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Spring 2002

Next Reunion July 26-28 2002 1911 Historical Sketch Reprinted Hyson-Proudfit Connections
Make this a Memorable Vacation! Texas Reunion We Need You!
Our Proudfoot Heritage Restoration News Association Officers

Photo of Proudfoot Homestead circa 1911

The Proudfit Family Association met for the first time in August 2001, and will meet again the fourth weekend in July 2002, in York County, Pennsylvania.

Proudfit Family Association Officers

Bill Walters, President
Robert Shaub, Vice President
Judi McGarvey, Secretary
Jeannie ten Haaf, Treasurer
William Proudfit, Chaplain
Gaye David, Web Master

Come One, Come All
to the Proudfit Family Reunion
York County, Pennsylvania
July 26-28, 2002

The Proudfit Family Association invites all those interested in the Proudfit/Proudfoot surname to the second Proudfit Family reunion in York, Pennsylvania this summer. Some of the events planned for you include:

Friday evening social – an opportunity to see friends and relatives and get acquainted with people we haven’t met before – 4:00 p.m. in the hospitality room at the Comfort Inn.

Saturday reunion - genealogical exchange, business meeting, tours of family sites, catered lunch - 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Hershaull Park near Cross Roads, Pennsylvania.

Saturday night dinner – 7:00 p.m., historic Dobbin’s House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Sunday church service – 9:30 a.m., old Guinston Presbyterian Church, followed by a rededication of the gravestones for Andrew and Sarah Proudfoot in the McAlister Family Cemetery.

The reunion headquarters will again be the Comfort Inn, 140 Leaders Heights Road, York, at Exit 14 from Interstate 83; telephone 717-741-1000. The Association has reserved a block of 20 rooms (double and king; smoking and nonsmoking) at special Proudfit Reunion rates. Please make your reservation before June 26th.

President Bill Walters and his wife Sandra will be parking their RV at the Indian Rock Campground, Highway 182, three miles west of the Comfort Inn. Call 717-741-1764 for camping and RV information. On Thursday evening, July 25th, Sandra and Bill will host a cookout at the campground for early arrivals. Contact them for more information (see list of officers).

Please let us know which events you will be attending.

Contact Judi McGarvey with your plans. Please let us know which activities you want to attend. If there is enough interest, we will reserve a bus to take us to dinner in Gettysburg on Saturday night.

Bring your musical instruments and talents to church on Sunday morning.

We will be "creating" our own church service on Sunday morning and would welcome any input from those attending – especially your musical input!


Make this a Memorable Vacation!

Plan to spend some time exploring the City of York which is called "the nation’s first capital." It was here that the Continental Congress fled in 1777, escaping the British troops invading Philadelphia, and it was here that the patriots drafted the Articles of Confederation. The historic city has a replica of the colonial courthouse, a century-old farmer’s market and an architecturally inter-esting downtown with many remarkable murals. The area is also well known for factory tours, such as the one of the Harley Davidson factory.

York County lies between Gettysburg with its Civil War attractions and Lancaster County, home to the "Pennsylvania Dutch." Not far north is Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State capital, and to the northeast is Adams-town, famous for acres and acres of antiques. For chocolate lovers and kids of all ages, don’t forget to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania – see the chocolate factory, enjoy the amusement park and relax in the beautiful botanical garden.

For more information about attractions near York, contact Judi McGarvey, association secretary.


Our Proudfoot Heritage1

The progenitor of the Proudfit family in America was Andrew Proudfoot, a farmer of Perthshire, Scotland who belonged to the Established Church of Scotland. The following children are attributed to him: Andrew, James, Robert, David, Jennette, Elizabeth, and perhaps a son John who settled in North Carolina.

Andrew and James immigrated to the Colony of Pennsylvania in 1754; Robert and David came in 1759. Andrew, Robert and David served in the Revolutionary War with Lt. McKissick’s Company, 6th Battalion of the militia of York County, Pennsylvania.

Andrew Proudfoot was born November 1728, Perthshire, Scotland. For more information about Andrew, please see our fall 2001 newsletter, available on our web site.

