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Benedikt Family Genealogy

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*Information already added on Geni -- Related to Rohel via: Klimesch + Friedmann + Morawetz + Pollak + Fluss + Moser families -- see also Kurt Moser - Memoirs -- Last update: June 28, 2009

Simon + Adelheid (?) *geni

Note: any relation to the 30 Benedikt & 257 Benedict names on Yad Vashem OR the 28 Benedikt & 3 Benedict names on DOW ?

  • Herzel (aka Herz LIEB) + Rachel (?) Born: 1739 Died: May 13, 1815 in HroznětínČeský (Lichtenstadt Karlovy Vary region), Bohemia, Czech *geni

    • Margaretha BENEDIKT

    • Salomon BENEDIKT Born: 1773 + Rachel BERMANN source: Jüdische Familiantenbuch, Elbogner Kreis, Bd. VII, Folio 33

      • 1896 - Simon Benedikt - obituarySimon BENEDIKT Born: 1805 in Hroznětín (Lichtenstadt) Karlovy Vary region, Bohemia. occupation: Chefs der Firma Gebrüder Benedikt, Bürgers der Stadt Karlsbad, Curators der Karlsbader Sparkasse. Died: May 13, 1896 age 92 NFP obituary + Rosalia PERUTZ in . Residence: Teplice /jewishgen (Teplitz, Teplicz, Teplice-Shonau), Bohemia, Czech Republic. Married: Apr 29, 1832 Son-in-law: Adolf Rosenfeld

        Note: any relation to Eduard Perutz (10/4/1844 - 7/27/1930) *geni & Bertha Rindskopf (3/10/1853 - 10/10/1905) as well as Rosalia Perutz on the page OR Leopold Perutz (1882 Prague -) *geni on Wolf page, son of fabrikant Benedikt Perutz of RakovnikČeský (Rakonitz), son of kaufmann Josef Perutz OR Robert Perutz (1860-70's - ) *geni & Marie Hirsch on Pereles page?

        • Elise & Wolf Benedikt, Emmy Hugo and Berti Moser & Benedikt siblings & spouses
          Wolf "Veit" BENEDIKT Born: Jan 12, 1840 in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia. Died: Sep 10, 1911 in Karlovy Vary age 61 est + Elise (see RINDSKOPF page) Born: Jun 19, 1851 in Teplice (Jewishgen shtetlinks Teplitz), Bohemia. Married: Mar 19, 1872 in Karlovy Vary. Died: Jan 30, 1912 in Karlsbad age 60 *geni

          Porcelain factory G Benedikt Karlovy Vary history: Gebrüder Benedikt or Benedikt Brothers Porcelain Factory - Dvory, Czech Republic (Meierhofen, Bohemia, Austria). In 1883-1885 brothers Veit and Phillip Benedikt founded the Benedikt Brothers Porcelain factory. 1907 Viet owned the factory alone, then in 1910 Leo and Otto Benedikt owned it and the name was Benedikt Brothers AG; in 1925 it became known as United Porcelain Factory Meierhofen, because in 1918 the Eberhardt & Co factory merged with Gebrüder Benedikt. It is reported, that around 1928 the owners were Leo and Berthold Moser-Benedikt.

          During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, it produced porcelain with the "GB logo" and the country name Germany or Deutschland.
          United Porcelain Factory Meierhofen G. BENEDIKT Hotel porcelain
          G. BENEDIKT Hotel porcelain BENEDIKT Platter Tray
          1931 to 1945 it was amember of EPIAG (Erste Böhmische Porzellan Industrie A.G). After WWII it became part of Starorolský Porcelán with EPIAG, followed by Karlovarský Porcelán. In 1992 it became independent as HotelovýPorcelán Karlovy Vary. In 2002 "it took the old Benedikt name" and is now G Benedikt Karlovy Vary. One year later, G.Benedikt became the owner of the firms Lilien Austria and Suisse Langenthal, the world-known producers of hotel porcelain. Consequently, the company expanded its foreign commerce with the view of becoming the leader in this branch not only in Europe but in the other parts of the world as well

          • Marianne BENEDIKT Born: Mar 25, 1873 in Karlovy Vary, Bohemia. Died: Mar or May 23, 1896 in Berlin, Germany age 22 + Sigmund HIRSCH Born: in Germany. Married: Apr 11, 1894 occupation: Prosperous merchant in Aachen, Germany Died: in Germany

            • Ada Hirsch
              Adele "Ada" HIRSH Born: Sep 17, 1895 in Berlin, Germany. occupation: Social worker, Doctor, Psychoanalyst. Died: Sep 20, 1985 in New York, USA age 90

