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Pinkus Family Genealogy

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*Some of the information already added on GENI -- info. also provided by Walter Pinkus & if you "must know something more", Walter can be reached on Geni - Last update: December 28, 2009


Note: derives from the old-testament Pinhas /Pinchas (hebrew, anglicized as Phinehas) *numbers 25:6-15:12 "..Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace: 13. And he shall have it, and his seed after him, even the covenant of an everlasting priesthood; because he was zealous for his God, and made an atonement for the children of Israel"

Hirsch PINCHAS (Josef) LISSER (PINKUS) Born: 1725 Died: 1796 + Rebekka DANZIGER Born: 1736 Died: 1822

  • Jehuda Löbel PINKUS Born: 1758 Died: 1828

  • Chajim (Chaim, Heiman) Josef PINKUS Born: 1771 Died: Sep 21, 1850 in Lusatian Neisse (Neisse O/S, Prussia), Poland + Blümele (Dorothea) PROSKAUER Born: Jul 26, 1806 in Prószków (Proskau, Silesia, Prussia), Poland. Died: Nov 26, 1899 in Proskau Father: Abraham Proskauer (1757 Proskau - 6/22/1847 Biała Prudnicka (Zülz O/S, Prussia), Poland Mother: Rachel Goldstein (1767 Zülz - 1806 or 9/12/1872 Oppeln =Opole? (O/S, Prussia), Poland Grandfather: Mordechai Proskauer *geni *see also Josef Goldstein below

    Note: any relation to M. Pinkus ( of Silesia - ) & Augusta Sarah Proskauer "ch. Salo, Rosalie & M. Fraenkel" OR Marcus Proskauer (9/15/1802 - 1/14/1871 Proskau) &  Friederike Bergmann (1802 - 1882) "ch. Dorothea Proskauer (1857-1907) & Emil Bergmann, Morritz Proskauer & Amalie Jacob ( m. 1886 Proskau - ) ? source: Philippa Freund on geni?

    • Josef PINKUS Born: 26 Oct 1829 Neisse O/S, Prussia. Died: Jan 9, 1909 in Prudnik (Neustadt Upper Silesia, Prussia) now Poland + Auguste (see FRÄNKEL family) Born: Jun 28, 1838 in Neustadt, Prussia. Married: Aug 18, 1856 Died: Jun 24, 1919 in Neustadt. Siblings: Rosalia Fränkel below, Abraham Fränkel on Schlesinger page Father: Samuel Fränkel Mother: Esther (Ernestine) Polke

      Note: Pinkus familyger; collection (1696-1976) Family of textile manufacturers; factory in Neustadt, Upper Silesia, was one of the biggest linen producers of the world. Joseph Pinkus became a partner of the company S. Fränkel by marriage with Auguste Fränkel. - Son Max Pinkus (1857-1934) was a manager till 1926. - His son Hans Pinkus led the company up to "Arisierung", emigrated in 1939 with his family to England and died there in 1977, after a fruitless attempt to rebuild the company in Bavaria. Correspondence, material about members of the family, literary activities of Max Pinkus, about the Jews in Silesia among other things; commercial recordings of the family from middle 19. Cent. to the second world war; besides, among other things: Pattern books of the proficient South German linen weaving mill Augsburg and S. Fränkel Augsburg. (Contents by inventory opened; in German, in English and in French.)

      • Max PINKUS Born: Dec 3, 1857-Neustadt. Died: Jun 19, 1934 in Neustadt + Hedwig OBERLÄNDER Born: Jul 5, 1868 in Úpice (Eipel), Bohemia, Czech. Married: May 13, 1888 Died: Aug 17, 1920 in Úpice Father: Moritz J. Oberländer (1831 - 3/14/1905 Meran) NFP Mother: Marie (see Morawetz family) (1840 - 1920) *geni

        Note: Max was the manager of the family business, a large damask linens weaving factory, S. Fränkel Feinweberei in Neustadt. In that era Silesian Linens had the reputation that we now put on Irish Linens. He was a noted collector of books by Silesian authors, especially Gerhardt Hauptmann.*see Max and Klaus Pinkus in Fragen nach Robert Musil. Max was a close friend of Gerhart Hauptmann and the play "Vor Sonnenuntergang" is based on Max's experience. When Max died, Gerhard Hauptmann and his wife were the only non-Jewish people who had the courage to attend his funeral. Hauptmann was so impressed with the atmosphere that he wrote about it an one act play "Finsterniss". *Not sure of any relation to Max PinkusČeský of Služovice who (owned?) the village until 1923?