Image of an old Bible James Proudfoot was born 1732, Perthshire, Scotland. He was, according to T. P. Proudfit, "a person of serious mind, great memory and well-balanced mentally. . . . [A]t a suitable age [he] was sent to the University. He became dissatisfied with the Established Church, and decided to join the Antiburgher branch of the Secession Church. His parents protested against the step, regarding it as fatal to his prospects of temporal preferment. James, after mature deliberation, carried out his purpose, completed his literary course, and studied theology under the direction of the Rev. Alexander Moncrieff, professor of divinity in that denomination, for whom he subsequently named a son. He was licensed by the Presbytery of Perth and Dumberline in 1753 to preach the gospel."

On 2 November 1753, James Proudfoot "was deemed eminently fitted" to the Antiburgher missionary movement which had recently been organized in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In July 1754, James was ordained as a minister, and assigned as a missionary to North America. The Rev. Geo. Brown preached the ordination sermon from Galatians Chapter 1, verses 15 and 16: "But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace, to reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood."

James and his brother Andrew landed in Boston, Massachusetts in September 1754. They settled in south-eastern Pennsylvania — James in Lancaster County and Andrew in York County where many other Perthshire families were living. Their younger brothers Robert and David joined them 1759, and settled with Andrew in York County. James eventually moved to Salem, New York, but his three brothers remained in York County for the rest of their lives.

James Proudfoot married Mary Fulton in 1759. James and Mary Proudfoot had seven sons: Andrew, John, James, David, Alexander, Ebenezer and William. James married a second time to Ann Houston; they had a daughter, Mary. He had a paralytic stroke in 1799,2 and died 22 October 1802.

Robert Proudfoot was born in Perthshire, Scotland. Robert came to North America with his brother David in 1759, and settled on a farm in Hopewell, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary McKittrick. Information from vital records on file at the York County Historical Society list a marriage for Robert Proudfoot to Margaret McKettrick (sic) in Hopewell on 8 July 1788. Robert Proudfoot died without issue in 1802. His will gave his wife’s name as "Mary." He left his homestead to Andrew Bennett whom he had adopted as his son.

David Proudfoot was born in 17403 in Perthshire, Scotland. David came to North America with his brother Robert in 1759, and settled on a farm in Hopewell, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Nancy Livingston.4 Nine children have been attributed to them: Andrew, Robert, Elizabeth, John, Janet,5 James, Nancy ("Agnes"), Mary ("Polly") and Jane.6

1Most information taken from Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family by Margaret Compton, published in Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1911. The Proudfit Family Association earnestly requests corrections and additions to this biographical sketch.

2A handwritten genealogy we attribute to David Proudfit and Samuel Proudfit gives the year of James Proudfoot’s stroke as 1795.

3Year of birth from information on file at the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C.

4Extracts from baptism records on file at the York Historical Society give the name of David Proudfoot’s wife as "Agnes," and this is the name given as his widow in his probate file in York County.

5Compton does not list Janet, but she appears on a baptism record for a child of David and Agnes Proudfoot, born in Hopewell, 28 April 1777.

6Jane Proudfit married John McAlister and their daughter married into the Gemmill family.


Image of bookworm

Proudfit Family Association Reprints Margaret Compton’s 1911 Book

The Proudfit Family Association has reprinted the Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family of York County, Pennsylvania compiled by Margaret Compton and published in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1911. The book includes information on the immigrant Andrew Proudfoot and his brothers and gives a complete record of the descendants of Alexander Proudfit (second son of Andrew Proudfoot and Sarah Wallace) and Martha McCleary.

The appendix contains the family entries from Andrew Proudfoot’s Bible, a copy of his last will and testament, an inventory of his estate, Sarah Proudfoot’s last will and testament, notes from Andrew Proudfoot’s "trial" for heresy, a letter written by Andrew giving his views on the subject of grace, muster roll for Lt. McKis-sick’s Company in the Revolutionary War, and a Scottish ditty sung by Alexander Proudfit for his children and passed down through the generations.

