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Wallace Cross Mill


Dobbin House Room

Welcome to the Wallace Cross Mill and Dobbin House Room.  Deborah and Eleanor Wallace take over operation of their father's grist mill after his death. Alexander Wallace operated the mill for years, and his daughters carry on his legacy until 1895. The Wallace sisters are unusual. Women typically are not involved in the hard labor of milling in these days. One sister loses an arm in the machinery. The mill passes on to the husband of another sister, James Cross. His son, J Nelson, and grandson, Harry, ran the mill through much of the 20th century. In 1979, Harry agreed to will the mill to the county with the provision that it remain in good working order.* Sarah Proudfit's maiden name was Wallace.


Placed on Pennsylvania List of Historical Places on Feb 24, 1977. Then placed on Nat'l Registry of Historical Places on June 10, 1977.

The Dobbin House in Gettysburg is where David Proudfit (1770-1830) studied theology and was licensed April 5th, 1795 by the Second Presbytery of Pennsylvania.

The Dobbin House served as dwelling, an academy, and a church. It is the oldest Covenanter church building in the country. It now serves as a restaurant and is near the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

*Never To Be Forgotten, 2nd edition, 1999

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