        • Alice Babette Cäcilie PINKUS Born: Feb 6, 1889 Died: 1974 in Neustadt, Upper Silesia, Prussia (now Prudnik, Oppole, Poland) + Karl HERZFELD Born: 1883 or Feb 09, 1882 Died: Jun 13, 1970 in Hannover, Germany

          Note: any relation to Johann Herzfeldger"Am 27.11.1889 wurde die Firma Herzfeld & Fischel der Inhaber August Fischel und Johann Herzfeld am Landgericht in Jičin in das Handelsregister eingetragen. Der Haupt- betrieb entstand bereits 1872 in Hochstadt an der Iser, nach 12 Jahren zog aber die Seiden-, Woll- und Baumwollweberei nach Buřan (der Gewerbeschein wurde am 16.7.1884 ausgestellt) mit einem Filialbetrieb in Wien. Die Firma beschäftigte damals in Rochlitz an der Iser und dessen Umgebung zwölf Hausweber, die an eigenen Webstühlen arbeiteten" OR Helmut Herzfeld German artist (John Heartfield 1891-1968) OR Karl Herzfeld (1892-1978 from Vienna)

          • Ruth HERZFELD (HARTFIELD) Born: Jul 1, 1913 Died: May 13, 1963 in Hannover, Germany
          • Lilli HERZFELD (HARTFIELD) Born: Dec 22, 1917 Died: 1980 in London, England

        • Hans Hubert PINKUS Born: Feb 7, 1891 in Neustadt, Upper Silesia, Prussia (now Prudnik, Oppole, Poland). occupation: Took over the Factory. Emigrated to England. Died: Feb 8, 1977 in Crowborough, Sussex, England + Mathilde Anna Elfriede HESS Born: Mar 10, 1892 Died: May 17 1933 in Baguio, Philippines *2 children

          *2nd wife of Hans Pinkus: Elisabeth (Lili) (see von FISCHEL family) Born: Oct 12, 1889 Died: abt May 17, 1965 in Belfast, N. Ireland, UK

          • Johanna Hedwig (Jonnie) PINKUS Born: Nov 18, 1927 in Wrocław (Breslau) current Poland. Died: Jan 10 1995 in Belfast, N. Ireland, UK + Alyn BIGGER

          • Freda Maria (Freddie) PINKUS Born: Nov 18, 1927 in Wrocław (Breslau) current Poland. Died: Oct 4, 1940 in Essen, Germany

          *3rd wife of Hans Pinkus: Charlotte ASCHINGER Born: Nov 28, ???? in Berlin, Germany. Died: ???? in New York, NY, USA

        • Klaus Valentin PINKUS Born: Jan 18, 1895 in Neustadt, Upper Silesia, Prussia (now Prudnik, Oppole, Poland). Died: 1978 in Staufen im Breisgau, West Germany + Erika PLEHN Born: Nov 27, 1901 in Wrocław (Breslau) current Poland Married: 1934 in Berlin, Germany Died: Apr 20, 1937 in Paris, France

          Note: Klaus was a Banker until 1929 and inherited his father's unique and priceless library of Silesian books. Confiscated by Germans as Emigration Tax and taken to Breslau University. Stored for safekeeping during the war and never seen again. Spent war years in hiding in France. Later co-owned art galleries in Germany with his 2nd wife Charlotte and was childless in both marriages

          *2nd wife of Klaus Pinkus: Charlotte "Lotte" WEIHMANN-BISCHOFF Born: 1911 in Sonderborg, Denmark. Married: Dec 1962 in Worpswede, Niedersachsen, Germany. Died: Dec 21, 1990 in München, Bayern, Germany. This was Charlotte's 3rd marriage. *1st husband: Paul Ernst WILKE (1894-1971), a local painter previously married to the singer Lale ANDERSON see wikipedia. *2nd husband Mr. CETTO. Note: Charlotte claimed to be the only woman to have three husbands living in same place. Owned an Art Gallery in Worpswede, later Staufen 

      • Ernst Leopold PINKUS Born: 1858 Died: 1863 in Neustadt O/S, Prussia
      • Olga PINKUS Born: 1861 Died: 1865 in Neustadt O/S, Prussia

      • Hedwig PINKUS Born: 1864 Died: 1948 in U.S. + Dr. Paul EHRLICH Born: March 14, 1854 in (Strehlen, Schlesia, Germany), now Strzelin, Poland. Married: 1883 Died: August 20, 1915 in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. Father: Ismar or Ismail Ehrlich Mother: Rosa Weigert Gradfather: Heimann? Ehrlich * any related to? Alice Ehrlich & Moritz (Moric) Morawetz?

        Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullets (1940)

        Note: see Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet .pdf Warner Brothers movie or Paul on Encyclopedia and his biography... He was a German physician, biochemist, 1908 Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of the first effective treatment for Syphilis (prior to penicillin). Paul married Hedwig Pinkus, daughter of a prosperous Textile industrialist of Neustadt, Upper Silesia. Paul was born into a comfortable, lively household in a country town in Prussian Silesia, about twenty miles south of Breslau. He was the only son and fourth child of Ismar Ehrlich, a respected but somewhat eccentric Jewish distillier, innkeeper, and lottery collector, and his wife Rosa Weigert, an industrious woman of notable intelligence, charm, and organizational talent. Her cousin, Carl Weigert, the distinguished pathologist, was only nine years older than Paul, and the two became close friends. Besides many of his mothers characteristics the boy had his father’s excitability and interjection-ridden manner of speech, and perhaps inherited certain aptitudes from his paternal grandfather, Heimann? Ehrlich, a prosperous liqueur merchant, who collected an extensive private library and later in life gave lectures on science to fellow citizens of Strehlen... Ehrlich’s name was a household word in Germany until the Nazis came to power when they persecuted his widow and confiscated his property... another biography & Paul and The Hebrew University .pdf

        Max PINKUS + Hedwig and Family

        • Stephanie EHRLICH Born: 1884 Died: 1966 + Dr. Ernst SCHWERIN Born: 1869 Died: 1946

          • Hans Wolfgang SCHWERIN Born: Jan 13, 1906 in B,S, Germany. Died: Jul 6, 1987 in New York, NY

          • Gunther Karl Josef SCHWERIN Born: 1910 Died: 1997

            Note: The Paul Ehrlich-Gunther K. Schwerin Human Rights Award - was established in 1998 by ADL, in conjunction with a descendant of Professor Paul Ehrlich to honor the late Gunther Schwerin, grandson of the renowned German-Jewish scientist...

        • Marianne EHRLICH Born: 1886 Died: 1963 + Edmund LANDAU Born: 1877 in Berlin Married 1905 Died: 1938

          Note: see Edmund's biography Born to a rich assimilated Jewish family, his father, a gynecologist, was a German patriot, who at the same time promoted Jewish traditions and the Zionist cause. Landau got his education in the French Lycee, and at 16 he entered the University in Berlin. At the age of 22 Landau received his doctorate, and two years later the "Habilitation", granting him the right to teach at the University. His topic was analytic number theory, and he soon became a leading expert in the field, a very prolific writer, and a successful teacher too. It was only natural that in 1908, when Göttingen University looked for a successor to Hermann Minkowski, they offered him the chair...

          • Herbert LANDAU Born: Dec 16, 1905 in Berlin, Germany. Died: 4 Mar 1910 in Göttingen, H, Germany

          • Charlotte (Dolli) LANDAU Born: Mar 12, 1907 in C,B, Germany. Died: Jul 2, 1949 in S, PA, USA + Isaac (Isidor Iso) Jakob SCHOENBERG Born: Apr 21, 1904 Married: 1930 Died: Feb 21, 1990

            • Elisabeth Ruth SCHOENBERG Born: private + Warren BRODY Born: private 

              • Diana Lynn BRODY Born: private + Justin KAPLAN Born: private

                • Claire Louise KAPLAN Born: private
                • Benjamin Aaron KAPLAN Born: private

              • Evelyn Jane BRODY Born: private + Kenneth ROGOFF *2nd husband: Jack B. SIEGEL Born: private

            • Beatrice Hannah SCHOENBERG Born: private + Robert RAGO Born: private

              • Cynthia (Cyndi) Louise RAGO Born: private + Mark LIMA Born: private

                • Matthew Robert LIMA Born: private

              • Randall (Randy) Peter RAGO Born: private + Jeana POLK Born: private

                • Isaac Eugene Polk RAGO Born: private
                • Avram Randall Polk RAGO Born: private
                • Hinton Eades Polk RAGO Born: private

