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Theodor Fürth - wedding cables Apr 14, 1907 Vienna

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*names provided by Thomas Fürth - Last update: November 6, 2009

*see Theodor FÜRTH on Engel page

Wien 29 Austria BARBER
Wien 125 Austria family Adolf BERGER
Wien 62 Austria Paula Zsiga BETZ
Wien 29 Austria family Dr. Karl BIENENSTOCK
Wien 29 Austria BLAU
Wien 40 Austria family BLUMENFELDT?
Wien 5 Austria BLUMENFELDT
Wien 2 Austria Gebrüder BALLAG
Wien Z Austria BRAUN
Wien 35 Austria family BRAUCH
Wien 2 Austria BREUER
Wien 9 Austria Sigm. BLAU lived in Vienna 1913
Wien Z Austria Josef BURGER
Wien 23 Austria family DINKOWITSCH
Wien Z Austria family Dr. EISENSTÄDTER
Wien 2 Austria Alois Moritz ENGEL burial Vienna 1937
Wien 60 Austria family Siegfried ENGEL married into Schwarzkopf family
Wien Z Austria family Albert FISCHER
Wien 11 Austria Elsa Micse Katharina FISCHER cousin of Grete G. with husband and mother in law
Wien 1/1 Austria Rosa Marcus FISCHER
Wien 1/1 Austria Madelene FISCHER?
Wien 66 Austria Miza ? Eugenin FRANK Max and Eugenie Frank nee Leiner related to the mother of Theodor Fürth
Wien Z Austria family FREIBERGER
Wien 2 Austria Heinrich Hermine FRIEDMANN
Wien Z Austria Leopold GEIRINGER Leopold Geiringer - wedding cable born 13 Mar 1859 dead 1 Dec 1919 in Vienna.
Wien Z Austria


S. GEIRINGER (u dessen besserer hälfte) och fru

Samuel  Geiringer - wedding cable Samuel "Sami" born 13 Aug 1861 dead 23 Mar 1928 and Emma nee Reiss born 4 Sep 1866 dead 9 Dec 1930 in Vienna. Lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 63 Austria Robert GERNGROSS  
Wien V Austria J. GIGER (St Gallen)
Wien 31 Austria family GLASER
Wien 35 Austria family GOLDENBERG
Wien Z Austria Helene GOLDSCHMID  med dotter
Wien 6 Austria ? GRUBER
Wien 2 Austria Hugo GRÜNFELDT
Wien 34 Österriek family GRÜNBERGER
Wien 63 Austria GUNZBURG
Wien 4 Austria Ferdinand HAUSSER
Wien C I Austria family HERSCHMAN
Wien 66 Austria family HIFT
Wien 107 Austria Simon HONIG Co. ?same as in Müller NFP obituary?
Wien Z Austria family Fritz JELENKO
Wien 62 Austria Josef Jakob HERMANN Wien 1913
Wien 4 Austria family KARY Kary family - wedding cable Pauline nee Werfel born abt. 1852 dead 7 Dec 1915
Wien 4 Austria S. KARY Comp.  S. Kary Comp. - wedding cableSamuel Kary born abt 1839 dead 19 Dec 1899in Vienna founder of a silk department store (Seidenwahrenhaus) 1864
Wien 110 Austria Walter Margareta KARY 

Walter Kary + Marguerite Selinko - wedding cable Wien 1913 Walter son of Samuel and Pauline born 25 May 1877 dead 28 Dec 1935
married Marguerite nee Selinko born 10 Oct 1886 dead 12 Sep 1979 in Vienna  

