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Fall 2002

Restoration Plans Approved Clarification Needed Regarding the
Sons of James Proudfoot and Mary Fulton
Editor’s Note
Association Incorporates A Proudfit Sunday Will of Andrew Proudfoot
Geiselman Donates Time Gravestones Restored and Rededicated More Reunion Photos
Join the Proudfit Family Association Reprints of Compton 1911 Book Still Available Association Officers
Proudfoot Point Passes to the
Grove/Hyson Family
We Need You!

Photo of Proudfoot Homestead circa 1911

The Proudfit Family Association meets for an annual reunion in York County, Pennsylvania the fourth weekend in July each year. The next reunion will be July 25 and 26, 2003.

Proudfit Family Association Officers

Bill Walters, President
Robert Shaub, Vice President
Judi McGarvey, Secretary
Jeannie ten Haaf, Treasurer
William Proudfit, Chaplain
Gaye David, Web Master

Plans for Restoration of Proudfoot Home Approved

It all began for us in the fall of 2000. Bill and Sandra Walters, on a research trip to York County, Pennsylvania, decided it would be interesting to locate the land settled by Andrew Proudfoot, Bill’s immigrant ancestor who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1754. Not only did they find Andrew Proudfoot’s land near Cross Roads in Hopewell township, but also they found Andrew’s original log home and documented its age and historical value.

Because of this exciting discovery, Bill Walters began searching for other descendants of Andrew Proudfoot with the belief that they would be as interested as he is in the preservation and restoration of this important piece of our history.

Bill located as many Proudfoot/Proudfit descendants as he could and organized a reunion in York County in the summer of 2001. Those attending the reunion were also enthusiastic and interested in preserving our heritage.

Proudfits meet with property owners.

Much has happened since Bill and Sandra Walters’ discovery of Andrew Proudfoot’s home. In May 2002, Bill Walters, Robert Shaub and David and Judi McGarvey, accompanied by Gary Geiselman of Olde York Homes, met with the current property owners, Estella Hyson and her son Eric Hyson, as well as other Hyson family members, to discuss options for the preservation and restoration of the Proudfoot home. The Hysons expressed a great deal of interest in the historical significance of the property and agreed to discuss the situation with other family members and get back to us with their ideas for the property.

Hysons agree to easement.

Artist's rendition of restored Proudfoot log house.

Shortly before this year’s reunion, Eric Hyson called Bill Walters to say that he had contacted a lawyer with instructions to grant the Proudfit Family Association an easement to the log house for the purposes of restoration. The specific details of this easement are being worked out at this time with respect to a statement of our association’s purpose, and restrictions regarding boundaries of land use and whether or not the restored home would be open to the public, etc. Eric Hyson has agreed to take on the responsibility to "mothball" the log house until plans can be made for restoration and funds raised to complete the project. Mothballing will include stabilization of the structure, clean-up of the site with removal of all debris, salvage of all materials which may belong to the original structure, temporary shoring up of the floors and walls, and covering all openings for security and weatherization.


Friday Night Social

Proudfit Family Association Incorporates

Saturday Business Meeting

At the annual meeting at Hershaull Park in July 2002, the members in attendance unanimously voted to authorize the officers of the association to execute instruments of incorporation for the purposes of forming a nonprofit organization to accept donations and grants for the restoration of the Proudfoot homestead. The treasurer reported that the group has the funds to pay the filing fees for incorporation.

Achille, Ellermeyer & French, our attorneys in Brookville, Pennsylvania, have faxed a draft of the Articles of Incorporation for a domestic nonprofit corporation and an application for a tax ID number to the association’s officers for review. We plan to be ready to file for incorporation early in 2003.




Gary Geiselman Donates Time to Proudfit Preservation Project

Gary Geiselman, General Partner of Olde York Homes, has been involved with the quest to preserve the Proudfoot log home almost from the time Bill Walters discovered the old structure in the fall of 2000. At Bill’s request, Gary visited the site and documented its age and value to the community. He has drawn up plans for restoration, worked on detail drawing, cost estimates, zoning requirements, phase details, presentation packets and pamphlets. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of our group from the beginning.

Due to his personal interest in seeing this log homestead restored, Gary has volunteered to donate his personal supervisory time -- the time he has already expended, as well as time in the future -- for the duration of the project. Thank you , Gary, for this wonderful gift!