              • Robert Scott RAGO Born: private + Ann Rosalind OWEN Born: private

              • Robert Jacob RAGO Born: private + Karen Sue LARSEN Born: private

                • Jason Alexander RAGO Born: private
          • Susanne LANDAU Born: 1908 Died: 1982 + Christoph B EHJM von SCHÜCHING Born: Nov 29, 1905 Married: Oct 1931 Died: Nov 16, 1969

            • Sylvia Maria von SCHÜCHING Born: Jun 21, 1940 in Cambridge, MA, USA. Died: Dec 10, 1968

          • Matthias Arthur Georg LANDAU Born: Sep 14, 1911 in Göttingen, Germany. Died: Aug 27, 1991

    • Benjamin (Benno) PINKUS Born: 1831 Died: 1879 in Neisse O/S, Prussia + Rosalie (see FRÄNKEL family) Born: 1840 Died: 1913 in Neustadt, Upper Silesia, Prussia (now Prudnik, Oppole, Poland). Note: Benno represented the family linen business in Berlin Father: Samuel Fränkel (11/22/1802 Zülz O/S, Prussia - 7/28/1881 Neustadt O/S, Germany) Mother: Esther (Ernestine) Polke (5/20/1802 Zülz m. 6/23/1822 Prudnik /Neustadt Upper Silesia, Prussia now Poland - 11/10/1879 Neustadt O/S, Germany)

      • Paul PINKUS Born: 1866 Died: 1867 in Berlin, Prussia

      • Felix PINKUS Born: April 4, 1868 in Berlin Germany Died: 1947 in Berlin, Germany + Elise ETZDORF Born: 1867 Died: 1934 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden, Germany. Note: Felix and his son, Hermann Pinkus, were well-known figures in the field of Dermatology

        • Luise Wilhelmine Bertha PINKUS Born: Jun 28, 1902 in Berlin. Died: Mar 24, 1998 in München + Dr. med Werner Ernst Eugen GRAB Born: May 9, 1903 in Hengersberg, Bayern. Married: Aug 6, 1932 in Berlin. occupation: Pharmacologist. Died: Jan 25, 1965 in Giessen, Hessen Father: Eugen Grab (2/15/1873 Kissleg, Würtemburg - 1/17/1967 Munich) Sanitätsrat Mother: Maria (Miez) Aichmayr (12/16/1875 München res. Grafenau, Bayern - 8/22/1942 München)

          Note: Werner was told in the Army, that if he did not divorce his Jewish wife, he would be sent to the Eastern Front. They divorced, then met secretly whenever they could, then re-married after the war. After the war he worked for Bayer for a number of years. He then held a Professorship in Pharmacology at the University in Giessen, beginning (I think) in 1962 - source Walter Pinkus

        • Hermann Karl Benno PINKUS Born: 1905 in Berlin, Germany. Died: 1985 in Monroe, MI, USA + Hilde Marie Elisabeth HENSEL Born: 1905 in Berlin, Germany. Died:  1995 in Monroe

          • Walter Hensel PINKUS Born: private "source", *our path + Ruth Ann GOLDBERG Born: private

      • Georg PINKUS Born: 1870 Died: 1943 in Berlin, Germany + Hete DAVID Born: 1885 Died: in Krefeld, Preussen, Germany

      • Eugen (Eugene) PINKUS Born: 1872 Died: 1954 in Berlin, Germany

    • Johanna (Handel) PINKUS Born: 1833 Died: 1909 in Neisse O/S, Prussia
    • Pauline (Linna) PINKUS Born: 1835 Died: 1843 in Neisse O/S, Prussia

    • Auguste PINKUS Born: 1838 Died: 1920 in Neisse O/S, Prussia + Aron (Aaron) (Adolf) EPSTEIN Born: 1833 Died: 1908 in Zülz O/S, Prussia

      • Georg EPSTEIN Born: 1861 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia

      • Gertrud EPSTEIN Born: 1863 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia + Josef GOLDSTEIN Born: 1858 Died: 1927 in Cöthen, Anhalt

        • Hildegard Dorothea GOLDSTEIN Born: 1895 Died: in Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany
        • Johanna Henrietta GOLDSTEIN Born: 1898 Died: in Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

      • Clara EPSTEIN Born: 1864 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia

      • Bruno EPSTEIN Born: 1866 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia + Hedwig THOMAS Born: 1868 Died: 1926 in Landeshut, Schlesien, Prussia

        • Cäcilie EPSTEIN Born: 1893 Died: Uknown in Landeshut, Schlesien, Germany

        • Ludwig EPSTEIN Born: 1894 Died: in Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany + Anna MISCH Born: 1893 Died: in Bartenstein, Ostpreussen, Germany

        • Petronella EPSTEIN Born: 1895 Died: in Magdeburg, Germany + (?)

