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James Henry Appling
Report, 1888

Source:  TSL&A Microfilm # A-5171
Sumner County Probate Records (County or Chancery)
Loose Records 13461 - 13692

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2002

Loose Record # 13477

State of Tennessee
Sumner County
To T. W. Wright:
Whereas all the proceedings necessary to entitle Jas. Henry Appling to be admitted into the Tennessee hospital for the insane as a non-paying patient, have been had according to law you are hereby required forthwith to take said person and convey him to said hospital and after executing this warrant make due return of the same to this office.
Witness my hand and the Seal of Office at office this 24th day of April 1888.
Harris Brown
Received the patient named in the within warrant.
Jno. H. Calendar, Supt.
April 25, 1888

State of Tennessee, Sumner Co.
The undersigned as citizen of said State and County hereby states that Jas. Henry Appling is insane, his insanity is of less than two years duration; that he is in needy circumstances and has a legal settlement in said County and is a citizen of the State of Tennessee.
These facts can be proved by W. N. Warren, Frank Mitchell and T. L. Lanier, M. D.
This April 24, 1888.
T. B. Armstrong

I T. L. Lanier a practicing physician of Sumner County State of Tenn., hereby state that I have this day personally examined J. H. Appling, alleged to be insane and pronounce him so; is 28 years of age, is the subject of no infectious disorder, the disease is of less than one year duration, he is not subject to epilepsy, he has often attempted to commit violence on himself.  The medical treatment has been Shower Baths, Bromide chlorid, Belladonna? ________.
T. L. Lanier M. D.
Sworn to and subscribed before me Apr 24th 1888.
R. C. Searcy, J. P.

I the undersigned Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid hereby certify that I have held an inquest on Jas. Henry Appling of said County, a person alleged to be insane, according to law.  I am satisfied that he is insane on competent medical testimony; that he is a fit subject to be sent to the State Hospital for the insane, to undergo treatment therein as an object of the Bounty of the State.  I am further satisfied that his being at large is injurious to himself and disadvantageous to the community.  Witness my hand this 24 day of April 1888.
R. C. Searcy
Justice for the Peace

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