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Willow Grove Methodist Church - 1834
Membership List

Compiled by Linda Carpenter

Class Book for the Willow Grove Society. The Friday proceeding each quarterly meeting is a day of fasting and praying. March 8, 1834  

Sarah Owen Wd William Henry Md
Nancy Henry Md Thomas Cardwell Wd
Thursey G. Cardwell Sgl Thomas G. Cardwell Sgl
Varnal Cardwell (removed) Sgl William N. Cardwell Md
Sidney Cardwell Md Nelson Cardwell Wd
Nathaniel Crenshaw Md Harriet Crenshaw Md
Nancy Crenshaw Sgl Benjamin C. Sewell Md
Margaret Sewell Md Robert H. Sewell Sgl
Richard Higgason C. L. Md Jane Higgason Md
Samuel Higgason Wd Martha Turner Md
Frances Fitts Md Richard Franklin Md
Mary Franklin Md John Franklin Md
Samuel C. Franklin Sgl


William Harper Md Rebecca Harper Md
Mary Crenshaw Sgl Frances Rickman Wd
Martha Rickman Sgl William Tucker Md
Ann Tucker Md Martha T. Sewell Sgl
Eliza B. Sewell Sgl Elizabeth Crews Md
Abigail Sewell Wd Elizabeth Stovall Md
John M. Franklin Md Jane Tucker Md
Mark Rickman Sgl Mildred Sanders (moved) Wd
Jacob C. Reece Md Lucretia Reese Md
Martha Harper (moved) Sgl Roger T. Franklin Sgl
Nancy Bradley Md Martha Nance Md
Luvena Bradley Sgl Joseph Thompson Md
Amanda Owen Sgl Parthena Cardwell (moved) Sgl
Thomas Browning Md Elizabeth Browning Md
Sidney Browning Sgl Thomas J. Bradley Sgl
Sarah Browning Sgl Nancy Higgason Md
Sarah Higgason Sgl Margaret Henry Wd
Elihee Henry (moved) Sgl Samuel Harper Md
Jane Harper Md Sarah Ann Harper Sgl
Sarah Jackson Md Edmond Harper Md
Wilie B. Sewell Sgl Peter Stone Md
Jeremiah P. Sewell Sgl Elizabeth Lathan Md
Amanda Austin Md Andrew Crenshaw Md
Amy Crenshaw Md Azariah Griffin Sgl
Richard Paine (removed) Sgl David Crenshaw (deceased) Sgl
Archibald Gregory Sgl John S. Tucker Sgl
Mary Tucker Sgl Elizabeth Thompson Md
John Bugg Sgl James L. Crenshaw Sgl
John Lathan Md Sarah Tinsley (deceased) Wd
Richard Bennett Sgl Obediah Gregory Md
Mary Franklin Sgl Polly Rickman Md
Samuel Bennett Sgl Alfred Tinsley (removed) Sgl
Fendal F. Cardwell Sgl Thomas Sewell Sgl
Susan M. Clark Md Wesley Browning Sgl
Alfred W. Browning Sgl William Rowsey (removed) Md
Mary Crenshaw Sgl Green Tinsley Sgl
Amy Rowsey (removed) Md D. Cardwell Sgl
John Rickmon Sgl Sarah A. Rickman Sgl
William D. Higgason Md Samuel Rickman Sgl
Harwood Nance Md Clifton Bo?ning Md
Joseph Has? Wd Malinda Sewell Md
Rebecca Stovall Sgl ?ain Stovall Sgl
Mary Bennet Sgl Polly Bennet Md
?illy J Cardwell Sgl James W. Cardwell Sgl
Mary McGriffin (moved) Sgl Caroline Stovall ?
Elizabeth M Harris Sgl Mary Gregory Md
Martha Leath Sgl Elizabeth Harper Wd
Kittura Bennett Sgl Nancy Latham Sgl
John Reece Sgl David H. Rickman Sgl
Garrot Tucker Md William G. Henry ?
Lewis Tucker ? Sarah Higgason ?
Elizabeth Stone Md

Colored Members
Robert (dead)
Isaac (withdrawn)
Stephen EH
Jane Sewell

*Note:  Willow Grove Methodist Church was located in Sumner County, Tennessee until the year 1870 when that part of Sumner County became Trousdale County, Tennessee.

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