          • Ruth EPSTEIN Born: 1917 Died: in Berlin, Germany

        • Eugen EPSTEIN  Born: 1897 Died: in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden, Germany
        • Walter EPSTEIN Born: 1898 Died: 1918 in Berlin, Germany

        • Hans EPSTEIN Born: 1900 Died: in Berlin, Germany + Ella BEYER Born: 1902 Died: in Berlin, Germany

        • Hildegard EPSTEIN Born: 1902 Died: in Berlin, Germany

        • Arnold EPSTEIN Born: 1904 Died: in Berlin, Germany + Anna ZICHERT Born: 1904 Died: in Plauen/Vogtland, Germany

          • Gisella Helga EPSTEIN Born: 1933 Died: in Berlin, Germany

      • Cäcilia EPSTEIN Born: 1868 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia
      • Olga EPSTEIN Born: 1869 Died: in Grottkau O/S, Prussia
      • Selma EPSTEIN Born: 1871 Died: 1908 in Grottkau O/S, Germany
      • Felix EPSTEIN Born: 1873 Died: 1932 in Grottkau O/S, Germany

    • Leopold PINKUS Born: 1842 Died: 1920 in Neisse O/S, Prussia + Agnes SCHINDLER Born: 1865 Died: 1945 in Reichenbach, Schlesien, Prussia

      • Maude Eleanor (Thea) SCHINDLER Born: 1899 Died: in Chicago, IL, USA

    • Salomon Friedrich (Frederick S) (Fred) PINKUS Born: 1844 Died: 1927 in Neisse O/S, Prussia + Alice Laura BALL Born: 1844 Died: 1914 in Cincinnati, OH, USA

      • Alice Ball PINKUS Born: 1879 Died: in New York, NY + Hon René Carillo de ALBERNOZ Born: Died: 1932

        • Delores Carrillo de ALBORNOZ Born: 1903 Died: in New York, NY + J Walter D DUKE Born: 1893 Died: in Richmand, WY USA

          • René DUKE Born: private + Tener Riggs ECKELBERRY Born: private

            • Alexander ECKELBERRY Born: private
            • Stephen ECKELBERRY Born: private
            • Nicholas ECKELBERRY Born: private
            • Marc ECKELBERRY Born: private
            • Tener Riggs ECKELBERRY Born: private

          • Diana DUKE Born: Born: private + (?) AMUESSEN Born: private

            • AMUESSEN Born: private
            • AMUESSEN Born: private

        • René de ALBORNOZ Born: (1908 Died: in New York, NY + Else MOORE Born: 1908 Died: in Greenwich, CT(?), USA. *2nd husband of René: Dexter FLETCHER

      • Fredrick Ball PINKUS Born: 1881 Died: 1958 in New York, NY + Dorothy CLOUD Born: 1898 Died: 1989 in Armington, KS, USA

        • Virginia PINKUS Born: 1922 Died: in La Crescenta, CA, USA + (?) RYDER

        • Patricia PINKUS Born: private + Norman BRADLEY Born: private.

          • Christopher BRADLEY Born: private
          • Nicholas BRADLEY Born: private
          • Jennifer BRADLEY Born: private
          • Elisabeth BRADLEY Born: private

          *2nd husband of Patricia: Mr. DALLAS

      • Walter Deveraux PINKUS Born: 1895 Died: 1949 in New York, NY, USA + E Augusta L WIGHT Born: 1891 Died: in Madison, NJ, USA

        • Alma PINKUS Born: 1918 Died: in New York, NY, USA + (?)
        • Deveraux PINKUS Born: 1920 Died: in New York, NY

  • Pinchas BEN PINCHAS (PINKUS) Died: 1806
  • Pauline (Lina) PINKUS

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