Your Invitation to Join the Proudfit Family Association

Visit to Wallace Family Cemetery

The group attending the 2002 Proudfit Family Reunion voted to begin charging dues to those interested in continuing to receive the biannual newsletter. The fall newsletter, the group decided, will be sent to everyone on the current mailing list. Those who pay annual dues of $10.00 per household will continue to receive the news-letter.

 Don’t delay!! Make out your check in the amount of $10.00 payable to the Proudfit Family Association and mail to the secretary who maintains the mailing list: Judith T. McGarvey, 32 W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301. The dues will cover the cost of the newsletter and other small incidental expenses. Additional donations to the restoration fund will be tax deductible under our new nonprofit status.




Proudfoot Point Passes to the Grove/Hyson Family

Visit to Proudfoot Homestead

After the 27 June 1814 death of Sarah Wallace Proudfoot, widow of Andrew Proudfoot, her property known as "Proudfoot Point" passed to her children and the land was eventually sold in 1817 to Jacob Grove. In 1882, Jacob Grove’s children conveyed the property to their sister Elizabeth, wife of Robert R. Hyson who then sold most of the property to their son Archibald Jacob Grove Hyson, great grandfather of Eric Hyson and his brothers who own the property today. (Research by Eric Hyson.)

In 1989, a surveyor for the Pennsylvania Historical Resource survey noted that the initials "A. J. G. H." could still be seen painted on the barn gable. Archibald J. G. Hyson was "a member of a large and prominent family in the [Cross Roads] area. This particular Archibald Hyson (an often recurring name in the family) was one of the group of men who worked successfully to incorporate Cross Roads as a borough in 1899. He also held the honor of owning one of the first two automobiles in Cross Roads – a red, topless Maxwell," according to the survey


Clarification Needed Regarding the Sons of James Proudfoot and Mary Fulton

The biographical sketch of the life of James Proudfoot which appeared in the spring 2001 issue of the Proudfit Family Association newsletter listed the seven sons of James and Mary Fulton Proudfoot as Andrew, John, James, David, Alexander, Ebenezer and William. This sketch should have noted, however, that some sources give the name of James Proudfoot’s fourth son as "Daniel" rather than "David." Margaret Compton lists a son Daniel in her Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family of York County, Pennsylvania, but she states that John J. Proudfit of Constantine, Michigan has Dr. David Proudfit in place of Daniel and omits Daniel. An old manuscript found in the papers of Zella Proudfit Eaton and attributed to the work of David Morrow Proudfit and Samuel M. Proudfit states that James Proudfoot’s fourth son was Dr. David Proudfit who settled in New York and had one son and one daughter.

Since David is a popular given name in the Proudfoot/Proudfit family, your editor assumed David to be the correct name with the belief that all of the immigrant Proudfoots who had issue (Andrew, James and David) named a son after a brother. A review of the records reveals that Andrew had sons James, Alexander, David and Robert. David’s sons were Andrew, Robert, John and James. James’s sons , however, did not include one named Robert.

Further, a check through the names of the grandsons of James Proudfoot compiled by Compton reveals a Daniel Proudfit, son of James’s oldest son Andrew and his wife Mary Lytle.

Please contact the Newsletter Editor if you have any information which will clarify the names of the sons of James Proudfoot and Mary Fulton.


A Proudfit Sunday

As we have noted in previous issues of this news-letter, the immigrant members of our family strove to be exemplary members of the Presbyterian church and many of their descendants went into the ministry. Andrew Proudfoot had four sons, two of whom, David and Robert, became ordained ministers.

Andrew’s oldest son James was, according to Margaret Compton, a justice of the peace for 34 years in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and an elder in his church. "He was very fond of books and was deeply interested in the slavery question," Compton says.

Margaret Compton was descended from Andrew Proudfoot’s second son Alexander Proudfit and his wife Martha McCleary, and she includes much information about their daily life in her Sketch. Not only was Alexander a ruling elder in the Associate Reformed [Presbyterian] church, but while they lived in Seneca, New York, they attended two long services every Sunday, driving the six miles from home to church in all kinds of weather. The morning service included devotional exercises, prayer "and the singing of the ‘Morning Lecture,’ described as the ‘Expounding of a passage of Scripture.’" The presiding minister preached a sermon from one to two hours in length during the afternoon service. When the family returned home in the evening, Alexander gathered the children to review the Westminster Shorter Catechism. He could recite the 108 questions of the catechism "in order from memory, and prompt any of the younger children who might hesitate in giving an answer."

