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Sarah Pauline Garrett Clendening

Marriage Affidavit, 1942

Source: TSLA Microfilm, Sumner County Clerk Marriages: No. A-14,517

June 1854 - January 1895

Typed & Contributed by Linda Carpenter


1210 Washington Ave.
Waco, Texas
Dec. 20, 1942

Dear Sir:

I received the certified marriage certificate of my parents, T. B. Clendening and Sarah Pauline Garrett.

When the license was issued my mother gave her name as Pauline Garrett.

I have obtained an affidavit which I am inclosing to be placed in your records of September 2, 1888, Book 1886-1894, page 127, so that her name will be correct and shall appear as Sarah Pauline "Garrett" Clendening.

Frederick T. Clendening

The State of Texas
County of McLennan

Before me, D. L. Bowers, a Notary Public in and for McLennan County, Texas, on this day personally appeared Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening, to me well known, who upon her oath deposes and says:

My name is Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening. I was born in Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tennessee, on May 30, 1869 and my parents Samuel James Garrett, father and Mary Jane (Lewis) Garrett, mother, named me Sarah Pauline Garrett and I have been known by that maiden name until my marriage to Thomas Benton Clendening on September 2, 1888 when the marriage license was issued by the County Court Clerk of Sumner County, Tennessee, on September 2, 1888 I gave my name as Pauline Garrett, but it should have been Sarah Pauline Garrett. My old age pension papers, and my son's insurance policies show  Sarah Pauline Clendening as beneficiary. All my credentials are under the name of Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening.

Pauline (Garrett) Clendening is one and same person as Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening. And I am making this affidavit for the purpose of correcting the marriage records as they now exist with the County Court Clerk's Office in Sumner County, Tennessee, so that my name will be correct and shall appear as Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening.

Further affiant saith not.

*(Her signature.) Sarah Pauline (Garrett) Clendening

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19 day of December A. D., 1942, to cartify which witness my hand and seal of office.

D. L. Bowers
Notary Public in and for McLennan County, Texas

Witness: Chas. O. Clendening

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