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Evergreen Cemetery

Salem, New York

Proudfit page
ID Last Name First Name Birth Place Parents Residence Spouse Place of Death DOD Age Disease
270 Pritchett Rev.Eck Omar Alabama Ethel George & Thomas Pritchett Salem Widowed Alabama Oct.6,1957 70y Heart 5505 R232
271 Proudfit Abigail Hasard Phil.,Pa. Robert & Sarah Ralston New Bruns.,N.J. Wid.of John # 634 New Brunswick,N.J. July 9,1874 73y10m Brights Dis.of Kidneys 948 G140
272 Proudfit Alex M. Salem,N.Y. Alex & Susan W. N.Y. City Maria B.(McLean) N.Y.City April 29,1882 71y0m0d Pneumonia 1423 G122
273 Proudfit Alex M. Staten Island, N.Y. Alex & Maria ( McLean ) N.Y. City Single N.Y.City Feb.9,1899 28y0m0d Brights Disease 24244 G138
274 Proudfit Alexander Salem,N.Y. E.& E.Proudfit Saratoga Spg Delia H. Saratoga Spg. March 3,1895 84y7m18d Heart Disease 2186 B196
275 Proudfit Alexander D.D. Pequea PA Rev.James #42 &Mary (Fulton) Salem Susan #44 New Brunswick, NJ April 17, 1843 72y5m Lung Fever From old graveyard 43 G140
276 Proudfit Anna D. Salem,N.Y. Alex.& Delia Sartoga Single Saratoga Aug.5,1897 40y Diabetic Coma 2328 B195
277 Proudfit Delia S. Newburgh, N.Y. Rich.B.& Margt.Marsh Saratoga Spa Alex M. Saratoga Jan.26,1901 85y LaGrippe 2517 B196
278 Proudfit James O. Buried March 5,1889 17819 G122
279 Proudfit James Owen Salem Alexander #43 & Susan #44 Salem Village New Brunswick, NJ November 23, 1846 41y2m3d Congest. Of lungs From old graveyard 45 G140
280 Proudfit John M.L. Staten Island,N.Y. Alex & Maria B.(McLean) Castleton,St.Is Single New Brighton,St.Is. Dec.15,1879 24y7m26 Brights Disease Reinterred.See #13

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