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Sally Butler Clark

Marriage Affidavit, 1961

Source: TSLA Microfilm, Sumner County Clerk Marriages: No. A-14,517

June 1854 - January 1895

Typed & Contributed by Linda Carpenter


State of Kentucky
County of Simpson

The affiant, T. L. Johns states that he is 82 years of age and that he was born and raised in Simpson County, Kentucky. The affiant further states that he has lived in the near vicinity of Albert C. Clark and his wife Sally Butler Clark and have visited in their home on numerious occassions.

The affiant further states that Albert C. Clark was married only once and that he married Sally Butler when he was a small child and that he attended school with Sally Butler in Simpson County, Kentucky. And that he knew the father and mother of Sally Butler during their life time.

The affiant further states that he has seen the marriage certificate of Albert C. Clark and that it lists that he married Sally Brown which is in error.

T. L. Johns

State of Kentucky of Simpson.

Subscribed and sworn to before me by T. L. Johns this 22nd day of November, 1961.

Joe P. Clark, Notary Public

My commission Expires, Dec 9th, 1964

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