 The book is 100 pages, soft cover, perfect bound with a full-name index and the 21 photographs from the original publication. The cover of the reprint repeats that of the original volume — red with gold lettering.

Historical Sketch of the Proudfit Family is available for purchase for $20.00. Books may be purchased at the reunion in York County, Pennsylvania in July or you may order by mail from Judi McGarvey, 32 W. Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301; telephone 703-683-3463; e-mail - Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling.


Texas Reunion to be Held in June

Bill and Sandra Walters have invited Proudfits living in or near Texas to their home in Meridian, Texas for a reunion on June 8 and 9, 2002. In the process of organizing this get-together, we have learned of other Proudfit reunions across the nation. Another reunion will be held in the Topeka, Kansas area over Memorial Day weekend and Proudfits in Oregon and Washington often gather for a reunion in the northwest. We will learn more about these reunions and let our readers know so they may plan for next year!


Artist's rendition of restored Proudfoot Homestead
Restoration News

President Bill Walters has been in frequent touch with Gary Geiselman of Olde York Homes, discussing options for the restoration of the old log home Bill found on the land once called Proudfoot Point, owned by Andrew Proudfoot.

Bill and Gary Geiselman, accompanied by Bob Shaub, Judi and David McGarvey, met with members of the Hyson family, present owners of the land on which the old log structure stands. During the course of the meeting, several different options were discussed, including purchase of the site, donation of the land to a nonprofit organization, leasing the log home with the Hysons retaining title to the land, and moving the log home to another site for restoration. The Hyson family will let us know of their wishes before the York County reunion in late July.

Bill Walters has consulted a lawyer about creating a nonprofit organization for the purpose of accepting donations and obtaining grants for the restoration of Andrew Proudfoot’s old home. The documents for nonprofit status have been prepared. We now need the $600.00 filing fee to finalize this important step.

Bob Shaub continues to pursue options for the restoration of Andrew and Sarah Proudfoot’s gravestones which we located last summer in the McAlister Family Cemetery. He plans to have the gravestones ready for rededication at this summer’s reunion.


Sketch of a Book
Hyson-Proudfit Connections

Proudfoot Point was owned by Archibald Hyson when Margaret Compton was compiling History of the Proudfit Family of York County, Pennsylvania, and the land is still owned by the Hyson family today.

Another Hyson-Proudfit connection occurred through a nineteenth-century marriage. James Proudfit, born 14 May 1780, son of the immigrant David Proudfoot and his wife Nancy ("Agnes") Livingston, married Catherine Smith on 15 February 1810. Less than a year later on 2 January 1811, James Proudfit died, leaving his wife Catherine and a son, also named James. Catherine Smith Proudfit then married John Hyson, son of Archibald Hyson and Catherine Ramsey. The Archibald Hyson who later owned Proudfit Point was their grandson.

(Research by Karen Proudfit Hanley)


Image of people helping
We Need You!

We welcome suggestions, updates and any corrections you may have to the genealogy in this newsletter. But most of all, we need your help! We need volunteers to help with the acquisition of the property where the log house stands, to search for funding for restoration, and to apply for the recognition of the house as a historic site. We also need help to clean up and restore the McAlister Family Cemetery.

If you know someone who is not on our mailing list and would like to receive a newsletter, please send us their name and address. Thank you.

Proudfit reunion officers:

Bill Walters, President
726 C. R. 4100, Meridian, TX 76665-2840
254-597-0060; e-mail -

Robert Shaub, Vice President
350 W. Railroad Ave., Shrewsbury, PA 17361
717-235-6615; e-mail -

Judi McGarvey, Secretary, Newsletter Editor
32 W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301
703-683-3463; e-mail -

Jeannie ten Haaf, Treasurer
1230 Lynn Dr., Middleville, MI 49333
e-mail -

William H. Proudfit, Chaplain
1410 S. Goliad St., #1605, Rockwall, TX 75087

Gaye David, Web site management
614 Branch Hollow Cir., Garland, TX 75043
e-mail -

Proudfit Point Restoration web site: