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Daniel A. Barber
William Dinning, 1857

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm A 5078
Loose Record #5021

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

© 2004

State of Tennessee
Sumner County           Circuit Court Feb. Term 1857
Daniel A. Barber the plaintiff in this suit complains of William Dinning who has been summoned and whose property has been attached, of a plea of trespass on the case.  For that whereas the said Defendant William Dinning on the (left blank) day of (left blank) in the year of our Lord 1854, with force & arms etc. assaulted the said plaintiff in Sumner County Tennessee and then & there beat, bruised, wounded and ill treated him, and shot and discharged a rifle gun then & there, loaded with gun-powder and leaden bullets, which said rifle gun so loaded, he the said defendant then & there held at & against the said plaintiff & thereby then & there with bullet or bullets struck & wounded the said plaintiff, in so grievous a manner that his life was by means thereof greatly despaired of, and which wound will in probability be the cause of his early death, and by reason of such wounding the said plaintiff then & there became lame sick and disordered and continued to lame sick and disordered for a long time viz; from thence hitherto, and was during all that time thereby rendered in capable of following & transacting his necessary affairs and business by him during all that time to be done, and also thereby the said plaintiff was forced & obliged to & did necessarily pay out a large sum of money, viz; the sum of $500 of lawful money in & about endeavoring to be cured of the wounds sickness soreness & disorder aforesaid, occasion as aforesaid to wit in Sumner Cty. aforesaid.  And other wrongs to the said Plaintiff then & there did.  To the damage of the said Plaintiff of $5000 dollars and therefore he brings his Suit.
Barry & B. F. Allen

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