On weekdays, Alexander and Martha’s home was more lively. Many members of the family were musical – several of their sons played the violin and one played the flute. Alexander "had a store of old songs and ballads with which he amused the younger children." The young people in the neighborhood enjoyed gathering there to join in singing and dancing. (The latter of which, according to Compton, "was deemed an innocent diversion when practiced in a private house.")


Proudfit Gravestones Restored and Rededicated

Robert Shaub, Vice President of our association, spent countless hours since the 2001 reunion clearing the McAlister Graveyard where Andrew and Sarah Proudfoot are buried. He recovered most of the pieces of their broken gravestones and arranged for the restoration of the markers.

On Sunday, July 28th , after the special Proudfit/ Wallace church service at Guinston Presbyterian Church, we gathered at the old graveyard for a rededication of the site and the stone. Thanks, Robert, for all your hard work!




Reprints of Margaret Compton’s 1911 Book Still Available

The Proudfit Family Association has reprinted the Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family of York County, Pennsylvania compiled by Margaret Compton and published in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1911. The book includes information on the immigrant Andrew Proudfoot and his brothers and gives a complete record of the descendants of Alexander Proudfit (second son of Andrew Proudfoot and Sarah Wallace) and Martha McCleary.

The appendix contains the family entries from Andrew Proudfoot’s Bible, a copy of his last will and testament, an inventory of his estate, Sarah Proudfoot’s last will and testament, notes from Andrew Proudfoot’s "trial" for heresy, a letter written by Andrew giving his views on the subject of grace, muster roll for Lt. McKissick’s Company in the Revolutionary War, and a Scottish ditty sung by Alexander Proudfit for his children and passed down through the generations.

The book is 100 pages, soft cover, perfect bound with a full-name index and includes the 21 photographs from the original publication. The cover of the reprint repeats that of the original volume — red with gold lettering.

Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family is available for purchase for $20.00. Books may be ordered by mail from Judith T. McGarvey, 32 W. Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301; telephone 703-683-3463; e-mail - Please make checks payable to Judi and include $2.00 for shipping and handling for up to two books. Contact Judi for shipping costs for quantities of more than two.


We Need You!

We welcome suggestions, updates and any corrections you may have to the genealogy in this newsletter.

But most of all, we need your help to restore Andrew Proudfoot’s homestead! We need a willing individual with fundraising experience to help us plan our strategy for raising money and getting grants so we can restore and save this valuable property! A group of people will gather before and after next summer’s reunion to work together on restoration tasks under the direction of Gary Geiselman of Olde York Homes. There are a lot of things we can do that do not involve skilled labor – just sweat of the brow! We also need help to clean up and restore the McAlister Family Cemetery.

If you know someone whom you believe is not on our mailing list and would like to receive a newsletter, please send us their name and address. Thank you.


Editor’s Note

Additional information regarding events leading up to the discovery of Andrew Proudfoot’s home at Proudfoot Point and the McAlister Graveyard where Andrew and his wife Sarah are buried, the dating of the log home, discussion of steps of restoration, activities at the 2001 Proudfit reunion in York County, and a biographical sketch of Andrew Proudfoot and his children may be found in our first newsletter, published in the fall of 2001.

The spring 2002 newsletter contained information about the July reunion and York county attractions, Proudfit reunions in other areas of the country, restoration updates, the Hyson-Proudfit family connection, and a biographical sketch of James Proudfoot and information about his brothers Robert and David.

To receive copies of these newsletters, please contact the editor. They are also available on the association web site.


Will of Andrew Proudfoot

In the Name of God Amen. The seventeenth day of August in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four, I Andrew Proudfit of Hopewell Township York County and State of Pennsylvania, being of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed until all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say, principally and first of all I recommend my soul into the hand of God who gave it and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors not doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such worldly goods as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and devise and dispose of them in the following manner and form, and first of all I allow all my just debts and funeral charges to be paid by my Executor. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Proudfit all my personal Estate wholely to be disposed of as she shall see meet except such things as shall be after mentioned. I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Proudfit all that my messuage and tenement on which I now live, containing One hundred and eighteen acres Together with all the incomes of said messuage and Tract of land during her natural life.

