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Ann E. Shannon
Jesse T. Shannon, 1867
Divorce, Robertson Co., TN.

Source:  Robertson Co., TN Chancery Court Loose Record #659

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2002

To the Honl. Thos Barry, Chancellor, etc. holding the Chancery Court at Springfield, for Robertson County, Tennessee.
The Bill of Complaint of Ann E. Shannon, a citizen of Robertson County, Tennessee, Complainant
vs. Jesse T. Shannon also a citizen of the same residence, Defendant.
Humbly complaining, Complainant, would respectfully represent to your Honor that about the 14th day of January, 1866, she intermarried with the Deft Jesse Shannon, at the house of her mother, in said county.
She states that in some two weeks after the marriage conduct and treatment of the Deft. towards her began to be very offensive - he used abusive language to her and applied opprobrious and obscene epithets to her soon thereafter and continued to be quarrelsome and rude to her nearly all the time until their separation which occurred about the 24th of March, 1867. - His conduct was of such a cruel and inhuman character soon after their said marriage that she then told him she could not live with him unless he changed his treatment and conduct towards her.  This occurred frequently afterwards - but he would always promise to do better and say he would do so no more.  But would as often break his promises - about June 1866 at the house of Defts. Mother, where he was then residing in one of his fits of quarreling and abusive language to her - he struck her in the mouth without any cause.
Complt. states that she was anxious to live with the Deft. and often asked and begged him to be kind and affectionate to her - as she was to him.  She states that he often called her ugly names, and applied such vulgar and obscene epithets to her as no gentlemen would use to a servant let alone to his companion - the epithets were of such a vulgar and obscene character that she would blush to repeat them to Your Honor.  She was then subjected to this cruel and inhuman treatment (until crossed out) by the Deft until it was unsafe and improper for her longer to cohabit with him, and be under his dominion and control - that he continued to and did offer such indignities to her person as to render her condition intolerable, and thereby forced her to withdraw from him.  She saw him once soon after she had withdrawn from him and told him she would even then live with him if he would promise to treat her kindly, this he refused to do; she then wrote him a note requesting him to come after her stating therein that she would still live with him if he would promise to treat her kindly and affectionately as he ought to do he answered her note by sending a message to her refusing to comply with her request.  Complt all the time she continued to live with him treated the Deft as kindly and affectionately as she could, hoping thereby eventually to change his conduct and treatment towards her but she regrets to state that her purposes were as often failed.  Complt states that the cruel and inhuman conduct and treatment towards her by the Deft was so continuous and of such a brutal character as to render her condition intolerable even life itself under such circumstances was miserable and thus finally as already stated she was forced to withdraw from him.  The premises considered, Complainant, prays Your Honor to make the said Jesse T. Shannon the Defendant to this Bill - that a copy and subpoena ___ that he answer fully all the charges and allegations therein contained.  And on a final hearing Complainant prays Your Honor to grant her a divorce from the bonds of matrimony now subsisting with the said Deft. to change her name to Ann E. Ackerman instead of Shannon and for all such general special and different relief as the nature of the case requires and she as in duty bound will ever pray etc.
Benton Solr
For Complt
State of Tennessee   }
Robertson County     }
This day personally appeared Anne E. Shannon, the Complainant in the foregoing Bill and made oath in due form of ____ that the facts set forth and stated in her said Bill are true to the best of her knowledge and belief and that the complaint is not made out of levity or by collusion with the defendant, but in sincerity and truth, for the causes mentioned in the Bill.  Sworn to subscribed
before me this September 19th 1867.  Anne E. Shannon
Miles S. Draughon Clerk

Ann E. Shannon vs. Jesse T. Shannon
Be it remember that on this day this cause came on to be heard and was heard before the Honl Thos. Barry, Chancellor upon the Bill pro - confesso and proof in the cause when it appeared to the satisfaction of the Court that the deft. has been guilty of using vulgar and obscene language and applying vulgar and opprobrious epithets to complt. such as is unbecoming and ought not to be tolerated and that he has been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment towards Complt that he has used violence and continued to offer such indignities to the person of Complt as to render it unsafe and improper for her longer to cohabit with him and to be under his dominion and control.  And the Court being satisfied from the proof that this is a proper case for a divorce and that the Complt and Deft cannot live together peaceably and agreeably as husband & wife.
It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that the bonds of matrimony heretofore subsisting between Complainant and Deft be divorced and that the Complt. be entitled to all the rights of a feme sole and that her name be changed to Anne E. Ackerman that being her maiden name instead of Anne E. Shannon - It is further ordered by the Court that the Complt pay the cost of this cause on the first instance and that an execution issue therefore against her and her security W. C. Richmond for the costs of the same.

We Ann E. Shannon & W. C. Richmond are bound and indebted to Jesse T. Shannon in the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars for the successful prosecution of a suit this day commenced in the Chancery Court of Robertson County, at Springfield, Tennessee, by the said Mrs. Ann E. Shannon Complainant and against Jesse T. Shannon Defendant and in case of failure therein, for the payment of all such cost and damages as may be awarded against the said Ann E. Shannon in said cause.  This the 19th day of Sept 1867.
Ann E. Shannon
W. C. Richmond

Nov. Term 1867
Saturday 16th

Ann E. Shannon vs. Jesse T. Shannon
In this cause it appearing to the court that the Defendant has been regularly served with subpoena and copy of Complts. Bill and that he has failed to plead answer or demur to Complts Bill.  It is therefore on motion of Complts Solr. ordered by the Court that this cause be taken for confessed against the defendant and set for hearing Exparte as to him.

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