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History of Old Beech Cumberland
Presbyterian Church
1798 - 1869

Submitted by Peggy Ackerman

Source:  TSL&A call #:  F443. S9 M57

History of Old Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church from 1798 to 1869 as copied from the church minutes by Miss Ruby M. Dillon in June 1938 (WPA project).

Oct. 6th, 1869

From the most reliable information which we can gain at the present, the Beech congregation was organized in 1798 by a Presbyterian minister whose name is not remembered. The organization consisted of four members, Rev. Hugh Kirkpatrick and his wife Isabella Kirkpatrick, the other two not known. (Pencilled in:William and Jane Montgomery)

We can find nothing to show who their Pastor was until about 1800 which we learn from his life that Rev. Wm. McGee ministered to them, and from what we are informed by some of the eldest members of the Church, he remained in such capacity until 1811 in which year the congregation with its Pastor united with the C. P. Church, from which time their supply was circuit preaching until 1831.

In the year 1828 and 1829 a large and commodious stone church was built costing the sum of ____________ which yet stands.

We can find no minutes farther back than July 29th, 1831, when the session met to arrange a church Book. The next records were made in the years 1833, 1834, 1838, 1839, 1850, and in 1853.  The loss of Minutes prevents us from giving a correct history of the Beech congregation.

The minutes of 1831 recognize Rev. J. L. Smith the first minister who preached regularly to the Beech congregation after the Rev. Wm. McGee.  His regular labors closed in the fall of 1835. Rev. R. C. Hatton succeeded Smith commencing in the fall of 1835 and continued his labors with us until 1837 and from 1837 to 1843 the congregation was supplied with regular preaching by Rev. Wm. Eatherly and Circuit riders, and from 1843 to 1853 it was supplied with preaching by Dr. A. G. Goodlette and Circuit riders.  We find from the minutes that Rev. David Hunter by regular arrangements takes charge of the congregation in Nov. 1853, and remains in such capacity until Nov. 1857.  Rev. D. R. Marshall succeeds Hunter in the Spring of 1858 and continues his labors with us up to the fall of 1865 when he gave place to Rev. J. D. Kirkpatrick, who served us as pastor to fall of 1867 when he resigned and Rev. D. R. Marshall was called to the charge and who is now our Pastor, and who was installed the 2nd Sab. in May 1868 by Rev. J. D. Kirkpatrick.

In a Minute of the session which met Dec. 24, 1853 consisted of Rev. David Hunter Mod.
Robert Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
W. P. Smith
Alex Hogan
Jas. K. Taylor S. C.
From this time on we have a detailed history of the congregation as recorded in the meetings and transactions of the Church session up to this time, July first 1928.

Ben Taylor S. C.

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