be equally distributed among          the issue of the marriage, living, or the representatives of such as may be dead, share and share alike.
6.  If Jane C. Franklin should die without issue or power of appointment, Stephenson Archer shall receive the twenty thousand dollars for his            own use.
7.  The trustee, John Armfield, may at any time, should he desire to discontinue as trustee, appoint another trustee of his own choosing, with            sufficient security or pay the whole amount to Archer & wife.

Page 35

Alexander Barns to Benjamin A. Goostree, Bond
28th December 1854 - Alexander Barns binds himself to Benj. Goodstree the sum of two thousand dollars; Benj. Goostree purchased from Barns for $1000.00 on payments:  1st payment 1st January 1855, next 1st July 1855, and 3rd 1st January 1856 with interest on the last 2 payments.  Land description given in record includes Barns Livery Stables in Gallatin.

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