              Note: springerlink (needs subscription): Ada's mother died when she was only 13 months old. Her aunt Emmy took care of her. She called her "muttie" her father remarried. Ada did not like her stepmother very much. She had an english governess and kept in touch with her even when living in England. She left all her jewelry in her safe keeping, but unfortunately the governess died and the jewelry was sold by her family. Ada originally became a social worker and then a doctor. She was asked to become head doctor in the Aachen, Germany area. She turned it down, because she did not want to have such a high position, being Jewish. Ada left Germany in 1939 and moved to England where she became a nurse. In 1940 she went to Ecuador, and in the early forties moved to New York, where she again took boards to be a doctor and eventually became a psychoanalyst. Every time she went to the catskills for the summer, she took loaves of unsalted bread as even in those days she knew that too much salt was not good for people. Karen Horney, the famous psychoanalyst was her mentor

          • Emmi (Emmy) BENEDIKT Born: Feb 19, 1875 in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia. Died: May 24, 1963 in London GB age at death: 89 + Hugo (see MOSER family) Born: Jun 1871 in Karlovy Vary, Bohemia. Married: May 15, 1900 in Karlovy Vary. Died: Jan 1953 in London, GB age at death: 81 est. *geni

            Note: Emmy had a friend Mrs Spitz, who used to visit her fairly frequently at 578. Question: Is Mrs Spitz related in some way to either Robert Spitz and/or Babette Spitz, the mother of Hugo Moser?

          • Berthold BENEDIKT Born: Dec 22, 1876 in Karlovy Vary. occupation: one of the youngest Members of the Stock Exchange in Vienna, Austria. Died: Jan 12, 1900 age 23

          • Leo BENEDIKT Born: Sep 17, 1879 in Karlovy Vary. Died: Apr 14, 1938 age 58

            Note: according to Kurt Moser, Leo was the cleverest of the Benedikt children. He sold the "Banking business-name?" to Credit Anstalt in Vienna

          • Kamilla BENEDIKT Born: Apr 14, 1882 in Karlovy Vary. Died: in Theresienstadt concentration camp + Emil (see RINDSKOPF) Born: Feb 6, 1867 in Teplice (Teplitz), Bohemia. Married: Apr 17, 1904 in Teplice. Died: 1944 in Theresienstadt camp

          • Rosa (Rosel) BENEDIKT Born: Oct 11, 1883 in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia. Died: in Auschwitz, Poland + Dr. Georg (see NEUBURG family) Born: 1874 in LitoměřiceČeský (Leitmeritz), Bohemia. Married: 1910 Died: 1938 in Czech *geni

            Notes: Rosa moved to Prague after Georg's death, few years before the Nazis overran Czechoslovakia. She managed to get her daughter Elisabeth out on the last plane to London. Not known, how and where she died or if Rosa had been taken to a concentration camp

          • Otto BENEDIKT Born: May 1, 1885 in Karlovy Vary, Bohemia. Died: May 23, 1918 in Bayreut, Bavaria, Germany

          • Julius "Justl" BENEDIKT Born: Jul 24, 1892 in Karlovy Vary, Bohemia. occupation: After having obtained a degree of Doctor of Law at the Vienna University, Justl also joined the Benedict china factory. Died: Nov 1, 1922, Bayreut, Germany 

            Note: extract from: Rindskopf glass factories and the family mentioned at the top. "..Julius and Josef (Pep) Riethof of Teplice (Teplitz), Bohemia were second cousins and very good friends. They fought a "Fun duel" with each other in the Backyard of Haus Mendelsohn with proper sharp sabres, watched from every kitchen and loo window on 3 floors by at least 1 dozen spectators, fascinated by the noise of the clashing sabres and the shouts of the combattants and some of us onlookers.."

        • Antonie (Antonia) BENEDIKT Born: Dec 24, 1843 Married: Dec 16, 1863 Died: Oct 1, 1935 + Julius (see RINDSKOPF family) Born: Oct 14, 1833 Died: Sep 3, 1873

        • Josef BENEDIKT + Tanta Hansi (?) Died: in London, GB

          • Lilly BENEDIKT Born: in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia. Died: in London, GB + Rudy EISLER Died: in London, GB

        • Edward BENEDIKT
        • Norbert BENEDIKT

      • 1879 - Joachim Benedikt - obituary
        Joachim BENEDIKT Born: abt 1808 Died: Nov 29, 1879 in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia, Czech occupation: Chef der Firma Gebrüder Benedikt in Karlsbad Prager tagblatt + Eva KOHN *geni

        • Nathan BENEDIKT
        • Philipp BENEDIKT
        • Dr law Richard BENEDIKT
        • Eduard BENEDIKT

        • Rosie BENEDIKT + Ernst FISCHER

          • Victor FISCHER
          • Hugo FISCHER
          • Melanie FISCHER
          • Adrienne FISCHER

        • Laura BENEDIKT

      • Aron BENEDIKT *geni

    • Judith BENEDIKT Born 1774 in Hroznětín, Bohemia. Died: 1822 + David (see MOSER family) Died: April 1834 in Hroznětín, Bohemia *geni

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