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved son James Proudfit the Sum of one hundred and twenty pound to be paid out of my real Estate at my wife’s decease and likewise fifteen pound willed to me by my brother Robert Proudfit deceased, and also the Collection of Confessions of faith at my decease, I give and devise to my beloved son Alexander Proudfit all that my messuage and tenement adjoining lands of James Criswell, John Bordner and others, containing ninety one acres and allowance, To hold to him his Heirs and Assigns forever, called Clark’s glade to be by him possessed at my decease, and also forty pounds in money to be (paid) out of my real Estate at my wife’s decease, and likewise all my tools and implements for husbandry (except the spade and one hoe and chains for my wife’s cows) and also my large Confession of faith. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved son David Proudfit the sum of fifty pounds in money to be paid out of my real Estate at my wife’s decease. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved son Robert Proudfit the sum of ten pounds in money to be paid out of my real Estate at my wife’s decease. Item, I give and bequeath to my grandson, Andrew Proudfit, son of my son David Proudfit the sum of three pounds in money to be paid out of my real Estate at my wife’s decease; and if there is any overpluss remaining of my real Estate after the aforesaid Legacies are paid off, I will that the said remainder be divided equally, share and share alike amongst my four sons viz. James, Alexander, David and Robert Proudfit. I give and bequeath to my grandson Alexander Proudfit, son of my son James Proudfit, my best hat. Item I give and bequeath to my grandson Andrew Proudfit, son of my son Alexander Proudfit, my best saddle and bridle. Item I give and bequeath to my son James Proudfit my large bible, and all the rest of my books I will and allow to be divided into five equal shares betwixt my wife Sarah and my four sons. Item I give and bequeath to my sons James and Alexander Proudfit, the whole of my wearing apparel to be equally divided betwixt them.

I appoint and ordain my beloved friend, Alexander Thompson, my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannull all and every other Testaments, Wills, bequeaths and Executors by me in anywise before named, willed or bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written.

Andrew Proudfit, (Seal) Signed, Sealed published pronounced and declared in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of one another have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses, Interlined before signed.

Patrick Stewart, James M’Allister.

(will as published in Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family of York County, Pennsylvania, compiled by Margaret Compton, 1911)


More Reunion Photos

image50.gif (677805 bytes)Picture taken after Proudfit service at Guinston Presbyterian Church, 28 July 2002. From left to right: Mr. Melhorn, Dorothy Melhorn, Lorena Long, Margaret Shaub, Judi McGarvey, Gaye David, Joyce Proudfit, Gerry De Moss, Sandra Walters, Bill Walters, friend of Guinston, Robert Shaub, Beverly Kyle, friend of Guinston, Eric David. Photo by David McGarvey.

Click on picture for a larger image.



image51.jpg (67530 bytes) At the Wallace/Cross Mill, 27 July 2002; from left to right: Margaret Shaub, Carl Long, Robert Shaub, Chris Araza, Sandra Walters, Kajean Secord, Bill Walters, Judi McGarvey (in front), Lorena Long, Jeannie ten Haaf, Bob ten Haaf, Marilyn Proudfit with Brennen Proudfit, Jim Proudfit, Jeff Proudfit (kneeling), Iolia Proudfit with Brittany ten Haaf, Chuck Biggs, Nancy Biggs, Pat Proudfit, Wayne Proudfit, Joyce Proudfit, Norm Proudfit, Eric David, Gerry De Moss, Gaye David. Photo by David McGarvey.

Click on picture for a larger image


Proudfit Family Association Officers

Bill Walters, President
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Robert Shaub, Vice President
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Judi McGarvey, Secretary, Newsletter Editor
32 W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301
703-683-3463; e-mail -

Jeannie ten Haaf, Treasurer
1230 Lynn Dr., Middleville, MI 49333
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William H. Proudfit, Chaplain
1410 S. Goliad St., #1605, Rockwall, TX 75087

Gaye David, Web site management
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