Wien 55 Austria family KERBER
Wien C Austria family KESSL
Wien 6 Austria Alexander Hely KEMENY
Nagy Kanizsa Hungary Alice Ignaz KLEIN Grete ´s second cousin Alice Gansl
Wien 110 Austria KNOPPS
Wien 34 Austria family KOHEN
Wien 66 Austria Rudolf KOHN
Wien Z Austria family Carl KOHN
Wien 76 Austria Riszö KURNOZ med fru
Wien Z Austria herr och fru KÄMF
Wien 105 Austria ? KÖSSEL
Wien 40 Austria Alois LEMBERGER lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 30 Austria Estelle Sigmund LÖWE
Wien 23 Austria family LINHART
Wien 77 Austria family LEITENSTEIN
Wein Z Austria Adolf LOEW lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 66 Austria family LÖWENSTEIN med dotter
Wien 40 Austria Gustav MANDEL
Wien 2 Austria MARESCH
Wien 59 Austria Alois MENDL
Wien 127 Austria Albert MORGENSTERN med family
Wien 34 Austria family Moritz MORGENSTERN
Wien Z Austria Doctor MÜLLER
Wien 43 Austria C. MÜLLER ?same as Carl Müller in NFP obituary?
Wien 79 Austria Gottlieb NEJEBSE med fru
Wien Austria family NEUMANN?
Wien Z Austria Fritz Paula NEUMANN Grete Grossmann´s 2nd cousin: Paula Neuman nee Engel
Wien Z Austria family Theodor NEUSTADTL
Wien 4 Austria Sigmund Klara ORNSTEIN

lived in Vienna 1913 dead 15.12.1931 Klara nee Telchtner dead 14.7.1933

Wien 34 Austria Herman POLLATSCHEK med fru lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 11 Austria PURETZ
Wien Nordbahnhof Austria family PFAFF
Wien 63 Austria family POHL
Wien Z Austria Hugo POLLAK
Wien 58 Austria POLLAK (von Greistadtl Zelinkagasse 14)
Wien 323 Austria family Ruben ROSENKRANTZ
Wien 324 Austria family A. ROSENKRANTZ lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 60 Austria Heinr. RUCKENBAUER
Wien 9 Austria ROSENWASSER
Wien 1061 Austria Herrmann Ida SCHIESSERLIK
Wien 2 Austria family Dr. SCHRECKER ?same family as on Neurtath page?
Wien 1065 Austria family SCHROTZ
Wien 110 Austria family Alfred SCHÜCKING lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 23 Austria family SCHULHOF
Wien 125 Austria Ludwig SCHÖFFER lived in Vienna 1913
Wien Z Austria Gebrüder SCHÖNWÄLDER
Wien 3 Austria SEHLY
Wien 110 Austria SELINKO

*see Walter Kary. Ignatz Selinko born 28 Sep 1849 in Kis Igmend HU dead 10 dec 1935 in Vienna
and Irene nee Fischer born 20 May 1862 dead 1 sep 1943 Theresienstadt I.S.was owner of the business „Brüder Selinko". In 1902 we can find the company at Gonzagagasse 1.

Wien fr Luze Austria family SGALL
Wien 117 Austria Gustav SINGER med family
Wien 2 Austria family von STAUBER lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 79 Austria family STRAUSS
Wien Z Austria Julius SOFER
Wien 34 Austria family STERN
Wien 66 Austria Heinrich Josefine STEIF
Wien 82 Austria Carl STUNNER?
Wien 60 Austria family SÜSSERMANN
Wien 27 Austria Ferdinand SZEPS
Wien Z Austria Adolf TAUSSIG lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 11 Austria family TELHEIM
Wien 68 Austria Phillipp TELTSCHER lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 2 Austria Gebrüder UNGAR SCHWESTER?
Wien 2 Austria family WAHL
Wien 110 Austria WEINSTADT
Wien 2 Austria Adolf Helene WELLISCH lived Vienna 1913
Wien 15 Austria family Leopold WELTMANN
Wien 23 Austria family WEISS?
Wien Z Austria Dr. WINTER med fru och dotter
Wien 2 Austria J. WOLF
Wien 72 Austria Julius WOLF med fru lived in Vienna 1913
Wien Z Austria Dr. Mortiz WOLF med fru lived in Vienna 1913
Wien 2 Austria family WOLLMANN
Wien 57 Austria family WOHL Z??
Wien 54 Austria Sofie WÜRMSER
Wien 129 Austria ? ZOHN
Wien 34 Austria ? ZROBACK
Wien 102 Austria family ZELLIMK
Surnames that were hard to read:  
Wien 40 Austria FIRTING??
Wien 88 Austria family GERERF med son ?
Wien 34 Austria family GOLSTENBERG?
Wien 129 Austria SOLLY??
Wien 129 Austria Wolf LOEWY Co ?

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